Teen Titans

Teen Titans The Teen Titans, also known as the New Teen Titans, New Titans, or simply the Titans, is a fictional superhero team appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, often in eponymous monthly series. As the group's name suggests, its membership is usually composed of teenaged superheroes. A Teen Titans animated television series ran on Cartoon Network from July 2003 to January 2006. Based on the 1980s version of the team, but diverging from that continuity in some ways.
In this episode of Teen Titans Go, Trigon starts to destroy Earth all because his daughter Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day. Will the titans fight back and stop Trigon? Or will he finally get world dominance? Hit the jump to check out this new promo clip!
With Supergirl in development and about to be offered to networks, DC Comics and TNT are teaming for Titans, a new series which will see fan favourite character Dick Grayson (a.k.a. Nightwing) taking the lead of the superhero team know as the Teen Titans! Read on for details...
Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment have released a preview clip and several preview images from the upcoming all-new episode of Teen Titans Go!, titled "Caramel Apples". Check them out after the jump.
Cartoon Network released a new clip from last weeks episode of Teen Titans Go! that showcases Starfire taking down the menacing Destroyah Twins. But she doesn't destroys them physically but verbally. Hit the jump to check it out!
Robin gets the chance to have the Teen Titans he's always wanted in Teen Titans Go! episode 62's "Baby Hands." Check out the new clip after the jump!
We have a new clip for next week's Teen Titans Go!, episode 61, in which the Twin Destroyers of Azarath are unleashed!
It looks like The CW's Flash is poised for great success following Grant Gustin's introduction on Arrow. If being introduced on Arrow first is the blueprint The CW is using for its superhero dramas, who should spinoff next - Huntress, Birds of Prey, Deathstroke or Suicide Squad?
Another preview has been released for next weeks episode of Teen Titans Go! where Starfire wants to fit in with the human culture better but after some friendly advice from raven she becomes...well, Hit the jump to check it out!
Clearly Beast Boy doesn't know the meaning of 'Nature', he meets up with Mother Nature herself and makes an attempt to fix the forest...with tacos. Hit the jump to check out beast boy's solution for a better forest. Check it out!
Warner Bros. Animation has released a new preview clip for episode 59 of Teen Titans Go! in which members of the team have been turned into Raven's favorite type of people: salty codgers!
The characters from Young Justice return to television for at least one more adventure as they cross paths with Teen Titans Go! YJ producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman confirmed the news via twitter.
In the newest episode of Teen Titans Go!, Beast Boy loses his powers and struggles to adapt with the harshness of the wild. Will he find what he once had before? Hit the jump to check out this clip of this week's episode of Teen Titans Go! Check it out!
Trapped by Brian, the Brain, Robin has formed a plan to escape from the Brain's cell that makes the titans powerless. So hit the jump to see what is Robin's master plan is in this week's episode of Teen Titans Go! Check it out!
A brand new clip from next week's episode of Teen Titans Go! has been released featuring Robin as he tries his best to get reelected as Team Leader by smearing the competition, namely Cyborg & Beast Boy. Come check it out!
According to a new report, it looks like yet another DC property will be heading to the CW in 2015, with plans reportedly in motion for a live-action Young Justice TV series, with Superboy and Miss Martian mentioned as characters who WILL be featured! Hit the jump for details.
In this latest episode of Beware The Batman The League of Assassins send out one of their specialists to steal information about the Ion Cortex from Jason Burr, UPDATE: Another clip has been released for Beware the Batman! While in Teen Titans Go!, Cyborg creates a giant robot powered by all five Titans, but Robin wants his left leg to be the most powerful part of all!
Next Tuesday on Cartoon Network's popular new show, Teen Titans Go!, Robin's jealousy of the Titan's powers reach a boiling point. However, when he is granted powers by scientific experiment, something goes really, really wrong.
The Teen Titans are returning to Cartoon network in the all-new comedic adventures of Teen Titans Go!, and fans will be able to get a first look at the new incarnation of the series at Wondercon, being held in Anaheim, California the weekend of March 29th.
Just an idea that I have in mind,as Marvels The Avengers is blowing box office records left and centre ive been hearing a lot of DC fans wanting a Justice League movie but im thinking is that the right way to go
It's Wally West's birthday but Vandal Savage isn't exactly in a celebratory mood in this new clip from this week's Young Justice episode.
Cartoon Network has released another new clip from "New Teen Titans." The animated clip features all your favorite Titans sitting around chewing on some pizza.
Check out Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven's return to tv in this clip from one of their DC Nation shorts. The team retain their looks and original voice cast in a series of new stories..
Check out the preview pages for the upcoming reboot of DC's adolescent fighting team, The Teen Titans, that will be brought to life by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth.
Did that get your attention? Now find out who that eye belongs to.
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