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Here we have another CTV promo for next week's episode of the CW's The Flash. Barry (Grant Gustin) has his work cut out trying to capture a teleporting metahuman named Shawna (Britne Oldford), while also attempting to get his love life in order. Click on to take a look...
It seems that the upcoming 17th episode of CW's THE FLASH will be a bonafide reunion as yet another actor from the original 1990 series is set to reprise his original role. Hit the jump for more.
We got our first glimpse of actor Devon Graye as the copycat Trickster the other day, and now he's featured in a new batch if set snaps from downtown Vancouver. Plus, Barry and Iris locking lips? Click on to take a look...
The CW has released a new clip from next week's episode of The Flash, and it features the first meeting between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Linda Park (Malese Jow) as the Scarlet Speedster finally finds a new love away from Iris West (Candice Patton). Hit the jump to check it out!
Miller (We Need To Talk About Kevin) already told the Costa Rica casting story, but when MTV caught up with him at Sundance he elaborated on his phone conversation with Justice League director Zack Snyder. He also reveals whether or not he's done any preparation for the role yet.
The official description for episode fourteen of The Flash drops some huge details about what's to come for Firestorm in the hit CW series as General Eiling sets his sights on capturing Central City's newest hero! There are also some very intriguing hints about time travel. Check it out!
A new promo for The Flash has been released by the CW and it features new footage from next week's episode, as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) seems to be hitting it off with his new date, Linda Park (Malese Jow). Hit the jump to check out the new trailer!
The CW has released a new batch of stills from next week's episode of The Flash, and in them we see another meeting between the Scarlet Speedster and Iris West, while the young hero also introduces his NEW girlfriend Linda Park to Iris in his civilian get up as Barry Allen...
Ezra Miller admits to a small bit of nervousness about signing a long-term contract to play The Flash in Warner Bros. Justice League movie but at the end of the day, Miller admits that he would have signed the contract no matter how many years he was obligated to play the role.
This week's Digital Audience Ratings crowned a new leader, forcing the AVENGERS sequel and other prior leaders down one spot; FANT4STIC trailer expected to crack top 5 next week; hit the jump for more.
Have the show's clues already revealed Zoom's master plan to us? Let's take a closer look to find out!
Both Marvel's Agent Carter and the CW's The Flash have seen a fall in ratings and the Scarlet Speedster also hits a season low. Hit the jump to check out the ratings.
Andy Mientus, who made his debut as the Pied Piper in the latest episode of the CW's The Flash, has posted our first look at actor Devon Graye (Dexter) as the show's updated take on another classic villain, The Trickster/Axel walker. Click on for a look at him in costume...
FLASH and the police chased the THE ROYAL FLUSH GANG in the opening scenes of "The Sound and the Fury" episode 1x11; later Dr Wells avoids shattering glass with speed powers. Hit the jump for details about these easter eggs and more.
The Flash's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg on last night's reveal of the Speed Force and what that potentially means for the superhero drama moving forward.
After striking out repeatedly with their respective love interests, Caitlin & Barry decide to move on and find new potential mates. Meanwhile, Henry runs into trouble at the prison when he tries to help Joe & Barry solve a case. Come check out the extended promo for the next episode now!
'The Sound and The Fury' does a fantastic job pushing the story forward while giving us a ton of clues as to what's really going on with Dr. Wells. Click the link to check out my review!
Following tonight's revelations about the Speed Force, next week's episode of The Flash shows no signs of slowing down as Linda Park (Malese Jow) makes her debut in The CW series, and the Scarlet Speedster finds himself facing off with a pair of deadly new villains. Check it out!
Smash actor Andy Mientus will play the openly gay 'Hartley Rathaway'/'Pied Piper' on tonight's "The Sound and the Fury" episode of CW's The Flash television series. Mientus says there is much more to Piper than just being gay. Check it out.
In this latest not-terribly exciting sneak peek from tonight's episode of the CW's The Flash, "The Sound And The Fury", Iris West (Candice Patton) begins her new job, and, surprise surprise, is asked to write a feature on the Fastest Man Alive. Click on to have a look...
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