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Word on the street is the WB is lining up a Director!
Case File #003: Can the "Fastest Man Alive" hit the ground running on the big screen?
Over on YouTube, user "misterbigmouth" has posted a video claiming to be "early game footage from the cancelled Flash video game...
Screenwriter is saying that the movie is going forward....
News report that Charles Roven, producer of The Dark Knight, and his attachment to the as-of-now undeveloped movie, The Flash, is on the ropes.
So the Scarlet Speedster is one of many heroes coming to the big screen. I know it's been talked about but it's Finally moving forward.
Lost Star is reportedly quitting television. The sixth and final season of J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) strange and original sci-fi drama series Lost is still half a year away, but it’s going to spell the end of his television career according to Matthew Fox himself. So read on and if it's only feature films he's interested in doing maybe he should give Warner Brothers a call, he's perfect for the Flash!
I just recently bought and read THE FLASH: REBIRTH, and it occured to me that for a movie in production there has been little to no news about this guy at all.
Barry Allen is back
The Flash movie is moving at a snails pace and looks to probably not come out for quite some time. I wrote the first part to a short screen play that could be the premise for the proposed Flash movie.
Some of the villains of the scarlet speedster, that could be in the Flash movie.
Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter may be the man to don the red and gold suit..
IESB is saying that screenwriter Dan Mazeau is currently working on a Flash script for Warner Brothers...
Producer Charles Roven admits that making a movie about the fastest man alive is slow going.
Director David Dobkin, of Wedding Crashers fame, has been signed on by Warner Brother's to direct The Flash
The rumors have been circulating for months now regarding the possibility of a Flash movie, and Ryan Reynolds is the man most likely to pull on the red leotard of the Fastest Man Alive. But will we first see the Flash as part of an ensemble, or on his own?
Moviehole asked Ryan Reynolds about his attachment to the movie now without David Goyer.
Right on the heels of Joss Whedon's departure from Wonder Woman, news comes in that Warner Brothers has switched directors on the Flash movie. Shawn "Night at the Museum" Levy Replaces David "Blade" Goyer...
Plus, updates from David Goyer on the Batman Begins sequel and any new Blade movies.
Ryan Reynolds says he's still in the running to play the Fastest Man Alive if someone will come up with the money to make the movie.
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