The Cape

The Cape On the heels of popular tv series "Heroes", The Cape is a superhero drama tv series about a cop, believed to be murdered by the city's criminal element, who is rescued by circus performers and learns from them how to manipulate a weighted cape. He utilizes his newfound skills to fight crime. Yeah, I know, it sounds REALLY bad--and it was. Typical of "know-it-all" studio execs, they tried to do an end-run around established comic book characters by creating their own... and crapped out miserably. When will they learn? This piece of crap premiered on NBC during the 2010–2011 television season as a midseason replacement and despite some decent production value and promotion, NBC cancelled the stinker within a matter of weeks.
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NBC's The Cape, which has been struggling to attract viewers has been taken another blow and will not be shown on the network - but will be shown on-line instead. - hovis5818
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