Official Images Of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Movie Toyline

Official Images Of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Movie Toyline

Thanks to the website, Idle Hands, we now have official images of the toyline for the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hit the jump to check them out.

Head on over to the website, Idle Hands, as they have lots of high-resolution official images of toyline for Jonathan Liebesman's live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can check out the full action figure collection featuring: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, as well as Splinter, The Shredder, Foot Soldier, April O'Neil and Raph in disguise. There's also image of the Combat Warrior Deluxe Figures, which allows you to squeeze the legs of the Turtles in order to make their weapons move. There's lots of great shots of The Turtle Assault Van. Then there's images of the Ninja Combat Gear, which allow you to dress up as your favorite Turtle.
The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES directed by Jonathan Liebesman ("Wrath of the Titans"), and produced by Michael Bay ("The Rock"). The script was written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec, based on characters created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. The cast includes: Megan Fox as April O'Neil, Alan Ritchson as Raphael, Noel Fisher as Michelangelo, Danny Woodburn as Splinter, Jeremy Howard as Donatello, Pete Ploszek as Leonardo, Will Arnett as Vernon and William Fichtner as Shredder. It lands in theaters August 8, 2014.
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MyloSteamwitz - 6/20/2014, 12:31 AM
Megan Fox action figure? Interesting...
Mercwitham0uth - 6/20/2014, 12:49 AM
Splinter looks 100% derp.
RedRocBoy - 6/20/2014, 12:59 AM
Can't wait to snag these figures. The 11 inch figures look way better.
staypuffed - 6/20/2014, 1:00 AM
Why, in 2014, do we have a giant mutant turtle hiding in a trench coat?
Jesus, COME ON.
Snotzo - 6/20/2014, 1:12 AM
Expectations for everything related to this are low.
mgeoff88 - 6/20/2014, 1:13 AM
Lol! Pretty much every part of Shredder's suit is sharp.

It's way too over the top. He looks ridiculous.
loki668 - 6/20/2014, 1:21 AM
Megan Fox's action figure comes with "elbow action articulation" for, uh...."combat", yeah.
HelloAlien - 6/20/2014, 1:22 AM
wow both you naulbiter111 and CBM are late on showing these reviews and athctual look to the figures have been out for 3weeks now lame old news here........ dam shame ..........dam shame.!
MrReese - 6/20/2014, 1:22 AM
Childhood = Raped

soforizo - 6/20/2014, 1:38 AM
So Megan Fox comes with her own set of Sais as accessories?

Gusto will be camping out for that one.

loki668 - 6/20/2014, 1:50 AM
The Megan Fox character comes with "realistic herpes lesions" and extra-articulation at the waist for "maximum leg-spreading potential".
jimoakley666 - 6/20/2014, 2:04 AM
Hope Shredder has had his tetanus injection. Also, Aprils thumbs are far too long and human looking on that toy. They need to look more like toes.
LuBeTHiGhWalK3R - 6/20/2014, 2:12 AM
Splinter has some drunk ass eyes
batmanvsuperman - 6/20/2014, 2:43 AM
Splinter looks [frick]ing weird
OcciferPing - 6/20/2014, 3:43 AM
No blue lips for Leonardo? Darn.
Pedrito - 6/20/2014, 4:03 AM
So Shredder is a Chitauri?
Pedrito - 6/20/2014, 4:05 AM
Splinter looks like Kobe Bryant.

And I wonder what Raphael is hiding under that trench coat.
grif - 6/20/2014, 4:16 AM
from the look of shredders hips and legs. i am not sure how a human could fit in that suit. or maybe he gets injured and becomes a cyborg?
splinter looks like he has a dick for a snout.
april comes with sais. please tell me she wont be fighting.
foot soldier comes with tazer and machine gun. wtf?
SuperCat - 6/20/2014, 4:20 AM
Raph is a flasher.
Alien - 6/20/2014, 4:51 AM
Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HD Wallpaper Desktop

McGee - 6/20/2014, 5:36 AM
LOL nail sneaking in the Iron Man 3 Mandarin figure!
McGee - 6/20/2014, 5:36 AM
....oh wait.
SuperSpiderMan5778 - 6/20/2014, 7:48 AM
oh my gosh!!! splinter is cock eyed? i'm definitely not watching this movie
TheGambitFreak - 6/20/2014, 8:26 AM
I saw all these toys in my Walmart last week.
FastFlames - 6/20/2014, 9:10 AM
Get stupid
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 6/20/2014, 9:32 AM
Manogeek - 6/20/2014, 11:30 AM
I would rather pay double the price and buy my son vintage TMNT action figures then having him believe that this is what the Turtles were all about.
Humperdink - 6/20/2014, 1:43 PM
I wonder in Shredder's chest opens up?
RangerStorm44 - 6/20/2014, 3:14 PM
Give us the 4th trailer dammit

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