Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990: The Most Underrated and One of The Best CBMs of All Time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990: The Most Underrated and One of The Best CBMs of All Time

TMNT 1990: One of The Best CBMs of All Time

Hello guys, this is my first article on comicbookmovie.com, and I hope you guys like what I have written. I have decided to explain why I think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 is one of the most underrated and best CBMs of all time.

1. My first reason for TMNT 1990 being one of the best CBMs of all time is the fact that it successfully combined several aspects from multiple forms of media. TMNT 1990 used aspects from both the 80’s cartoon (April O’Neil being a new reporter, and the Turtles different colored masks) and aspects from the comics (the dark tone, Splinter being Yoshi’s pet rat, etc.) seamlessly to make a well- crafted story.

2. My second reason for TMNT 1990 being one of the best CBMs of all time is successfully bringing a dark and gritty tone to the movie. When most people think of the TMNT, they think of happy go lucky, ninjutsu weapon wielding turtles who are just for kids without knowing the original comics had them assassinating people at age 12. TMNT 1990 managed to put in several dark moments, (The Turtles losing Splinter, Raph being grotesquely assaulted by the Foot Clan, Shredder being crushed by a garbage compacter, etc.) while avoiding becoming melodramatic and keeping it fun.

3. My third reason for TMNT 1990 being one of best CBMs of all time was great supporting characters. April O’Neil has to be one of the few female CBM supporting characters I wasn’t annoyed with. She managed to avoid the annoying damsel in distress effect and felt like a memorable addition of the team. And Casey Jones. Man, Elias Koteas killed it as Casey Jones! He was brash, gratuitously violent, and a great foil to Raphael. Michael Turney was also another good addition to the film who didn’t feel like an annoying teenager.

4. My fourth reason for TMNT 1990 being one of the best CBMs of all time is the inauspicious, cold blooded villain, Shredder. James Saito was breathtaking as the Shredder. I remember my first time watching this movie on YouTube with my younger brother (I never got to see it in theater since I’m 14, and the DVD is hard to find) and seeing the Shredder drop down and surprise the TMNT. I was at a loss for words, Shredder was a legitimate threat who managed to easily trash the TMNT, and had to be beaten by Splinter. I honestly think he’s one comic book movies greatest villains.

5. My final reason for TMNT 1990 being one of the best CBMs of all time was that it was just straight up fun! I’m a light and optimistic guy and this movie hit so many cords with me, and had me screaming Turtle Power! I think it is tantamount to the Avengers in the fact that it is a fun CBM which can appeal to kids and adults, and that is always a plus in my book!

Those are my thoughts on TMNT 1990. Did like my article? Hated it? Give me feedback and love for Turtles in a Half Shell in the comment section!
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MrReese - 6/21/2013, 9:38 AM
I just happened to watch it the other day.Still 1 of my favorites brought back lotta memories.
bazinga85 - 6/21/2013, 10:59 AM
Lol, I luv that movie:)
TheSuperguy - 6/21/2013, 12:57 PM
I have not seen this movie for years. I recently watched a little bit of TMNT2: Secret of the Ooze, and was surprisingly entertained. I will have to check this out again soon.

Nice article, by the way, keep at it!
AgentZero - 6/21/2013, 3:08 PM
That movie is ridiculously comic accurate
kenjim152 - 6/21/2013, 3:15 PM
Dude I got the DVD, I am not sure when, where or how, but I got it. And u r right it is a great movie.
jessepostal - 6/21/2013, 5:40 PM
Its not underrated at all,when it first came out it was praised and loved by everyone and even to this day its huge. I was eight when it came out and i must have went to at least ten different tmnt bday party's around the same time, posters, toys, cereal, pies, cards, school supplies, stickers, anything you can imagine.

Underrated cbm.... The Rocketeer, The Phantom,Demon Knight
TheWolverine08 - 6/21/2013, 6:04 PM
@11TheQuestion11 I thought you were one of the DC fans who said RT score doesn't matter with MOS.
TheWolverine08 - 6/21/2013, 6:04 PM
@jessepostal It is underrated. Most people don't even think of TMNT 1990 when they talk about top CBMs.
jessepostal - 6/21/2013, 6:55 PM
@thewolverine, its underrated to a bunch of teenagers who were not alive when it came out. Which is the majority of this website. Its not underrated to the people who grew up with it and loved it, hell my parents are in their sixty's and still remember it and loved it when they took me to see it. You have to see from all sides not just teenagers who have never seen the movie on a comic site where Marvel and Dc are the only two company's they know.
TheWolverine08 - 6/21/2013, 7:47 PM
@jessepostal Wow... I never thought about it like that. I was thinking TMNT 1990 was such a great movie and wondered why so many people never talked about. I was talking mostly to teenagers though which is why it was probably never talked about.
jessepostal - 6/21/2013, 7:56 PM
@thewolverine,It is a great movie! I still pop it in from time to time, the blu ray is pretty cheap these days too. Well worth it if you don't have it.
BANE5000 - 6/22/2013, 1:54 PM
I was 6 or 7 years old when this movie came out and can still remember going to see it opening night at the theater by my house, me and my family even went to the local bowling alley before the film started to kill some time and i was , as usual, in the arcade section playing none other than the TMNT arcade game :D

This is by far one of the best childhood memories of mine and the best film out of the trilogy, Bay and Co. better honor the legacy of the Turtles and make a film fans and newcomers alike can enjoy.
RobGrizzly - 6/24/2013, 4:32 PM
It's a shame you had to watch it on YouTube. I was 8 when I saw it in theaters and at the time, it was a mega HUGE deal. But it says something about the quality of the film that you still watch it today, on your computer, and still be effected.

As to this article, it's nicely done. Naturally I agree on all points, as TMNT: The Movie has always been in my Top 10 CBMs. The mixture of faithfulness to both the cartoon and comic is something still no other movie has perfectly balanced.

#6. The fighting! There are some seriously impressive sequences and weapon work in this movie.

#7. The dramatic moments. The scene where Splinter tries to soothe Raph's anger, or the camp fire meditating- the film brings surprising emotion to it.

#8. The costumes. Lest we forget, this was an INDEPENDENT MOVIE and the filmmakers were lucky to get Jim Henson's creature shop to work the effects/costumes that bring the turtles to life. This is why I still prefer practical work to CGI like they did in 2007.

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