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Despite rumours of The Flash being brought to the big screen before a Justice League movie the following year, Warner Bros. and the CW have put Amazon on hold in order to focus on a small screen adaptation featuring the Scarlet Speedster. However, he will first appear in season two of Arrow!
The Flash is one of DC Comics most famous and beloved superhero, so with a DCCU on the rise here is a 10 step Bible on how to successfully adapt The Flash for a big screen motion picture. Read on, I promise you won't be disappointed!
This is my third attempt at one for The Flash, this is what I would do if I were Warner Bros. Third times the charm?
Man of Steel director Zack Snyder may very well end up being the man who finally brings Justice League to the big screen, so it's obviously important that we hear from him on stuff like this! Who would win in his opinion if Superman took on The Flash in a race AND fight? Find out here!
We don't actually have it to show you, but according to CHUD, the Pacific Rim actor's likeness graces some Warner Bros. concept art for an upcoming movie. The character? The Flash. The movie? Justice League! Read on for details..
After Superman: Unbound fans will be getting treated to DC's next animated film that will be based on Flashpoint, the major story that set in place the New 52. Warner Brothers Animation has just released the first photos as well as dropped the release date for the film. Click here to check it out!
With the prospect of a Justice League movie getting stronger each day, a Flash flick seems to be shaping up in the horizon. Here's my take on what a movie about the Scarlet Speedster should look like.
With the huge announcement of Christopher Nolan Godfathering the DC Film Universe, could Flash be the first solo hero outside of Batman & Superman to be on the big screen? Is there already a script prepared for Flash? Click to find out.
With the Scarlet Speedster most likely making his big screen debut as a core member in Warner Bros.' Justice League movie in 2015, I've compiled a list of ten actors who I would love to see portray The Fastest Man Alive on film.
With The Flash likely heading to the big screen within the next few years, I've compiled a list of six directors who I think are qualified to properly bring the Fastest Man Alive to life in his long in-development movie.
From a certain Flash hero, to the villain to the director and the ins and outs. I'll tell you why for these picks.
A view on who should direct traffic while the Fastest Man Alive speeds through Central City. Spoiler Alert: this article lacks Joss Whedon.
I think Warner Brothers does itself a disservice by not making it a priority to put this great character on the Big Screen. The Fastest Man Alive should not be the SLOWEST developing property. Here are my personal views on The Flash and how he should be approached in film.
I know every other day someone posts their thoughts on how to do The Flash film, and it's my understanding that a lot of those guys don't know what they're talking about. So, as a longtime reader and fan, here's my two cents (or "guidance") on bringing a straightforward story of THE FLASH to life, check it out if you like (that means YOU, WB ;-) ).
When asked which comic book character he would like to play, former Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe reveals his interest in portraying the DC Comics character The Flash.
My thoughts on whom should be the people to put a Flash movie together. Hit the jump to hear my take.
Screenwriter Dan Mazeau updates The Bleach and Flash live-action movie adaptations. Says Bleach will be set in Japan and won't repeat the same mistakes as Dragon Ball Z.
Wrath of the Titans screenwriter Dan Mazeau, who once wrote a draft of The Flash script for Warner Bros., has revealed that the studio are still working on bringing other DC superheroes to the big screen and Barry Allen is high on their list.
A well-written, essay on why A Flash movie NEEDS to hit the big screen, over any other Comic Book character!
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