DEBUNKED: First Look At THE FLASH's Costume For The CW Series?

<font color= red>DEBUNKED:</font> First Look At THE FLASH's Costume For The CW Series?

We've been sent what appears to be some official concept art for the CW's upcoming Flash tv show, which gives us our first idea of the costume Grant Gustin will sport as the scarlet speedster. It's definitely a pretty out-there design anyway..

This comes from a trusted source, but we can't be 100% certain it's legit..though I'm sure we'll find out soon enough one way or the other. If it is on the level and this is how Gustin will look as The Flash, what do you think?

UPDATE: So yeah, this is fake apparently. Unfortunate as I thought it was a pretty cool look myself.
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JJJameson - 2/9/2014, 7:36 AM
Looks better than Fox-Men's Quicksilver.
ezio619 - 2/9/2014, 7:37 AM
i can dig it!!
marvel72 - 2/9/2014, 7:38 AM
its alright,not what i was expecting.
TheGreenBastard - 2/9/2014, 7:38 AM
No source or anything? Just a pic, that could easily be fake....
Vegeta - 2/9/2014, 7:39 AM
I like it.

The Flash suit, in my opinion, is the hardest costume from the Justice League to bring to life without coming off as cheesy, but this looks pretty good.
Tuuralihn - 2/9/2014, 7:40 AM
I like it!
ezio619 - 2/9/2014, 7:40 AM
Grant is pretty shredded now too and he on his twitter said he went to a costume fitting a week or so ago
JediPhilosopher - 2/9/2014, 7:40 AM
If the Flash's body can take the force of the superspeed, then his face doesnt need a visor to protect from the air. But maybe it's for the bugs. :D
JJJameson - 2/9/2014, 7:41 AM
It's nitpicking, but I'd like Flash to not use that visor protector, but I can live with it.
MrReese - 2/9/2014, 7:42 AM
Well there ya go.Fake.Did look good tho.
JediPhilosopher - 2/9/2014, 7:43 AM
For the love of god, make the costumes like the comic book versions as much as possible. This costume leaving out the mask doesn't protect his identity.
NoMore - 2/9/2014, 7:44 AM
@MrBlackJack: yeah, THE CW logo is photoshopped after.
chubbybubby - 2/9/2014, 7:44 AM
Oh damn. I liked it alot.
DarkTalbot13 - 2/9/2014, 7:44 AM
Looks pretty cool! Like the visor. But needs ass less chaps!
Cyrusthecitrus - 2/9/2014, 7:44 AM
I really freaking hope they don't go some weird TV adapted route where he'd where a red leather jacket or something lame. Then throughout the course of the show he'd joke about how bad a costume would look while giving the finger to the fourth wall. Sounds like something executives would make happen because mainstream audiences don't "understand" costumes.
SpiderParker - 2/9/2014, 7:46 AM
HellsHammer - 2/9/2014, 7:47 AM
Visor makes sense. Running at that speed you're bound to get bugs in your eyes or rain, snow, sand etc.
6of13 - 2/9/2014, 7:48 AM
I like it even though it is a fake.

I would like the real suit to have those little channels so that we can see electric/friction charges build up in them.
sameoldthing - 2/9/2014, 7:48 AM
I didn't hate the look. Visor makes sense but I want cooler footwear,that's very important for Flash.
DeathstrokeTerminator - 2/9/2014, 7:48 AM
Damn, I actually really like it.
CapFan79 - 2/9/2014, 7:49 AM
Not bad....still probably won't watch the show.
Vegeta - 2/9/2014, 7:51 AM
I kind of like the visor. I've seen quite a few Flash suit concept art with a visor and this is by far the best. I think the visor actually looks good.

I hope Grant Gustin's costume resembles this one.
JoeMomma29 - 2/9/2014, 7:52 AM
@ BlackJack

Wow nothing like some true investigating journalism to find out where this image came from.........
Moohika - 2/9/2014, 7:54 AM
Sucks that's it's not the real deal because I actually like it. I hope the one they go with is at least as good as this one.
marvelstudios - 2/9/2014, 7:55 AM
Looks good. I really gotta start watching Arrow.
sKeemAn - 2/9/2014, 7:56 AM
It's a cool design. I also like the design from Injustice. It makes Flash look like a red soldier.
Pasto - 2/9/2014, 7:56 AM
Tymminator - 2/9/2014, 7:57 AM
I miss the belt.
gambgel - 2/9/2014, 7:57 AM
its a pretty cool desing and very futuristic.

If this is the real costume, Flash will definetly have a pretty spot on costume and definetly dressed as a superhero.
duncboy - 2/9/2014, 7:58 AM
At first glance I was like "Wtf?!?", and within seconds that changed to "Allllrrrriiiggghhhhttt!!!!"
Spidey10 - 2/9/2014, 7:58 AM
I still like him having the helmet better than the visor
aRandomSinisterClone - 2/9/2014, 7:58 AM
ROR, take this page down. its bs. debunked. do more research. this site is getting so sloppy. site your work too!
Vegeta - 2/9/2014, 7:58 AM

johnblake - 2/9/2014, 7:58 AM
I was worried. But them I scrolled down and first saw that helment I was like "YES". They not going to go the gloomy realistic way . He is scarlet and gold, and looks like the the flash from the comics. Win!!!!!
Hemsey - 2/9/2014, 7:59 AM
RorMachine is such a liar...
soforizo - 2/9/2014, 7:59 AM
Hasn't this pic been known as a fake for a while?
duncboy - 2/9/2014, 8:01 AM
I've always thought they should cover his mouth, both to add some variation to how all the characters look and to help protect his skin/face from wind/speed-force burn
jimoakley666 - 2/9/2014, 8:03 AM
Fake or not, it looks good all the same.
GreenLanternFan - 2/9/2014, 8:05 AM
Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed this is fake...hopefully the designers take note of this costume and use something similar.
rabid - 2/9/2014, 8:07 AM
Not real. It's by the same artist who did the last fake. Probably just someone's own fan art.
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