Teen Titans

Teen Titans The Teen Titans, also known as the New Teen Titans, New Titans, or simply the Titans, is a fictional superhero team appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, often in eponymous monthly series. As the group's name suggests, its membership is usually composed of teenaged superheroes. A Teen Titans animated television series ran on Cartoon Network from July 2003 to January 2006. Based on the 1980s version of the team, but diverging from that continuity in some ways.
If you're familiar with the character Beast Boy, you'd know that he can transform into many different animals! This includes donkeys, monkeys, and almost any other animal you can think of. In this new clip he turns into something no one expected. Check it out!
I love thinking up movie pitches so here's my shot at the Teen Titans, let me know what you think.
A new clip from the March 26th episode of Teen Titans GO! has just been released. We finally learn the true source of the Titans’ goofy humor: pizza! Click on to take a look...
Kong's magnum opus takes an extensive look into the brain of the charming devil and what ideas and concepts he holds for a show based on the Teen Titans. Click the link above to see how HE would do a Teen Titans series. With an episode guide, cast list, character guide, and design gallery, this article should be something of Tucks proportions, or bigger!!!
A new clip from the March 19th episode of Teen Titans GO! has just been released. Kid Flash wants to join the Titans, but Robin insists that he can’t because he thinks Flash is just a “one-trick pony.” Click on to take a look...
A new clip has been released for Episode 87 of Teen Titans GO! In this clip Raven and Beast Boy learn that their exes, Terra and Aqualad, are going out with each other! Meanwhile Robin takes StarFire out on a romantic dinner. Hit the jump to check it out!
A new clip has been released from the March 5th episode of Teen Titans GO!, and it sees the Titans visit Starfire’s homeworld of Tamaran. While she's preoccupied with finally returning home, the rest of the team are finding it hard to breathe...
What happens when the whacky and zany members of Teen Titans Go! cross paths with the super serious members of Young Justice? The Teen Titans decide it's "Time To Get Serious"! Check out two new clips after the jump.
DC Entertainment has released the first clip for next week's episode of Teen Titans Go! titled, "Hose Water." In this episode Cyborg and Starfire discover a baby bird, and when they do, it awakens their inner child. Hit the jump to check it out!
Wall Street Cheat Sheet takes a look at how TNT's upcoming "Teen Titans" TV show could change the gender future of Super Hero TV, and film for that matter, if it proves a success.
Get your weekly fix on comic books with related movie, TV, and comic book news, seeing Team DC and Team Marvel duke it out to find out who won the week, and fan suggested brawls. This week we have Geekscape's Jonathan London and The Real Stan Lee's Jacqueline Lopez.
Cyborg wants to become a real boy in next week's episode of Teen Titans Go!. CLICK HERE to get a sneak peek at the episode and to see Batman brandish his axe and shred!
This is the my DC fan cast with Young Justice and Teen Titan members. My last fan cast got mixed or negative comments from CBM users due to me using actors from the movie and TV universes or not being well laid out. I'm one of the few that feel both universes should co exist along with creating my own format. I respect users rights to their opinion so please be kind in the comments.
The first clip has been released for the newest episode of Teen Titans Go! titled, "Smile Bones." In this clip Beast Boy and Cyborg try to teach each of the Titans how to eat without chewing. How will this turn out? Hit the jump to check it out!
In next week's episode of Teen Titans Go!, the rest of the team begin to get on Raven's nerves. The other Titans always drive Raven nuts, but it’s much worse on Crazy Day. Check it out after the jump...
In next week's episode for Teen Titans Go!, The Titans decide they should keep an eye on Nibor, the Bizzaro World’s Robin,
when he arrives in Jump City.Check it out!
Steven R. McQueen has made no secret of his desire to play Nightwing. While the former Boy Wonder never visited The CW's Arrow, will McQueen get his wish granted on TNT?
In next week's episode for Teen Titans Go!, The Titans want Beast Boy to clean his room, a room that contains not only mold but, 'Garbage Trees' and "Sticky Joe'. Beast Boy refuses to clean and wants to show "that there’s more to garbage than just trash." Check it out!
Teen Titans Go! is back with new episodes starting with tonight's "Mouth Hole" episode in which Robin goes on a quest to gain a new power. What power is that? CLICK HERE to find out!
If the Teen Titans will be in the CW Universe alongside Arrow and The Flash, what will happen? I don't know either, man.
Aaaand we're back! This episode of cbmTunes™ continues the formula from last week by matching a cavalcade of DC Comics characters, including members of Suicide Squad and Teen Titans, with an obscure song by the band Chevelle, listen to all of 'em in no particular order after the jump! Or just enjoy the art direction, either/or.
When the other Teen Titans are too lazy to take on Brother Blood, Robin calls in some reinforcements: Team Robin! Get a sneak peek at next week's "The Best Robin" with this new clip from WB!
A new clip has been released for the newest episode of Teen titans Go! This clip features the not so evil Trigon, visit the Titan Tower for a good thanksgiving meal. Will things go good? Or will Trigon ruin the festivities? Hit the jump to check it out!
Cyborg wants the rest of the Titans to love the T-car as much as he does, will a road trip make the titans gain this love? Hit the jump to check out a new clip of next week's episode of Teen Titans Go!
It's already being hailed as one of the most faithful adaptations of comic book source material ever to appear in the superhero fan film genre!