Barry Allen Gives ARROW A Ratings Boost, Show Climbs To Season High

Barry Allen Gives ARROW A Ratings Boost, Show Climbs To Season High

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) joining Arrow (Stephen Amell) on The CW's superhero drama has given the show a ratings boost. With 3.2 million viewers, "The Scientist" was the most watched episode this season.

The key executive personnel at The CW/ DC Entertainment have previously said that Grant Gustin (Glee) needs to impress as Barry Allen in his guest spot on Arrow for the network to finalize a spin-off for The Flash. Well, it certainly helps your pilot when your guest spot results in a ratings bump and season high in viewership. "The Scientist" garnered 3.2 million viewers and commanded a 1.1 rating among adults 18-49 (Arrow averaged 2.8 million viewers across the previous 7 episodes). That makes it the most watched episode of the season. Things are looking pretty good for that spinoff.

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Running Time: 60 min
Release Date: (Season Two) October 9th, 2013
MPAA Rating: Tv-14
Starring: Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Byron Mann, Colin Donnell, Colin Salmon, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, John Barrowman, Roger R. Cross and Willa Holland
Creators: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg
Characters: George Papp (character) and Mort Weisinger (character)

The CW Arrow season 2

"After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. When he returns home to Starling City, his devoted mother Moira, much-beloved sister Thea, and best friend Tommy welcome him home, but they sense Oliver has been changed by his ordeal on the island. While Oliver hides the truth about the man he’s become, he desperately wants to make amends for the actions he took as the boy he was. Most particularly, he seeks reconciliation with his former girlfriend, Laurel Lance. As Oliver reconnects with those closest to him, he secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. By day, Oliver plays the role of a wealthy, carefree and careless philanderer he used to be – flanked by his devoted chauffeur/bodyguard, John Diggle – while carefully concealing the secret identity he turns to under cover of darkness. However, Laurel’s father, Detective Quentin Lance, is determined to arrest the vigilante operating in his city. Meanwhile, Oliver’s own mother, Moira, knows much more about the deadly shipwreck than she has let on – and is more ruthless than he could ever imagine."
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GliderMan - 12/5/2013, 8:34 AM
I'm not gonna shut up about this being in the DCCU.
Gmoney84 - 12/5/2013, 8:35 AM
^ Agreed. DCCU or GTFO. WB/DC could make this fit so well. Why waste a golden opportunity?!
batcheeks8 - 12/5/2013, 8:37 AM

BackwardGalaxy - 12/5/2013, 8:37 AM
Because only 3 million people watched it?
Pasto - 12/5/2013, 8:40 AM
AOS Wishes they could be like Arrow.

*Insert mic drop gif*
TacoFist - 12/5/2013, 8:40 AM
How many people usually watch it? How big of a jump is this?
Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 8:40 AM
TacoFist - 12/5/2013, 8:41 AM
Also, how well is it doing compared to other shows?
marantaz - 12/5/2013, 8:41 AM
It was a great episode, but keep in mind what the competition was... reruns and a christmas special, I think. Hope the ratings keep growing, the show is improving every week.
BRUHHHHHHHHHH - 12/5/2013, 8:41 AM
"DCCU or GTFO" lmao thats an awesome ultimatum.

On a real note though, this show knows how to pack its story with rich characters and not seem crowded (Spiderman 3)

Same with the story, theres 5 main stories going on and none are being overdone, feel forced or cheesy… flashbacks still amazing.

And the one complain i had was "I don't think they can introduce superpowers to this show, it'll ruin it"
WOW i was [frick]ing wrong.

I hope that ten years from now Ill still be watching this show on like season 20 and its 7 spin off superhero shows hahaha
charlie2094 - 12/5/2013, 8:41 AM
Awesome episode!! Wouldn't mind if they connect this with the main DCCU, Arrow has been super strong this past season, would be a great way of establishing a shared universe

Will have to wait and see! Hopefully next years comic-con will shed a lot of light on this and all the upcoming DC shows/films
dckizzle - 12/5/2013, 8:42 AM
Don't be jealous lol arrow show rules
FantasticSpidey - 12/5/2013, 8:43 AM
And honestly, at this point, the show is better than Agents of SHIELD, and I like AoS.

Would be foolish of them not to combine the two.
fettastic - 12/5/2013, 8:44 AM
Wait a minute....I thought they had decided AGAINST using Arrow as a launching pad for a new Flash series.
NightWatcher - 12/5/2013, 8:45 AM
Milling - 12/5/2013, 8:45 AM
i hope Cws green arrow and flash gets into the DCU, could be amazing
Vegeta - 12/5/2013, 8:47 AM
It was a excellent episode. I can't wait for The Flash pilot!
jaysin420 - 12/5/2013, 8:47 AM
I don't get what people like about this show, I tried so had to get into it but I just can't. I tuned in last night to see if Barry got his powers, but of course he didn't.

Cause who wants to watch a superhero show about characters with actual superpowers?

It's amazing that we have these 2 companies in the golden age of CBM's, and neither can make a great superhero show.

Too bad they can't combine Arrow and Shield to make one good show out of all these decent parts.
MarkJulian - 12/5/2013, 8:48 AM
@fettastic He's still in episode 8 and 9. Originally, his backdoor pilot was supposed to air in episode 20 and he would be in full costume. However, the network decided he should have a standalone pilot so the Arrow showrunners are currently debating on whether Barry will still appear in episode 20.
Interestein - 12/5/2013, 8:48 AM
After how good this season is, and how awesome Gustin was as Barry Allen, this deserves so much to be in the DCCU.
jollychiken - 12/5/2013, 8:51 AM
They should not connect this to the DCU!!
They have to keep them separate. They budget that Arrow has severely limits the talent that they can hire. Is it a good show? Yes, possibly great. But put the same actors on the big screen and the lack of talent will show.
DC should make two separate universes one for the big screen and another for tv.
BlueHawaiiSurfer - 12/5/2013, 8:52 AM
"Cause who wants to watch a superhero show about characters with actual superpowers?" Yeah really. Why didn't they just show everything the Flash can do and have him battle every villain in Flash history cause...ya know...who wants to wait for character development in a guest appearance?@!?@?@?
LewisAGarcia - 12/5/2013, 8:53 AM
I like the fact that a DC character has a live action/dramatic show but the drama is way too much like a soap-opera.

Mind you, I still watch the show and I'm appreciating this second season way more than the first.

I don't know how to feel about Barry though, he is young so I suppose acting all shy/nerve-racked is ok. But where's the wise-crackin and confidence Flash usually has?
jollychiken - 12/5/2013, 8:54 AM
Well he's not the Flash yet. So I'm guessing that probably has something to do with it ;)
Nomis - 12/5/2013, 8:54 AM
At first I was against the idea of this being part of a bigger DC movie universe but Arrow is just too damn GOOD for it not to be!
charlie2094 - 12/5/2013, 8:59 AM

He just doesn't have his powers yet...he'll get them, he's getting his own costume and such at some need to force it all in to one 40 minutes episode...

Arrow has been brilliant in the second season, but having proper superpowers on screen is hard, need a big budget to do that or it just looks ridiculous and cheap. Arrow has been doing an amazing job, the action in it is great and now they're building towards Deathstroke and Ra's Al Ghul and the's a great comic book show
Battabing - 12/5/2013, 9:00 AM
Grant Gustin was really good in this episode, as I suspected he would be!
His retelling of the Reverse Flash attack and the devastation dealt his family just sold the concept of a Flash show for me.
thescarletspeedzter - 12/5/2013, 9:00 AM
Really hope to see Grant and Stephen with Gal,Cavill and Affleck in JL
Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 9:00 AM
Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 9:01 AM
Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 9:01 AM
Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 9:01 AM
Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 9:01 AM
Battabing - 12/5/2013, 9:02 AM
I have sneaking suspicion that Arrow and Flash will be allowed to step up to the DCCU and step down again to continue their narratives in their own shows.

What WB should do with The Flash (and even Arrow) is to make the season finales cinematic movies.
RRA - 12/5/2013, 9:04 AM
I have to agree with Pasto. I like AOS, but ARROW just blows it out of the water. It's true.

I loved last night's episode. As a backdoor pilot, it perfectly pitched what this new Flash TV program would be: C.S.I. meets superheroic action. Hell Gasgot immediately won me over.

Goyer can play with his big budget Flash, I could care less. Just me give me this TV show now. Don't make me wait a year, GIVE TO IT NOW!!!
RRA - 12/5/2013, 9:06 AM
Battabing - You really think Goyer wants TV anywhere near his pet project like Flash? C'mon.

Even though I do have a sneaking suspicion that I'll like the Flash show more than Goyer's movie.
BeyondTheGrave - 12/5/2013, 9:07 AM
I really hope they change their minds about having flash appear THIS season, I want to see the flash in arrow even more now. Them pulling his flash appearance was...very disappointing.
GliderMan - 12/5/2013, 9:08 AM
Season 3 or 4 of Arrow should end with General Zod taking over and saying "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"
Lemons - 12/5/2013, 9:15 AM
If they made this connected to DCCU. Set JL in a futher future, allowing them to keep Amell as GA but look slightly older with beard an all. It would allow them to keep Barry in his tv show while giving us Wally in the JL film.

Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 9:22 AM
^great idea. That way Arrow has the freedom to do as it wishes and so Ollie can be shown in JLA with upgraded suit and beard and maybe a more liberal take.
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