We had a pretty lousy quality sneak peek earlier, but now the full, official teaser trailer for the Michael Bay produced TMNT reboot is here. See Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Megan Fox's April O'Neil in action after the jump.

"The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is directed by Jonathan Liebesman. It stars Megan Fox, Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Alan Ritchson, Danny Woodburn, William Fichtner, Will Arnett, Whoopi Goldberg and opens August 8.
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Bigred20 - 3/27/2014, 8:23 AM
Nomis - 3/27/2014, 8:24 AM
Looked pretty cool!
Omarvls - 3/27/2014, 8:25 AM
Who are kids going to want to see more off

Turtles or Rocket Raccoon?
GizmoEl - 3/27/2014, 8:25 AM
Hmm, looks pretty good. Not sure about the tone but at least the Turtles seem upbeat
BboiBlack - 3/27/2014, 8:25 AM
So was Devin Faraci right about this being a disaster and the looks being too penis like? Sound off below.
Will kids like this.
DarthDan - 3/27/2014, 8:25 AM
Wow.. penis head for the FAIL
Batchops - 3/27/2014, 8:25 AM
I gotta say.... that did not suck!
Holycowdacubswin - 3/27/2014, 8:26 AM
Can't wait this movie is going to be awesome
TheEqualist - 3/27/2014, 8:26 AM
The look is good, but my concern is the story.
Spock0Clock - 3/27/2014, 8:26 AM
I'll be damned. They do look like baby-face penis heads.

rockerdude22 - 3/27/2014, 8:26 AM
I'll say this. It definitely looks better than I expected! Still not sure if I'm sold on this yet, though.
SuperStarr11 - 3/27/2014, 8:26 AM
It could work! I don't understand Shredder working with April's father though!!! Do not remember her father in the original.
anthonyEstark - 3/27/2014, 8:27 AM
This will be interesting...
Wallymelon - 3/27/2014, 8:27 AM
Not sure.
boboMELOSHE - 3/27/2014, 8:27 AM
Looks good, ill def see it but GotG is gonna kill any audience for this movie
grif - 3/27/2014, 8:27 AM
lmfao. all the so called good stuff in this trailer is in the other shorter video.
claybo4131 - 3/27/2014, 8:28 AM
People wont see April O'Neal, they will be seeing Megan Fox as April O'Neal, and for goodness sakes she doesnt even have red hair cmon now.

Im just well I didnt wet myself over this trailer, so I might dollar movie theater this
FirstAvenger - 3/27/2014, 8:29 AM
Not bad
astromerc - 3/27/2014, 8:29 AM
koolaidbag - 3/27/2014, 8:29 AM
Looks good to me.
DangerMan - 3/27/2014, 8:29 AM
Looks like it it could be fun.
Kids will eat this up like whatever kids eat up these days...
but youngsters will for sure dig this.
GrimFeature - 3/27/2014, 8:30 AM
Thought it was gonna look way worse. Actually kinda liked it. Awesome.
Doopie - 3/27/2014, 8:30 AM
doesn't look like total shit from that trailer. i will still approach with caution
Cles - 3/27/2014, 8:30 AM
Not sure that I'm digging what I can make out of the plot. My son will probably love it.
MisterPL - 3/27/2014, 8:30 AM
The TURTLES only look huge because MEGAN FOX is short. (5'4")

So… April's an alien?
KINGLEO - 3/27/2014, 8:30 AM
Looks better than I was expecting but I wanted to see them fight more....Michael Bay better not mess this up!
xMichaelxScottx - 3/27/2014, 8:30 AM
I saw it said Nickelodeon and I freaked for a second.
ALmazing - 3/27/2014, 8:31 AM

mmmm You have attention but not sure how I feel a Shredder being a white dude. Turtle's don't look too bad. I want to see more.
OnePunchBaldy - 3/27/2014, 8:31 AM
Spock0Clock - 3/27/2014, 8:31 AM
Why are people comparing GotG to this? They are being released months apart.
CherryBomb - 3/27/2014, 8:31 AM
Megan looks great!
This'll be a mindless fun flick, which is perfect for the summer.
Bring it on.

Team Megan!
JoeMomma29 - 3/27/2014, 8:31 AM
Looks good to me as well.
MrCBM56 - 3/27/2014, 8:32 AM
Looks really cool! I like it. This movie will be enjoyable at most. Not total unwatchable trash like a lot try to point out. Looks fun.
InFamouslyCool - 3/27/2014, 8:32 AM
a mess.
claybo4131 - 3/27/2014, 8:32 AM
@dorsk188 They are being released 1 week apart. GOTG is August 1, Ninja Turtles AUg 8
MrCBM56 - 3/27/2014, 8:32 AM
The behavior of the turtles seem on point. I like it.
LaputaHeir - 3/27/2014, 8:33 AM
From what I've just seen, I must admit that this looks promising.
jambabeanjuice - 3/27/2014, 8:33 AM
Looking forward to see Shredder battle them! Not really digging the look of the turtles but will still give it a try. Movie looks fine.
CorndogBurglar - 3/27/2014, 8:33 AM

Teenage Mutant Penis Heads.

I'm tired of all these cockamamie reboots coming from all these director's with half-cocked ideas. Us fans are getting the shaft, I can tell ya that much. This is going to have a long, hard road to success, in my opinion.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Penis.
grif - 3/27/2014, 8:33 AM
why are the giants on a mountain? why do the foot solders look like the warriors from 300? cool it has a scene from the amazing spiderman in it with the falling tower.
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