The "Foot" Clan Will Return For The New TMNT Movie

The "Foot" Clan Will Return For The New TMNT Movie

That's right, everyone's favorite band of evil, juvenile ninjas will be returning for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie..

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By Mark Cassidy - 7/9/2009
Firstshowing are reporting a scoop sent via that details an open casting call for martial arts experts to audition for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, hitting theatres in 2011..

"We will select the best from the auditions to be a part of the stealth TMNT nemesis, the Foot Clan."

The casting call is asking for anyone 14 years or older (they're going young) to prepare a 30-second martial arts demo. "Judges to include actor and martial arts expert Ernie Reyes, Jr (aka Keno from TMNT II), Jason Morgan from the American Taekwondo Association, and 2011 TMNT movie producers Scott Mednick and Galen Walker."

This is great news to any fans of the little green dudes, as it means they are going back to basics on the villain front and more than likely we will see Shredder too. I hope that we also get to see a villain that we haven't yet on the big screen though, like Rat King or if they really want to stay true to the original bad ass comics, the Mousers and Baxter Stockman..maybe even a Triceraton of two! Anyway, the possibilities are endless.
answer - 7/9/2009, 3:56 PM
Damn! I shouldn't have given up Karate!!!
LEEE777 - 7/9/2009, 4:01 PM
That's a must THE FOOT if they are rebooting this series!

Good news ROR! Apart from the 14 an over bit lol, god hope it don't turn out Power Rangers.
Bandrews1 - 7/9/2009, 4:08 PM
Good news.
harrisonefreeman - 7/9/2009, 4:09 PM
This reboot craze is giving everyone tunnel vision. Don't get me wrong, I am as excited as the next guy, I've just been burned too many times. I remain skeptical until all the facts are in.
WulfComicFan - 7/9/2009, 4:13 PM
Gweedo - 7/9/2009, 4:19 PM
I like what I'm reading. I hope the good news keeps flowing on this movie. Thanks for the news Ror.
superdog - 7/9/2009, 4:25 PM
ill say it since no one else has yet....lets hope they go darker
HaloMan2002 - 7/9/2009, 4:27 PM
SWEET!!! Hopefully Keno will come back too!!!
Supermike - 7/9/2009, 4:34 PM
Awesome I can't wait
superdog - 7/9/2009, 4:36 PM
supermike@ your an asshole
longbowhunter - 7/9/2009, 4:46 PM
I'm all for seeing the Rat King in a movie. He was the most eccentric hobo ever.
superdog - 7/9/2009, 4:55 PM
longbowhunter@ met many hobos have you?
longbowhunter - 7/9/2009, 4:55 PM
Fact: Did you know the Turtles were a spoof on both the X-Men and Frank Miller's Daredevil? Its true the Foot are a take off of the Hand.

Superdog, I have met many hobos, but none wearing so many Ace bandages and the ability to talk to rats.
spideysweb - 7/9/2009, 4:57 PM
i'm with you kids will love it too...hint hint. Good article roar as always. I actually enjoy the tmnt's. I am in martial arts myself and played donatello years ago in an action play in my hometown at a festival. Had a blast. Hope they do it well.
CorndogBurglar - 7/9/2009, 5:47 PM
@ Superdog its so funny that in every topic, supermike says something...anything, and then next post, everytime, is someone calling him an asshole LOL
Xandera - 7/9/2009, 5:55 PM

superdog - 7/9/2009, 6:16 PM
Corndog@ that's the point dude. Join in it's fun.

Longbow@ I haven't met that many hobos but I'll bet alot of them can talk to rats. Or at least think they can:)
RorMachine - 7/9/2009, 6:36 PM
The Rat King was always my favorite villain, in the comics and the cartoon, creepy bastard!

I actually liked the cgi movie that came ouit a while ago, well most of it, there was some very suspect stuff in there too like all those monsters at the end, wtf?
SpideyWidey - 7/9/2009, 6:50 PM
They need to bring back the Feld-dog for Donatellos voice, then I'm all in

And Supermike is a puss filled rectal wart.
superdog - 7/9/2009, 6:51 PM
Ror@ it had Patrick Stewart though, one of the greatest voices ever. Unfortunately it had Freddie prinze jr as well. I read somewhere that for April and Casey they actually are considering Sarah Michelle and Freddie prrinze for the live action movie as well. God I hope not.

Patrick Stewart for rat king
mounted88 - 7/9/2009, 7:09 PM
Superdog@ LMAO thats funny about supermike
superdog - 7/9/2009, 7:15 PM
Funny? It's actually true :)
Tobuttica - 7/9/2009, 8:17 PM
I wanna see the mothereffing Technodrome and Krang with his robotic body. That'd be kick ass, but a little unrealistic. As opposed to giant turtles that kick ass, of course. I'm surprised Supermike doesn't want to see the Punk Frogs. Bring on Napolean Bonafrog, right Supermike?
HarrisonBergeron - 7/9/2009, 8:54 PM
The animated movie was supposed to be a sequel to the original live action ones wasn't it? And the animated one ended with the one Foot chick saying that they would be bringing Shredder back, so they can go live action without rebooting.

I had to watch the animated one 3 times in a row this weekend and it was actually pretty good, I liked the turtles as a kid, but was indifferent as an adult, but I'm intrigued now.

I type slow.
LancerEvo - 7/9/2009, 8:55 PM
Making Keno a judge was one of the coolest things they could've done. Way to re-include him into the franchise :)
Osiris - 7/9/2009, 9:33 PM
how cool would it be if Ernie Reyes has been casted as one of the turtles...maybe Raph considering they were so buddy in TMNT II, but I could see him as more of Leo, esp with his voice he has a very Leo esq voice.
Kratos6 - 7/9/2009, 10:21 PM
What was the rabbits name? They should add him in this movie as well.
RockNRollCC - 7/9/2009, 11:06 PM
@ superdog

i think it wuz Chris Evans (aka Human Torch) that voiced Casey, not Freddie Prince Jr. I thought Ellias Koteas wuz the better Casey, tho. I wonder who they're gonna get 4 the new movie?
icebergslick - 7/10/2009, 4:54 AM
Does anybody remember the original Foot Clan Soldier figure from the Playmates figures? He was hunched over and looked like he was strung out on crack. That figure ruled! Glad the foot clan is back.
SpideyWidey - 7/10/2009, 9:17 AM
Kratos6, I believe the rabbit was Yosagi Yojimbo. Don't know if I spelled that right.
Osiris - 7/10/2009, 12:24 PM
Yosagi was awesome!!!!! but they should team up with the humans in the first film and then bring in the aliens/more mutants in the sequel due to the fact that they will have more funding for the costumes/CGI
JonSolo - 7/10/2009, 4:57 PM
For sure need to bring back the original voices of the first one. Classic.
RolandOfGilead - 7/11/2009, 2:26 PM
I agree Tobuttica...Krang and the Technodrome would be f***ing awsome! It would also be awsome to see Rat King or Tricerotron.
odie00 - 7/11/2009, 10:47 PM
im pretty excited im a huge tmnt fan since i was a baby. i heard they were re-booting the franchise which would be cool with me. i did enjoy the new one but it was all about ralph which made me disappointed kind of. they need to make leonardo badass since he is and is the leader for a reason. in all the movies they make ralph a whiny little girl too emotional which in the old school comics he wasnt at all at least not that i can recall.
odie00 - 7/12/2009, 11:19 PM
wait was freddie prinze in the movie the tmnt one? i thought it was chris evens that played casey jones? god they better not be them in the live action if it is another live action.
2bud - 7/13/2009, 11:22 PM
I hope with the advancements in cgi and makeup the costumes will look more realistic, and the tone of the movie isn't childish.
TheDurkinKnight - 7/14/2009, 6:12 AM
This will be pretty cool!
Talontd - 11/2/2011, 7:35 PM

In honor of all the happiness BRASHLIGHT has brought me, here is my

Beckinsale BOMB!!!

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