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sirbonesalot - 7/24/2012, 3:31 AM
BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
inky - 7/24/2012, 4:04 AM
powering over wonderwoman just by sheer brute force very very close but he-man just manages it
SpideyQuad - 7/24/2012, 6:15 AM
But wait… Isn't he-man the strongest one there is?
SuperSomething616 - 7/24/2012, 6:42 AM
Seriously Wonder Woman? The only thing she can do Heman cant is fly...and Heman is Superman level strength and stamina...Heman takes this!!! Easily!!!
SkaarJones - 7/24/2012, 7:19 AM
He Man is not Superman strength level.
weaponX2 - 7/24/2012, 7:26 AM
I'm not sure I agree with He-man easily beating Wonder Woman, she is a very powerful combatant and a very skilled warrior and of course she has her golden lasso. M It cannot be broken, snapped or cut. And she can also control it to a certain degree using telepathy. It can also be used to erase memories, heal the mentally ill (in some cases), and implant commands that must then be obeyed. Ir she gets the lasso around him ,he is putty in her hands
Verdugo - 7/24/2012, 7:44 AM
Great match. A very even fight, but WW wins because she will fight to the death, while He-Man is not willing to kill.
upside - 7/24/2012, 8:04 AM
He-mans strength is only limited by the magic he calls on from castle greyskull. He also can use magic for almost anything he wishes. He's every bit the combatant that WW is. And she is vulnerable to "magic piercing weapons". BUT....I still think she would win in the end. But don't discount he-man too much.
OrsonRandall - 7/24/2012, 10:37 AM
He would get Battle Cat to distract her, then take her from behind.
JasonMD - 7/24/2012, 12:47 PM
Anyone thinking this would be better as a porn?

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