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New details have emerged about the planned crossover between Supergirl and The Flash, and the storyline it's going to be based on is sure to surprise you! Meanwhile, we have some disappointing news on that talk about that report about Constantine and Legends of Tomorrow... - JoshWilding
A New Zealand teaser for the first part of the upcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover event has found its way online, and features a few extra snippets of footage. See Barry (Grant Gustin) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) engage in a bit of friendly banter after the jump... - RorMachine
My fan made TV spot of "Flash & Arrow: Legends of Today and Yesterday"! - 2013venjix
A couple of very interesting Thanksgiving rumors regarding some of DC's small-screen heroes here. Word is the cast of the CW's The Flash will appear on CBS's Supergirl next year, and John Constantine might just join the Legends Of Tomorrow. Click on for more... - RorMachine
The CW has released twenty-six new promotional stills from the first half of next week's two-part The Flash/Arrow crossover event, featuring a great look at the two casts assembled and also coming face-to-face with an old threat. Come check it out after the jump! - KingPatel
The Flash and Arrow crossover event is going to be packed with heroes, villains, and easter eggs for fans to enjoy. Recently, David Ramsey (Diggle), announced the return of one of the Flash's biggest threats and their appearance in the crossover event. Check it out! - Kr08
Some images featuring concept of Zoom's lair from The Flash have been released by it's artist, check out the images and by whom they were made after the click. - SpiderHam
In the world of the Comic TV Universe, there are people we love and people we would luv to love and then there are people you just want to kill. Who would you choose? Follow the jump to see the choices. - IllBeatUTwo
The CW has released the description for the ninth episode of The Flash, and this is going to be a big one as Wally West makes his small screen debut and The Rogues assemble for the first time. Can The Fastest Man Alive save Christmas? Hit the jump for all of the latest details... - JoshWilding
Like many of us, The Flash is taking Thanksgiving off, but when he gets back to work, he'll be reuniting with the Green Arrow to take on Vandal Savage, who's come to town in search of Hawkman & Hawkgirl. Come check out the new extended promo now! - KingPatel
The Flash-Season 2-Episode 5-"The Darkness and the Light" Review - hweird1
The Flash is taking a brief hiatus until December, but it will be returning in style with an Arrow crossover which sets up the events of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Hit the jump for a first look at Vandal Savage, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and much, much more... - JoshWilding
Not convinced that Gorilla Grodd could be the big bad of The Flash's third season? Well, as the show's budget has increased, so too has the quality of the special effects which are used to bring him to life, and you'll be surprised by just how downright amazing he looks here... - JoshWilding
Viewers of the last episode of The CW's Flash probably have to agree with you there Barry, Zoom did destroy you. Reverse-Flash is one thing but the demonic Zoom appears to be in another league. Can Team Flash find a way to regroup and deal with tonight's crisis, Gorilla Grodd? - MarkJulian
The first clip has been released from tonight's episode of The Flash and it features a very interesting exchange between both Barry Allen and Cisco and Joe West and Patty Spivot as it becomes apparent that Gorilla Grodd has indeed returned to Central City. Check it out! - JoshWilding
The Flash-Season 2-Episode 6-"Enter Zoom" Review by hweird1 - hweird1
WB's decision to cast Ezra Miller as The Flash split fans of the character right down the middle. Some have maintained that The CW's Grant Gustin should have been given the gig. Miller recently opened up about how his take on the character differs from his TV counterpart... - Minty
A fan theory on who is under the mask of Zoom in this seasons CW's The Flash. - hweird1
A new photo from the CW's upcoming two-part Flash/Arrow crossover event has been released featuring Barry Allen & Oliver Queen standing alongside Hawkman & Hawkgirl, but there's a catch, the latter two are chained up! What does Vandal Savage want with the pair? - KingPatel
With the recent back-breaking beatdown Zoom gave to the Flash, Barry was left broken in a wheelchair and without his speed. Now the newest promo pic teases the Flash's speedy recovery in a very rockstar way. Check it out! - Kr08
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