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The CW has released an epic new trailer for the final four episodes of The Flash, and we get to see more of Barry Allen's impending battle with the Reverse-Flash as Eobard Thawne finally stands revealed. Also, is Cisco about to transform into Vibe? Hit the jump to check it out... - JoshWilding
Fans of DC Comics will know that Carlos Valdes's The Flash character Cisco Ramon is based on superhero 'Vibe.' Could Cisco's ability to see his own death from an alternative timeline be explained by his future powers? Andrew Kreisberg has some answers... - CameronGray
Time travel is a confusing storytelling device at the best of times, and while we don't know an awful lot about the timeline that Reverse-Flash and the missing Barry Allen of 2024 hail from, the Justice League do exist in their reality! Are the coming to The CW series? Read on for details! - JoshWilding
SPOILERS. How the forced romance is hurting the third season of what had been a very good show. - Shazam37
As who?? Well, this character's true identity is being kept under wraps for now, but whichever DC superhero he's revealed as, he will be played by young British actor Franz Drameh who you may recognize from the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick, Edge Of Tomorrow. Click on for more... - RorMachine
The CW hasn't released a description for the season finale of Arrow, but we do have one for The Flash's penultimate episode, and it's an instalment packed full of massive cameos and some shocking reveals about what's to come in the battle against the Reverse-Flash. Check it out... - JoshWilding
The truth is out! Team Flash finally learned the truth behind the day Harrison Wells became a different man and next week, they set a trap to catch the man that murdered Barry's mother and gave his father a life sentence. Come check out the extended promo for next week's episode now! - KingPatel
In next week's episode of The Flash, the battle to bring Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash down is taken to another level when Barry Allen sets a trap for the man who murdered his mother. However, will Cisco have to sacrifice himself to make it happen? Check it out... - JoshWilding
On May 5, Grodd returns! When Grodd is unleashed on the city, Barry and his team must head down into the sewers to apprehend the dangerous villain. The CW has released eleven new stills from the upcoming "Grodd Lives" episode of The Flash! Come check it out! - KingPatel
A New Clip From Tommorow's Arrow (Season 3, Episode 20 - The Fallen) has been released via Arrow's Facebook page. Come Check It Out ! - sonofodin25
Since day one, fans of The Flash have been wondering if Detective Eddie Thawne is as villainous as the name suggests. Well, we may get an answer to those questions in this new clip from tonight's episode. It's rather ominously titled, "Who Is Harrison Wells?" Check it out! - JoshWilding
It's set to feature a whole host of supporting characters and supervillains from Arrow and The Flash but our biggest question remains: what will the CW's superhero spin-off series be called? Well, it seems we finally have an answer. - staypuffed
We've had a few of these already, and now the latest character posters to promote the final batch of episodes in the current seasons of the CW's Arrow and The Flash depict Merlyn/Al Sa-Her and Reverse-Flash/Harrison Wells, preparing to lay the smackdown in Superhero Fight Club. Take a look... - RorMachine
Speaking at the recent Cape Comic Con, John Wesley Shipp might have revealed the official title of the upcoming spinoff. Could it be the one The CW ends up using? - Ayush
My Flash & Arrow next crossover "fan" teaser!! - 2013venjix
The CW has released the official description for "Grodd Lives", and it reveals that Harrison Wells Eobard Thawne will unleash Gorilla Grodd on Central City in order to stop Barry Allen from interfering with his plans! What else is going to happen? Well, we may have to say goodbye to a lead character... - JoshWilding
Next week's the week when Team Flash finally learns the truth behind the real Harrison Wells and it looks like Caitlin is a little frosty to the idea Wells might not be who he says. The CW has released a brand new one-minute promo for next week's episode of The Flash. Come check it out! - KingPatel
Next week, it looks like Team Flash will finally learn some of the truth behind the identity of their mysterious mentor. Meanwhile, Joe & Cisco head to Starling City to uncover more clues and Barry takes on the Everyman! Check out the producer's preview for the new episode now! - KingPatel
Next week, Joe & Cisco travel to Starling City and join forces with Captain Lance & the Black Canary to help them learn more about Dr. Wells. Meanwhile, Barry has his hands full with a new meta-human, Hannibal Bates a.k.a. Everyman! Come check out the new extended promo now! - KingPatel
Following tonight's awesome episode of The Flash, next week's instalment will see Barry Allen and company continue their investigation into the truth behind Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells. However, is the Reverse-Flash aware of what they're up to? Hit the jump to check it out... - JoshWilding
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