Character Descriptions For 'Iris' & 'Detective West' In THE FLASH TV Show

Character Descriptions For 'Iris' & 'Detective West' In THE FLASH TV Show

Casting Director David Rapaport confirmed that Barry Allen will have support in the upcoming Flash tv show from Iris West, and Detective West. Well now we have some leaked descriptions, and they've made a few changes to the comic book incarnations of these characters.

Our own Alex Lynch (by way of his site Bludhaven Banter) has come across a couple of character descriptions for the upcoming CW take on The Flash. We saw Barry Allen make his debut on last night's episode of Arrow, but we know that when he gets the spotlight in his own series he'll be joined buy a couple of names familiar to comic readers: Iris and Detective West. What's immediately apparent from the below descriptions is that these versions of the characters will be African American.

IRIS - 22-28 - African-American - As smart as she is beautiful, Iris is in grad school studying psychology. She's also Barry's mile a minute, fast-talking, quick-witted best friend. Her father, Detective West, took in Barry when his mother was murdered, and his father was wrongly accused and imprisoned for her murder. In a tough childhood for Barry, she was the one "not tough" thing. She's unaware of Barry's strong feelings for her.

DETECTIVE WEST - Late 40s to Early 50s - African American -Detective West is an honest, blue-collar cop who's seen it all. A soulful, funny caring father to Iris, and a surrogate father to Barry, West came up through the foster system himself. He took in Barry after his mother's murder and his father's imprisonment. He believes in Barry and supports Barry's efforts to prove his father's innocence.

So a race change -- not uncommon these days, and surely not a big deal. Of course Iris West is Wally West's (another character to take up the Flash mantle) Aunt, so can we assume we'll also see him zip onto out screens at some point?
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ezio619 - 12/5/2013, 6:35 AM
hmmmm.. so Iris is gonna be African American in this, hmmm i wonder why they decided to racechange
redrobin1986 - 12/5/2013, 6:38 AM
I'm confused why are they changing The West's Family Race? There are times where I'm fine with this, this is one set of characters can't be changed... because it then alters alot of other characters, like wally, tornado twins, and bart... the only character that would not be effected is XS
GetsugaTensho22 - 12/5/2013, 6:48 AM
[frick] Iris West!

That's right. Oliver can hook up with Sara Lance as she'll be Black Canary.
BobGarlen - 12/5/2013, 6:48 AM
Eh doesn't bug me. hope someone talented gets the gigs.
ComicBookConnections - 12/5/2013, 6:58 AM
Worst thing they could do...
JatevinM - 12/5/2013, 7:02 AM
I'm neither excited nor bugged about this. The only thing it would really change is that Barry and Iris would have mixed race kids and even then I dont see a problem.
Ineedrevelation - 12/5/2013, 7:09 AM
We're using the term "Black" now.
Thevenominside - 12/5/2013, 7:10 AM
as long as they give barry a legit costume im ok with the rest.....and maybe an intro to the flash force by season 2.
Ineedrevelation - 12/5/2013, 7:11 AM
This doesn't bother me that much. I am concerned about Wally though. I think it'd be better if they were Hispanic.
JoeMomma29 - 12/5/2013, 7:12 AM
It is a smart move on their part!
silverdog - 12/5/2013, 7:14 AM
of course changing her race doesn't matter.. its warner and DC, so it automatically becomes the most "comic book accurate" thing since black canary´s powers coming from an ipod.

its only bad and "character raping" when fox, sony or specially marvel studios do it...

[frick]ing hypocrites...
MightyZeus - 12/5/2013, 7:14 AM
I don't mind the change. It doesn't bother me. I think it's smart.
Mothchild - 12/5/2013, 7:15 AM
Sounds good. Really looking forward to this show and the vfx. I don't mind at all about the new West/Allan surrogate family dynamic either. It has heart.
GizmoEl - 12/5/2013, 7:16 AM
The great thing is that they already have a premise for the show. Barry Allen investigates "weird" crime scenes trying to find a clue about who killed his mother. So I feel like the overall arc of the show will be with discovering the truth about that night and freeing his father, while we'll get weekly episodes of weird CSI cases.
Mothchild - 12/5/2013, 7:20 AM
@ Gizmo

as well as robberies staged by the rogues hopefully.
Brainiac13 - 12/5/2013, 7:20 AM
Seems ok.
MagnusRex22 - 12/5/2013, 7:21 AM
I could care less about Iris West's race if it didn't affect the race of Wally and Bart. I wouldn't imagine Bart being on the show for a while, but Wally definitely would. We've had Roy Harper since season 1 of Arrow
king666 - 12/5/2013, 7:21 AM
@GizmoEl sounds like Fringe!
batcheeks8 - 12/5/2013, 7:22 AM
I got zero problems with this and neither should anyone else.
batcheeks8 - 12/5/2013, 7:23 AM
In before some racist dbag comments "oh well thank god this isn't connected to the DCCU"!
JoeMomma29 - 12/5/2013, 7:26 AM
@ Silverdog

LOL! Really go back to past threads where us DC fans are complaining for the lack of powers etc..... Go troll some where else.

Fans even complained about no mask and bam he is getting one, to bad Agents of Something do not listen to their fans.
JoeMomma29 - 12/5/2013, 7:27 AM
@ Gusto

I love you old man but come on!!!!! They did Green Arrow justice so far I am sure The Flash will get the same treatment.

They have really scaled back on the 90210 drama on Arrow this season.
MagnusRex22 - 12/5/2013, 7:29 AM
Anyone know who is playing Iris or her dad? The episode is out in 6 days, seems odd we don't know who is playing them
JoeMomma29 - 12/5/2013, 7:31 AM
@ Magnus

No you are confused the next episode in six days is for Arrow, that script and casting news is for the actual Flash show which is months away!
Pasto - 12/5/2013, 7:32 AM
I'm with Ineed, all of a sudden we are just going to flat out say 'Black'? RACISTS!

Pasto - 12/5/2013, 7:32 AM
I forgot to add in the (Sarcasm) part. whoops.
Thevenominside - 12/5/2013, 7:32 AM
just as long as every episode isnt centered around someone stealing an artifact from the flash museum i think we should be fine
Nomis - 12/5/2013, 7:35 AM
Ironically, in his '90s tv show he had a BBF "Black Best Friend" sidekick!

SuperPickle - 12/5/2013, 7:35 AM
I don't know why anyone would care about the change in race. If it were a major character like Batman, or maybe even Flash himself, I could maaaayybe see it, but I don't think I'd care myself. So, what's the big deal?
Pasto - 12/5/2013, 7:36 AM
At first I lol'd, but then I serious'd
Pasto - 12/5/2013, 7:36 AM
Damn right Nomis. Black power is everywhere.
Dmon - 12/5/2013, 7:39 AM
@SuperPickle Well it's because of Wally West. But I myself will wait till the show actually airs before I say anything.
Dmon - 12/5/2013, 7:40 AM
@Joe I doubt Gusto has watched Arrow this season
SnapperCarr - 12/5/2013, 7:43 AM
Why change it? Why not keep Iris white and bring in Barry's black friend, James Forrest?

Graz - 12/5/2013, 7:45 AM
If a white person was cast as a black comic character it would be all over the news as discrimination.
Nomis - 12/5/2013, 7:47 AM
@ Pasto - Right on!

Rokyn - 12/5/2013, 7:48 AM
The only reason I don't like this is because this changes Wally and Bart forever. :( I'm gonna miss Wally West's red hair...
RRA - 12/5/2013, 7:49 AM
Man if this new Flash series is as good as ARROW has been, we're in for some good times.
rmf1979 - 12/5/2013, 7:50 AM
We need more Asians
Graz - 12/5/2013, 7:50 AM
@Rokyn exactly.
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