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The cast of the untitled Arrow/The Flash spinoff has added yet another fan-favourite character from the comic books, and this time it's Hawkgirl! You can find out which Broadway star is playing the superhero and read an official description of this version of her after the jump....
The CW have released two new video interviews for ARROW and THE FLASH with executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg taking us inside Tomorrow and Wedsnesday night's episodes, "Public Enemy" and "Tricksters". Take the jump to them out!
Web-crawler is a column that collects news items that may not warrant an article by themselves and combines them (like Voltron) for one super article. The latest installment includes rapper T.I. talking Ant-Man, The Flash's metahuman prison and Jon Hamm as Negan on The Walking Dead.
A Recent Interview with Hamill where he talks about returning to the role of the Trickster, and about his successor, Devon Graye as The New Trickster
"As they fight towards what they really want — or think they want — [Flash and Reverse-Flash] are going to have to take advantage of that Speed Force.... [and] if you’re familiar with the mythology, what Barry needs and what Barry thinks he wants aren’t always the same thing."
Some new photos from the set of an upcoming episode of The Flash reveal spoilers so huge that we can't even hint at what they might be in this teaser! However, expect to see Oliver Queen's drastic new look along with the return of a major character and iconic supervillain...
The eighteenth episode of The Flash will feature an epic team-up between Barry Allen and Ray Palmer as The Atom arrives in Central City. However, that's not the only big moment in "All Star Team Up" as The Walking Dead's Emily Kinney makes her DC Universe debut as the Bug Eyed Bandit...
The CW have released an extended version of the promo of next weeks episode of The Flash giving us a look at the awesome Mark Hamill (Star Wars) as he reprises his role as the original Trickster! Take the jump to check it out!
Tongight saw Lisa Snart a.k.a The Golden Glider make her debut on CW's the Flash, and now in a recent interview actress Peyton List explains what the sister of Captain Cold brings to the table.
Yesterday conceptual artist Andy Poon, who works on art for CW's The Flash, revealed two alternate costume designs for Barry Allen's nemesis, The Reverse-Flash check out the art after the jump. SPOILERS AHEAD.
Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Mark Hamill is featured in this awesome promo for next week's episode of The Flash. The legendary actor returns as The Trickster, and well, he obviously has a few tricks up his sleeve! Hit the jump to check it out.
Seeing as S01E15 served as essentially a checklist for my theory, name, reason, after image, hologram, etc. I'm going to share it on CBM again. Apologies for the image structure still not to sure as to how I can embed a slideshow. You CAN skip some sections if you don't care HOW I came to my conclusions, sections will be clearly marked!
IGN have released a new clip from tonight's episode of The Flash that has Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) speaking to Iris West (Candice Patton) about their feelings for each other, only it doesn't go the way Barry thought it would. Take the jump to check out the clip!
A new clip has been released from tonight's episode of The Flash, and Harrison Wells is extremely concerned about Barry's trip back in time. Why? Well, it's all to do with the future and those mysterious red skies. We now have a clip featuring Captain Cold and Golden Glider!
We've seen some stills from both the "Public Enemies" episode of Arrow & the "Tricksters" episode of The Flash, but we have a lot more for you guys here. They feature another look at Mark Hamill as the Trickster, & some key art inviting you to Diggle's wedding.
The CW have released two red carpet interviews with the cast of The Flash and Arrow speaking about the panel, their characters, and the rest of the episodes left in the season. Take the jump to check them out!
The CW have released a new video interview with The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg taking us inside this Tuesday's episode of The Flash, "Rogue Time", and giving us a look at the beautiful Peyton List (The Tomorrow People) as Lisa Snart/Golden Glider! Take the jump to check it out!
Next week's episode of The Flash (rather appropriately titled "Tricksters") will see Mark Hamill return to yet another of his past roles before he once again picks up Luke Skywalker's lighsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Hit the jump for this new look at him as The Trickster...
In this post I will be citing observations that I find significant, and thought I have that I do not think should qualify as "theories" just yet. As more evidence is attained for any of the "sub-theories" below, they will be placed accordingly in the write-ups that they fit into, but again only when I see them as non-contestable theories, this is more of an open thought/discussion forum.
You might have thought that the Reverse-Flash would be the main focus of The Flash's season one finale, but the title appears to indicate otherwise! Meanwhile, a villain from Arrow has also been confirmed as making an appearance. Find out all the details after the jump...
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