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Before the epic crossover between Arrow and The Flash aired on television, the cast and crew took part in a panel which saw them answering fan questions about the making of the episode and much more. Hit the jump to check out the highlights released by The CW!
With "The Man In The Yellow Suit" premiering tomorrow, who can we expect to be behind the yellow mask?
In anticipation of this weeks midseason finale for the Flash I decided to come up with my own theory on the identity of the Reverse-Flash.
"It is your destiny to lose to me Flash." We get to see even more of Reverse-Flash in this producer's preview for the midseason finale, and hear him speak for the first time. Does it offer up any clues about who's beneath the mask? Hit the jump to check it out...
If that sounds familiar, it's because the Star Wars: The Force Awakens legend previously played the role in the short-lived The Flash CBS series back in the '90s! Hitfix report that Hamill will once again play James Jesse, aka the Trickster, in the CW's take on the Scarlet Speedster.
For the sixth item on our Christmas list we're turning to The Fastest Man Alive and an awesome idea for The Flash fan on your list. CLICK HERE to see this wonderful superhero item that will keep your toes warm this holiday season.
The first part of the crossover between Arrow and The Flash featured an epic confrontation between the two heroes, and whether you want to relive it or see who won because you missed the episodes (seriously?), you can do so after the jump. Check it out!
The crossover between Arrow and The Flash - Flarrow? - was packed full of amazing moments, but one of the best had to be our first glimpse of Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) as the fiery character we all know will soon suit up as Firestorm! Check it out here...
Running time. Get it? Never mind! The CW have announced that the midseason finale of The Flash - "The Man In The Yellow Suit" - will go for two minutes longer than originally expected. Are we getting a supersized episode or a look at what's to come? Read on for details...
The Canadian promo for The Flash features even more great footage from the midseason finale, with great shots of the battle between Barry Allen and Reverse-Flash, not to mention the debut of Firestorm as Ronnie Raymond gives himself a new name! Hit the jump to check it out...
Next week, Barry finally finds the man he's been looking for since he was a kid, but before he can learn his identity, he's going to have to find a way to stop him. Also, Caitlin finds Ronnie.. Come check out the extended promo featuring a ton of new footage from the next episode now!
MY review for Flash vs. Arrow: The Brave and the Bold!!!
In two new "Chasing Lightning" featurettes for The Flash, Rick Cosnett (Detective Eddie Thawne) talks about the complications of dating his partner's daughter, while Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) goes into detail about playing the Scarlet Speedster. Hit the jump to check them out!
If it wasn't for those darn vibrating vocal chords we might be able to figure out who "The Man In The Yellow Suit" actually is. Hit the jump to check a promo for the midseason finale of CW's The Flash.
The CW have released the first official stills from The Flash's midseason finale, and as you may have already guessed from the title, it's set to feature the small screen debut of Reverse-Flash. Unfortunately, he's not featured here, but Barry Allen is looking pretty beaten up...
The Overnights Ratings are in The Flash reached its highest ratings since its premier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D didn't do too bad either reaching there highest ratings since their season 2 premiere. Hit the Jump too find out more..
Some hi-res screengrabs from an unreleased promo for the midseason finale of The Flash ("The Man In The Yellow Suit") have found their way online, and they give us our first official look at the Reverse-Flash and the epic battle he's set to have with the Scarlet Speedster. Check it out!
After tonight's action-packed beginning to The Flash/Arrow crossover (how about that ending, eh?), The CW have aired yet another promo for tomorrow night's conclusion "The Brave and the Bold" containing more explosive footage. Hit the jump to check it out!
Tonight kicks off The Flash vs. Arrow crossover and it just so happens that the second gift on our Christmas list is related to the epic battle that's about to kick off. CLICK HERE for a GREAT gift idea for The Flash fan on your list!
Did Robbie Amell just hint at Firestorm's appearance at the end of tonights episode of the Flash?
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