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SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - Batman Interlude "You Are Not Alone"

View in HD! This is an interlude to the fan made Superman Doomsday saga featuring Batman. Here we see Bruce Wayne make a visit out to the Kent farm to console Ms Kent. While there he reminisces about meeting Clark and how they've helped each other in the past. This strengthens his resolve as he vows to fight for his lost friend. It's incredibly tough trying to show the strong relationship between these two heroes, but at least we get to see Bruce gear up for the big fight!



DCfan89 - 8/26/2011, 5:43 PM
wow.. Even. interesting
jaycr - 8/26/2011, 7:33 PM
All the characters published by Marvel and with the movie rights given to WB.... mmmm... probably they would had to declare bankruptcy after a year or two, and we wouldn't had the chance to get great classics like Crisis in Infinite Earths, Watchmen, The Sandman, Preacher, The Dark Knight Returns...
Mikeg1965 - 8/26/2011, 7:43 PM
Sweet, and I'll be first in line for "The Dark Knight, Wolverine & Dead Pool Team-up Movie".

Pop Corns' on me Boys!

ciscokid56 - 8/26/2011, 7:43 PM
Marvel was kickin' that DC ass in 1962....

And they still are today.
incrediblesuperbatspider - 8/26/2011, 7:54 PM
Wow I would not want this. Ever heard of the term; "monopoly".....remember when WWE bought wcw, wrestling was never the same after that. Competiton is good for business
incrediblesuperbatspider - 8/26/2011, 7:55 PM
incrediblesuperbatspider - 8/26/2011, 7:55 PM
Stupid phone....*competition
FriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey - 8/26/2011, 8:02 PM
As a Marvel fan, even I would not want this.
Action - 8/26/2011, 8:05 PM
Having Dc characters in the marvel universe would have been so strange. DC characters and Marvel characters look weird when mixed. I'm glad that whole deal did not happen.
nikgrid - 8/26/2011, 9:01 PM
This sounds like bullshit, and didn't Marvel actually declare chapter 11 bankruptcy in the 90's before they were saved by a toy company?
SkaarJones - 8/27/2011, 12:04 AM
I like having them separate. It's fun to have the crossovers, but I like both Worlds for different reasons.
113 - 8/27/2011, 1:59 AM
I'm glad this didn't happen. I like my DC universe as is thank you. And competition in any industry is a good thing (comics are no exception). Having the great DC vs. Marvel debate keeps the industry alive imo.
Seejay - 8/27/2011, 2:13 AM
Competition is always healthy
SamHell - 8/27/2011, 5:18 AM
Glad this didnt happen,,,Marvel dont need em
JWStubner - 8/27/2011, 5:56 AM
Thank God this didn't happen. Anybody that knows anything about business should know that direct competition is the best thing for the market place. If you don't get that then you don't get business. Period.
JWStubner - 8/27/2011, 5:58 AM
WallyWestNAM - 8/26/2011, 7:07 PM

I am super surprised. Who would want that?

This ^
xstryker - 8/27/2011, 8:05 AM
Good comparison. This would have created a monopoly that would have ruined comics the way the WWF/WCW merger ruined wrestling.
Ancar - 8/27/2011, 9:18 AM
No way!!!
RolandD - 8/27/2011, 9:51 AM
That would have sucked, big time. Occasional crossovers are great, but I want my DC and Marvel separate. A crossover movie would even be cool, but that will never happen.

Besides, imagine if Shooter, who is reported to have driven away great talent like Wolfman, Perez and Byrne to DC. Where would they have gone if Shooter was there boss again?
alucard365 - 8/27/2011, 10:23 AM
Moonwalker1991 - 8/27/2011, 2:54 PM
What's the question?

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