BOX OFFICE: Cowabunga! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Exceeds Expectations With $65M

BOX OFFICE: Cowabunga! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Exceeds Expectations With $65M

Many of you were shocked when it was revealed last night that the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would easily take the #1 spot with $60 million, but the latest figures now reveal how exactly both that and Guardians of the Galaxy will do this weekend...

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The latest numbers are in, and as it turns out, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles managed to more than double Guardians of the Galaxy's haul at the North American box office yesterday. It opened to $25 million, and is now on course to finish the weekend with $62 - $65 million. That's considerably higher than initial estimates, which had the Michael Bay produced movie finishing at around $45 million at most. This is a good start for the reboot, though time will tell when it comes to a sequel as it doesn't open in some international territories until this Fall. The budget was $125 million, and Paramount Pictures haven't held back when it comes to marketing it, a move which has seemingly paid off for them. As for Guardians of the Galaxy, it looks set to take a respectable $42 million during its second weekend and should pass $177 million by tomorrow night. This is a great result for the latest Marvel Studios movie and we should have some news on its international performance soon. What did you guys watch this weekend? Let us know in the usual place!
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PymParticle - 8/9/2014, 8:29 AM
Guardians of the Galaxy hasn't opened yet in many European countries. Hopefully it will do well.
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:29 AM
Good, deserves every penny!!
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:30 AM
Loved it.
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:34 AM
For all you Marvel diehards, Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Demiurge - 8/9/2014, 8:34 AM
Damn. Impressive O_o

Will it have legs, though ?

Locky - 8/9/2014, 8:38 AM
Guardians of the Galaxy... another Disney cartoonish movie filled with jokes and obviously for kids. Thanos was a joke. What happened to those Thano's badass concept arts?

rockerdude22 - 8/9/2014, 8:39 AM
@BaneSmash Dude, what is wrong with you? Seriously...

Anyway, this is quite surprising as far as TMNT goes. Guess you shouldn't ever doubt the power of nostalgia lol
MarvelFan15 - 8/9/2014, 8:41 AM
Well, we might not get Guardians to beat Turtles, but we can still get it pass Transformers 4's 10-day record.
Thebest2 - 8/9/2014, 8:41 AM
Wow!!!turtles crushed the guardians of the Galaxy.
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:41 AM
@Rockerdude22 Have you read Marvelfan15 comments? Just thinking of him..........
SuperCat - 8/9/2014, 8:42 AM
Come on, GotG. You can do it again! I'm petty as sh*t.
rockerdude22 - 8/9/2014, 8:43 AM
Anyone who labels and puts down something as "childish" or "cartoonish" is, in fact, insecure about their own maturity. Nuff said
giannis - 8/9/2014, 8:43 AM
Didn't expect TMNT to beat Guardians of the Galaxy.
Berserker187 - 8/9/2014, 8:44 AM
Wow really?
rockerdude22 - 8/9/2014, 8:46 AM
@BaneSmash Yes, I've seen his comments, but to say that some fans should call a suicide line just because of some box office numbers shows that you have mental issues. Seriously, seek help immediately...
Superheromoviefan - 8/9/2014, 8:46 AM
@Locky - I think you are in the wrong article
P862010 - 8/9/2014, 8:46 AM
why are people surprised the ninja turtles are a gigantic brand name that has garnered fans for nearly 3 decades
Nubase - 8/9/2014, 8:47 AM
Turtle power! lol

GOTG is no match for the ninja turtles pulling power, it took the backing of all the marvel movies to make GOTG and Ninja turtles was a complete reboot and crushed GOTG with one swift ninja strike!
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:49 AM

What too early for joke? Dude take the stick out of your butt it's a joke.
Battabing - 8/9/2014, 8:50 AM
Only word of mouth that matters with this kind of movie is that of the kids.
Thundered - 8/9/2014, 8:50 AM
Look at @Locky trying to mask his fear for DoJ turning tail and running from Cap by attacking an already massive blockbuster! You got a whole week before you can count turtles a success. GOTG is already a resounding success and has tons left in the tank! So calm yourself. And pray that one day "the trinity" can be as famous as the Guardians!
Amazing512 - 8/9/2014, 8:50 AM
Oh well. Still plan on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy again. I loved it.
@locky I didn't know all Disney films used Jackson Pollock sex jokes...
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:52 AM
Before you label me a GOTG hater I saw the movie 3 times but paid twice and just pre ordered my very first hot toys Rocket and Groot figure.
Amazing512 - 8/9/2014, 8:52 AM
@Thundered I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Guardians become bigger draws than the trinity in a few years.
WB is getting good at dropping the ball. Maybe if they actually let DC have some say creatively, their DC films would be good.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 8/9/2014, 8:52 AM
Not surprised after Transformers: Age of Shithole got up to a billion.
MexicanSexyman - 8/9/2014, 8:53 AM
@rockerdude22, he is joking around. You take things to seriously.
pesmerga44 - 8/9/2014, 8:53 AM

Well that is not true since GOTG opening weekend was 94 million and supposedly TMNT opening weekend will be 65 million so it really didn't beat GOTG. If they both opened on the same weekend we can all see GOTG would win that fight. The only reason TMNT won was because GOTG was on it's second weekend and TMNT was on it's opening weekend.
Thundered - 8/9/2014, 8:54 AM
And BTW- an under 60% drop for a major blockbuster isn't a "crushing" defeat. Falling to Monsters and Zombies your second weekend out when you are allegedly the "most famous superhero of them all" is an embarrassing AND crushing defeat! ;)
Amazing512 - 8/9/2014, 8:54 AM
@BaneSmash Doesn't change the fact that you made a highly unnecessary comment regarding suicide. That makes you look like a d**k.
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:55 AM
@Thundered - Don't start turning this into a Dc v Marvel! Dc is Irrelevant on this thread.
Rpendo - 8/9/2014, 8:56 AM
Good for the turtles. GotG is going to absolutely crush it long term, though, I don't think there's any doubt about that. It's poised to break 200 million domestically by next Saturday at the absolute latest, and might finish with 240-270 in the USA alone. If Turtles breaks 170 I will be shocked (though it's possible, I suppose...) I'm glad both movies are seeing success.
ShelfPorn - 8/9/2014, 8:56 AM
Watched GOTG twice, saw TMNT at a prescreening and it wasn't my cup of tea. Call me old but I will stick with the 90's Turtles. These turtles are for todays middle schoolers.
MexicanSexyman - 8/9/2014, 8:56 AM
@MarvelFan15, wow calm down there buddy. It's just movies.
epc1122 - 8/9/2014, 8:56 AM
Saw Gotg twice and really enjoyed the movie. Saw tmnt midnight showing and it was about what I expected. It wasn't a very good movie but it had some aspects that I liked, probably for nostalgia. This should be considered a big success for tmnt but the overall box office numbers should be more of an indication of winning and losing.

TMNT is on pace for roughly 65 million but i have a feeling it's going to have a steep drop, making the movie front loaded. For this movie to be a true success, it won't have a 65% drop off next weekend which I fear it may have. Audiences seem to be really split with the movie.

I'm a huge huge huge Superman fan and sadly, mos was very front loaded. With the opening MOS had, I feel it should have made more in the overall box office. On a side note, I can't stand it when people say Captain America destroyed Rio 2. The overall box office, yes; but that second weekend was extremely close: like 43 million to 42 million. Captain America had good legs, which I think Guardians is having, but why can't we all just enjoy these movies instead of making it a competition? We're all winning! Guardians of the galaxy has already been green lit for a sequel, can't TMnT do well for those who enjoyed it so they can also enjoy seeing a sequel?
Pedrito - 8/9/2014, 8:57 AM
Perhaps it's not that surprising. The masses don't listen to reviews as much as to marketing, which for this movie it involved Megan Fox's fine ass to get dad to take the kids.

All of those attacking GOTG, you do realize they had a normal drop, right? Insecure biatches.
rockerdude22 - 8/9/2014, 8:58 AM
@MexicanSuperman Doesn't matter if he's joking around. There are certain things you shouldn't joke about, and suicide is one of them.
ALegendaryPanda - 8/9/2014, 8:59 AM
Thundered please take your Marvel vs DC bullshit elsewhere you insecure marvelite douchebag.
BaneSmash - 8/9/2014, 8:59 AM
Wow, Sensitive aren't we!!!!
Locky - 8/9/2014, 9:01 AM
@bubase X2

Guardians of the Galaxy did well just because it featured Thanos...
I'm not gonna lie that the jokes were not good (some not, of course)but I was expecting a more serious take. Oh well, Marvel is at one edge and DC at the other. One can't get product on the middle.
GUNSMITH - 8/9/2014, 9:02 AM
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