SUNDAY TO SUNDAY - The NINJA TURTLES Are Back! (And They Look Kinda Weird)

SUNDAY TO SUNDAY - The NINJA TURTLES Are Back! (And They Look Kinda Weird)

In this instalment Mr Sunday looks at the return of the TMNT, Age Of Ultron, Prometheus 2, Indiana Jones being rebooted plus X-Men: Days Of Future Past and more!

Check out the embedded video below for a comprehensive and light-hearted look at the week gone in movie news.
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This Week In Trailers & Clips
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GiantNerd - 3/30/2014, 2:42 PM
Love these dudes. They crack me up.
NoPhucksGiven - 3/30/2014, 2:46 PM
they look like green penis heads with lips.
Gmoney84 - 3/30/2014, 2:48 PM
Good as always!
CPIXLEY - 3/30/2014, 2:54 PM
That AvP shit was funny.
marvel72 - 3/30/2014, 2:54 PM
teenage mutant ninja turtles trailer i like the designs of the turtles,its the trailer that i didn't like.

i thought prometheus was good,looking forward to the sequel.

avengers age of ultron looks pretty good as well.

x-men days of future past trailer 2 looked good,miles better than the first.

captain america the winter soldier is excellent. 5/5
JBatesyFilmreviews - 3/30/2014, 2:55 PM
always a funny watch!
SuperCat - 3/30/2014, 2:56 PM
Lol! "Weird baby head." Classic!
Humperdink - 3/30/2014, 3:02 PM
The turtles look pretty good to me. Weird, but good.

I Honestly don't know how they can do any better with a live action version without making them look less 'live' and more 'cartoony muppet'. It looks weird but hey...they're teenage mutant ninja turtles. That alone is weird. I think if there were such real life mutant creatures that's probably how they would look.

They could have gone a Henderson animatronic route but that could have worked to take the audience out of the film. It's clear they tried their best to humanize the faces and give us something more expressive and physically relatable. They also tried to distinguish the turtles faces BEYOND a simple change of mask colors and weapons. They wanted to make them look more individual and less like the same turtle in different gear.

I also think this version below looks very good in this awesome turtle short but it's still very limited costuming when it comes to emoting and expression. Even with a larger budget the non-CGI turtles wouldn't be too far from this.

I'm satisfied with this new CGI version.

LeeroyJenkins - 3/30/2014, 3:05 PM
Prometheus rant had me laughing my ass off
Brainiac13 - 3/30/2014, 3:06 PM
He gave Cap2 'Worst move ever' because he's not in winter gear............


DefcoN - 3/30/2014, 3:26 PM
This is the first thing that came to my mind after seeing the turtles' look:

BTW wow! You destroyed Prometheus! LOL!
SanFranLand - 3/30/2014, 3:34 PM

So good. Prometheus, why you gotta treat us this way?
Jollem - 3/30/2014, 3:38 PM
this is the first thing that came to mind after seeing the mandarin

BatmanFTW - 3/30/2014, 3:42 PM
@Braniac3000 He did? That's hilarious hah Where did you see his review already?
Brainiac13 - 3/30/2014, 3:58 PM

Go to his YouTube site...........I'm on my mobile now and would give you the link.......We definitely need a app for this site.
BatmanFTW - 3/30/2014, 4:38 PM
@Braniac3000 Thanks! Agreed, that would be super helpful
Mothchild - 3/30/2014, 5:04 PM
@ Brainiac3000 yes an app would be helpful
GeekyCheekyChic - 3/30/2014, 5:13 PM
love Mr Sunday!

Ramiel - 3/30/2014, 5:27 PM
Yea, he gave TWS a "Worst Movie Ever".
WelcomeBackFrank - 3/30/2014, 5:30 PM
The "TMNT" reboot reminds of a turd that just won't flush.

1. Anglicizing/whitewashing Shredder. Strike one.

2. The hideous looking Turtles who now wear clothes and accessories that would make it impossible to use the Art of Invisibility let alone not be heard or seen with all that junk they're wearing clanking and clacking around. Same goes for that landing Leonardo makes or the "Foot Soldiers" being kicked into a wall to the point it makes a crater. Since when are the Turtles the Hulk? And we still have no clue what the heck Splinter will look like. Strike two.

3. The Foot Clan. These guys aren't ninjas. They look like a cross between Bane's League of Shadows mercs and their masks from the Immortals from "300." They come off to me as more a terrorist organization or looking like a rogue C.I.A. black-ops unit than ninjas. Strike three.

4. Lastly, the trailer has Bay's influence all over it. From the flashy graphics, the color palette they chose, and the explosions not to mention the Turtles themselves, like his Transformers, come off as stereotypes. Donny is given nerd glasses and tech on his shell, Raph is built like a roided out defensive linesman with a dorag and shades (I assume he'll sound like Eminem), Leonardo looks like a samurai with football shoulder pads vs. a ninja, and Mikey... ugh... they took him being a surfer to a whole another level. Strike out.
ShelfPorn - 3/30/2014, 5:36 PM
Not to beat a dead horse, but TMNT does look really really bad 0-:-(
GeekyCheekyChic - 3/30/2014, 5:52 PM
The turtles have Whoopi Goldbergs mouth
GeekyCheekyChic - 3/30/2014, 5:53 PM
Turtle Power:
mgeoff88 - 3/30/2014, 7:26 PM
TMNT looks like an average Michael Bay movie. And the turtles themselves look like Shrek's kids.
NeoBaggins - 3/30/2014, 7:55 PM
The formula: See what the nerds hate and like, then mirror their sentiments in a video for view revenue.

Namor - 3/30/2014, 10:04 PM
Turtles look fan-fuggin-tastic! I love the new look! Can't wait to see more!
loki668 - 3/30/2014, 10:55 PM
I'm still trying to figure out exactly HOW some of you would expect humanoid turtles to look. Errol Flynn-like?
Tromills - 3/30/2014, 11:42 PM
I don't like their look.
The best representation was the rubber suits. The show was designed for kids, and now they look way too realistic.
It's creepy and just wrong.
It is amazing what they did with the FX, it looks awesome, the artistry is brilliant and i take my hat off for the designers, but for the TMNT it just looks wrong, the look like the tip of a green penis with a mouth and a nose

Artistry 10 out of 10
Design for TMNT 2 out of 10
LEOSTRATOR - 3/31/2014, 6:17 AM
These dudes are not funny, just a bunch of dicks!
Fracture - 3/31/2014, 12:50 PM
It's just Michaeangelo. He's the "Skids" and "Mudflaps" for this group. The other guys look ok.

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