Look Back At THE CROW Concept Art & Costume Of Deleted Character, Skull Cowboy

Look Back At THE CROW Concept Art & Costume Of Deleted Character, Skull Cowboy

I know, I know, I'm late to the party on this, but I was surprised to learn that there was a deleted character, Skull Cowboy, from Alex Proyas' sensational film, The Crow. Once I learned of it, I just had to go digging for whatever I could find.

In 1994's The Crow, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) has his winged-companion with him, to guide him along his vengeful path. But originally, Eric had a second guide, which was the Skull Cowboy. The character, which did originate from the graphic novel, was played by Michael Berryman. An actor, who resembles Sloth from Goonies, and is best known to me as one of the mutant bikers that cause trouble at Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt's (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) party in the hilarious 1985 comedy, Weird Science. Wisely, Proyas cut all scenes with Skull Cowboy, deeming the character as redundant.

If you're a HUGE fan of The Crow than this information certainly isn't new to you, but if you're like me this will be a fun little treat. I compiled some of the deleted scenes that feature Skull Cowboy. The most interesting of the scenes is the first video below. It takes place near the end of the film after Eric's quest is done. He heads to his grave, but when Sarah (Rochelle Davis) is abducted he decides to intervene. Which according to the Skull Cowboy is a big no no, and is warned that meddling with the affairs of the living will strip him of his immortality.

Also got a video below featuring storyboards with Skull Cowboy showing more scenes that involved him. Even came across close-up images of the costume and production stills that were posted on propstore.com. That's Not All Folks! I also went digging for some concept art and came across Peter Pound's conceptual illustrations and storyboards.

Photo Credit: propstore.com

"Storyboards. They are from some scenes, but contain (with no division so watch out) all of the Skull Cowboy's scenes. The SC standing at his grave. The SC standing in fron of the loft's window with Eric running berserker at him and, as he misses, jumps out the window and grabs the ledge to come back in as in the movie, to find he is gone. The SC coming to Eric, after saving Darla, as he plays the guitar on the roof telling him that he cannot assist the living or he'll bleed. And the SC standing in the church steps telling Eric to go back to the grave since he already killed his enemies and it is forbidden to assist the living (Sarah), as he denies, he says "choose and be damned", and desintegrates in a whirlwind of dust, but stripping Eric of his powers and warning him his chance to meet Shelly may be at jeopardy, thus explaining his vulnerability." - IMDB

Concept Art & Storyboards by Peter Pound

Catch the explosive, action-packed hit that thrilled moviegoers and dazzled critics everywhere! Brandon Lee (RAPID FIRE) plays Eric Draven, a young rock guitarist who, along with his fiancee, is brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals. Exactly one year after his death, Eric returns -- watched over by a hypnotic crow -- to seek revenge, battling the evil crime lord and his band of urban thugs, who must answer for their crimes. Loaded with intense, nonstop action and a hot #1 hit soundtrack, THE CROW delivers exhilarating, fast-paced entertainment!

The Crow was directed by Alex Proyas. The screenplay was written by David J. Schow and John Shirley, based on a graphic novel created by James O'Barr. The cast included: Brandon Lee as Eric Draven/The Crow, Rochelle Davis as Sarah, Ernie Hudson as Sgt. Albrecht, Michael Wincott as Top Dollar, Bai Ling as Myca, Sofia Shinas as Shelly Webster, Anna Levine as Darla, David Patrick Kelly as T-Bird, Angel David as Skank, Laurence Mason as Tin-Tin, Michael Massee as Funboy, Tony Todd as Grange and Jon Polito as Gideon. The film was released on May 13, 1994, and generated $144 million at the worlwide box office, against a budget of $23 million.
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superbatspiderman - 9/19/2013, 2:24 PM
I just recently got the Crow on Blu Ray. I don't know why it tok this long for me to get it because it is one of my favorite movies. I wish they had an extended version that shows the skull cowboy scene.
JorL5150 - 9/19/2013, 2:26 PM
this movie is excellent. a horror/sci fi/cbm classic.
Highflyer - 9/19/2013, 2:27 PM
i love this film
SoundWave - 9/19/2013, 2:30 PM
Skull Cowboy must be the most awesome part of the movie! But he is not even in workprint, and nowdays no good quality footage... Somebody call Proyas to make a new Director's Cut edition, please!!! "The Crow" is one of the best comic book movies ever made! We so need a new longer edition with all footage and all extended scenes.
Hodor - 9/19/2013, 2:30 PM
I'm a huge fan and I haven't seen these clips before. Great work!
Highflyer - 9/19/2013, 2:31 PM
but who is the skull cowboy?
JoJo1982 - 9/19/2013, 2:48 PM
Still one of my favorite movie in general, not just a comic book movie. I remember seeing this when I was a kid and loving the soundtrack too
DelTorite - 9/19/2013, 2:58 PM
Awesome soundtrack for an awesome movie.
JorL5150 - 9/19/2013, 2:59 PM
in real life crows are f*cking annoying.

they sh*t on your car. they eat up your plants and garden.

and make a TON of F*CKING noise. ridiculously loud.

imma get a gun.
BlueDemon - 9/19/2013, 3:01 PM
The Crow is one of my all time favorite movies.
"It's not a good day to be a bad guy"
MoodyMonkey - 9/19/2013, 3:04 PM
Articles like this are why I come here, thanks man. This flick got me through some pretty hard times back in the day and I really appreciate the info - gotta go and watch it yet again!
Gjedi - 9/19/2013, 3:06 PM
@ nailbiter111, does that cubanraftrider like any movies?

does he know what a movie is? :)
Niklander - 9/19/2013, 3:18 PM
One more reason for the director of the reboot to INCLUDE Skull Cowboy.Dude is like the mentor for Crows kinda like a dark Obi Wan Kenoobi
AztecaAguilar04 - 9/19/2013, 3:35 PM
One of my personal favorite's right here. Brandon and the rest of the cast really put their heart and soul into this project and it payed off.
CPBuff22 - 9/19/2013, 3:35 PM
@niklander isn't "Dark Obi Wan Kanoobi" actually just Emperor Palpatine? Think about that.
AztecaAguilar04 - 9/19/2013, 3:35 PM
Ceejay - 9/19/2013, 3:43 PM
God I miss Brandon Lee, he had so much promise after Rapid Fire and The Crow. I have no doubt in my mind that he would have been a first choice for Neo in the Matrix had he not have died.
tron21full - 9/19/2013, 3:55 PM
i feel like that the character should have stayed
Effusion - 9/19/2013, 4:32 PM
Such a classic.
KnobGoblin - 9/19/2013, 4:55 PM
Amazing movie, and still in my top 5 CBM's of all time. Glad the skull Cowboy stuff was nixed, it was unnecessary and would've felt out of place.
KnobGoblin - 9/19/2013, 4:59 PM
The reboot is gonna have some big boots to fill, that's for sure.
rbfn04 - 9/19/2013, 5:45 PM
I... I dont remember The Crow. Must rewatch it.
13echo - 9/19/2013, 5:51 PM
One of the best.
SamWinchester - 9/19/2013, 6:09 PM
Best soundtrack ever.
PeterDarker - 9/19/2013, 6:19 PM
Without question, my favorite scene from the movie. You can feel the terror as T-Bird realizes who he's dealing with. "I know you. I knew I knew you, I knew I knew you...but you ain't you. You can't be you". Gives me chills every time.
MatchesMalone1989 - 9/19/2013, 7:08 PM
Did someone say the rooftop scene killed the movie? Are you [frick]ing crazy thats one of the best scenes!!! [frick]ing love this movie.
superbatspiderman - 9/19/2013, 7:56 PM
@PeterDarker - That scene with T Bird is probably one of my all time favorite movie scenes. That is actually a body double for Brandon Lee because that scene was filmed after he died. It is still great mostly due to the music.
Wulfenmarc - 9/19/2013, 9:30 PM
If they are still doing this "remake" maybe they will include the Skull Cowboy character in it somehow.
DravinClaw - 9/19/2013, 11:05 PM
Great movie I can only imagine what would have happened if they stayed true to the book. but regardless classic movie.
konoyaro - 9/19/2013, 11:20 PM
TheGodOfMischief - 9/19/2013, 11:43 PM
This Skull Cowboy is obviously a representation of death. I really wish they would have kept him in the film! I hope he will show up in the remake!
loki668 - 9/20/2013, 12:18 AM
I was waiting for CubanRaftRider to provide a list of movies that he ACTUALLY likes. It's probably a much shorter list than what he dislikes. It's that.......or he's.....dun-DUN-DAAAAAHHH....trolling.

knocturnalzen10 - 9/20/2013, 5:34 AM

stop speaking u f***ing child
NorrinTotallyRadd - 9/20/2013, 6:22 AM
@nailbiter111 great find!
superbatmanlantern - 9/20/2013, 8:35 AM
Best CMB of the 90's while marvel still producing shit
Mendenhall12 - 9/20/2013, 8:36 AM
Such a great film. Unfortunate Brandon isn't still here. R.I.P. Brandon
GodzillaKart - 9/20/2013, 9:22 AM
R.I.P. Brandon Lee.

The Crow is one overrated, silly crapfest. The fact that the crow is so bad makes Brandon's passing all the more tragic.
thejon93rd - 9/20/2013, 11:32 AM
This and The Crow: City of Angels should get director's cuts, especially City of Angels.
Morbius - 9/20/2013, 12:37 PM
They definitely should have kept Skull Cowboy in the film.
morenfaster - 9/20/2013, 12:39 PM
This was the first movie I ever took a girl on a 'date' to. I had just seen Thrill Kill Kult the week before, Medicine few weeks before that. NIN a few months later. I have two tattoos of this comic/movie. Ive seen it over 200 times in the 20 years. This movie changed my life. BTW All of this info, the skull cowboy footage (and a whole lot more) was on an interactive CD-ROM that came out in the late 90s. I watched the Crow 2 last month because it was on TV and the last time I saw it was on premiere night in 1996. I hated it. 18 years later it still sucks, the novelization was better. Mia Kirchner hasnt really aged. 1994 was a terrific year. - An old gothgeek.
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