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The official CW YouTube has posted a new featurette for their upcoming Flash pilot, with Candice Patton, who portrays Iris West, and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen as they discuss their relationship. Take the jump to check it out!
The CW have released a new "Impossible Man" featurette that showcases some brand new footage from their upcoming comic book-based television series, The Flash.
From a 2017 Flash/Green Lantern team-up to a 2018 direct sequel to Man of Steel, the handful of big-screen DC Comics titles that Warner Bros. has planned have possibly been outed ahead of Comic-Con.
The official page for the CW's The Flash has posted a new video interviewing Tom Cavanagh about the team responsible for reviving Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). The video also includes new footage of what is most likely the pilot! Check it out!
Grant Gustin recently commented on his suit in The Flash, talking about what it was like to wear and also confirming that it has been modified since the pilot. In addition to this, he and Rick Cosnett both indicate that there's a possible love triangle in the works! Hit the jump to find out more!
A lucky few recently got to watch the pilot for The Flash, and they've taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the latest series from The CW. Are they good or bad? You'll have to hit the jump to find out, where you'll also find a verdict on Batman prequel Gotham.
David Nutter, director of The Flash pilot, spoke recently to CBR about the shows first episode, his love for the comic book genre and his lengthy career directing many pilots.
Grant Gustin talks a bit more about his role as the titular character on CW's The Flash, saying he is a fanboy, and also talks a bit about his secret identity and potential crossovers with Arrow.
With a full season of the CW's television version of The Flash on the way, there's plenty to be excited about. Hit the jump to check out some gifs from behind the scenes of the pilot episode!
Following on from an interview a few days ago, comic book writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Kingdom Come, Superman: Birthright) has shared his thoughts on the CW's first episode of The Flash. Check out what he had to say after the jump.
We've recently had full trailers for 3 upcoming tv shows based on popular DC Comics characters: Fox's batman prequel series, The CW's Flash-focused Arrow spin-off, and NBC's small screen take on Hellblazer. All seemed to go down pretty well, but which stood out most to you?
The Reaction Man Tyrone Magnus reacts to The Flash 5 min Extended Trailer and Transformers Age of Extinction! 1 million subscribers! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!
Could he be playing Barry Allen's father? Or could he be playing someone even more important?
The CW has released the full, 5-minute trailer for their The Flash TV series, featuring plenty of new footage of Grant Gustin as DC's fastest man alive, Barry Allen. Check out this extended preview after the jump. UPDATED with a brief clip.
Fan Art for what Captain Boomerang could look like on the CW...
He made an appearance in the first promo trailer for The Flash, but Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen from Arrow will also be making a full blown cameo appearance in the pilot as Barry Allen speeds to Starling City for advice on his newfound abilities. Read on for details on that and more!
The CW has released two official stills from the first episode of The Flash. The first offers up another look at Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) investigating his mother's death, while the other features the iconic DC character fully suited up as the Scarlet Speedster!
The CW has announced their Fall schedule today, and while iZombie is being held back until the 2015 midseason, The Flash will air on a Tuesday ahead of Supernatural (which enters its tenth season). With Arrow on Wednesday's, that gives us DC TV shows for four days out of seven!
Don't blink! Ahead of tonight's Arrow finale, The CW has released the first teaser for The Flash TV series, featuring Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and DC's fastest man alive Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)
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