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In 1990, CBS green lit a live-action television drama based on the DC Comic character, The Flash. A bold, daring drama, The Flash was a remarkable and unforgettable series, but ultimately a failure. The lessons of this series laid the foundation for the superhero Renaissance in contemporary film and TV...
Back in 2007 Real Steel director Shawn Levy was attached to helm The Flash for WB. Now speaking to Collider he describes what happened and suggests the possibility is there for his return should the movie go forward..
The results are in on the poll I took on which villain users would like to see in a Flash movie, click here to check out who you, the users, think The Scarlett Speedster should face.
With The Flash being the next likely choice for Warner Brothers to develop in to a comic book movie I wanted to get the users of CBM's view on just who you guys/girls think the Scarlet Speedster should go up against.
After losing out to Ryan Reynolds for the lead role in The Green Lantern, Bradley Cooper expresses his reservations about playing The Scarlet Speedster on the big screen.
The Flash movie is supposed to be coming out very soon. The character is one that is not entirely belivable, being able to run at the speed of light and even able to vibrate his molecules through walls, what is going to make it realistic...
The Scarlet Speedster vs. The Golden Guardian
Chatting with MTV once more, Co-writer of Barry Allen, Marc Guggenheim talks a bit about the tentative Flash movie, as well 'The Rogues' and they're saving for the sequel.
After Bradley Cooper publicly denied being in the running for The Flash the rumor mill has churned out a different name for The Fastest Man Alive!
In an interview with Newsarama, writer Marc Guggenheim speaks a little about what we can expect to see when a big screen outing for The Flash finally comes our way..
Writer Marc Guggenheim talks about what can we expect from the big screen adaptation of DC's superhero The Flash, and whether there are any particular comics that movie will be based on and much more. Check it out!
A Company And Actor In Need Of Each Other.
Bradley Cooper says that he thinks it's "funny" that people keep linking him to the role of Barry Allen in The Flash!
The A-Team actor denies the allegations that hes up for the role of Barry Allen in Warner Bros. live-action adaption of The Flash. Check it Out!
According to Deadline, WB will have a nice Xmas present of both their Flash and Green Lantern 2 scripts. Moviehole also reckons Bradley Copper is their first choice for the scarlet speedster..
In this exclusive interview, Marc Guggenheim, creative consultant for No Ordinary Family and co-writer of the Green Lantern feature film, talks about the approach he and collaborators Greg Berlanti and Michael Green are taking on the movie version of The Flash.
The Original Flash TV Show is Playing on the WB Website; If You're a Fan This is a "Must See"!
Can the WB successfully remove the cobwebs, dust off their shelved speedster and bring him back to the screen in our day and age?
Along with announcing Sherlock Holmes sequel Start period & when to expect Superman's return, Warner Bros. chairman announces that a "Flash" movie, with DC Entertainment is getting closer to getting the Go-Ahead. Check it Out!
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