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I've seen a lot of complaints on the internet concerning the depiction of Iris West in The Flash. These are some of my thoughts on Iris, the CW, and female lead characters in general. - CombatWombat
Cut from last night's epic episode of The Flash due to time constraints, this deleted scene from "Grodd Lives" finally reveals how the Metahumans being kept beneath S.T.A.R. Labs are fed. Of course, we still don't know what they do when it comes to going to the bathroom... - JoshWilding
When the Reverse Flash gains the upperhand on the Flash, Barry turns to Captain Cold for help, but when Cold unsurprisingly turns on him, Barry gets some much needed reinforcement from the Arrow and Firestorm! Come check out the extended promo for next week's episode now! - KingPatel
The penultimate episode of The Flash looks set to be the most action-packed to date as Eobard Thawne unleashes all of the Scarlet Speedster's greatest foes on Central City. In this first look at "Rogue Air", Reverse-Flash goes to war with Barry Allen, Al Sah-Him, and Firestorm... - JoshWilding
Just how insane is Eobard Thawne? Well, this new clip from tonight's episode of The Flash ("Grodd Lives") answers that question as he rants to Eddie Thawne about the future, and just how significant of a place he has in history. Hit the jump to check it out, but be mindful of spoilers... - JoshWilding
Ahead of tonight's "Grodd Lives" episode of The Flash, the show's official Twitter account has unveiled all of the "Superhero Fight Club" character posters combined in one awesome piece of key art. Plus, we get a brand new image of reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne in the foreground. Check it out... - RorMachine
Tomorrow night's episode of The Flash will introduce us to Gorilla Grodd, and this exciting new clip from "Grodd Lives" sees the villain using his psychic powers to both talk to Joe West and coerce him into doing something very shocking indeed! Hit the jump to check it out... - JoshWilding
The official description for the season finale of The Flash has been released, and it reveals both a surprising guest star and what sounds like it could be a very strange twist for the dynamic between Barry Allen and the Reverse-Flash. Hit the jump for the spoilery details... - JoshWilding
A new promo has been released for next week's episode of The Flash ("Grodd Lives"), and it focuses both on the Reverse-Flash and Barry Allen's battle against Gorilla Grodd. It also contains a MAJOR SPOILER, so watch at your own peril... - JoshWilding
The next instalments of both the CW's Arrow and The Flash are shaping up to be very eventful indeed, and we have two low-quality international promos for "Grodd Lives", and one for "This Is Your Sword" for you to take a look at after the jump. - RorMachine
All 3 2024 Papers that have appeared on the show: - Arrowverse
Whilst the blockbuster season might just be beginning, the TV season is wrapping up and all eyes are on the upcoming TV upfronts. It looks like next year could see even more superhero's grace your screens with Supergirl and the CW's The Flash/ Arrow spinoff. - CameronGray
Next week, Grodd finally makes his long awaited debut! With Barry, Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin hunting down the Reverse Flash, Wells releases Grodd on Central City to keep them occupied while he sets another plan in motion. Come check out the extended promo for next week's episode now! - KingPatel
A trailer for a Days of Future Past style film in the DC Cinematic and Television universes. Enjoy! - Whiplashdynamo
As the hunt for Harrison Wells begins, Barry Allen and his S.T.A.R. Labs teammates head underground to search for Grodd! Hit the jump for a first look at next week's episode and perhaps our best look yet at the iconic Flash villain in action. These are some very impressive special effects... - JoshWilding
The CW has released the full set of promo pics from The Flash's penultimate episode of season 1 "Rogue Air". These pictures give us a better look at that awesome team-up and it looks like Barry will even have some trouble dealing with Captain Cold. - Ofniee
A new clip has been released from tonight's episode of The Flash which sees Barry Allen discover that mysterious newspaper from 2024. It's packed full of Easter Eggs about the future of this world, not to mention a huge reveal about who the Scarlet Speedster ends up marrying... - JoshWilding
Tonight's episode of The Flash is expected to focus heavily on Barry Allen and his impending confrontation with the Reverse-Flash. However, this new clip from "The Trap" slows down the pace a little to reveal that Eddie has big plans for his relationship with Iris... - JoshWilding
Next Tuesday's episode of The Flash is called "Grodd Lives", and as you might have guessed it'll feature the return of the giant gorilla of the title. In the following stills from the ep, the beast in unveiled in all his glory as he goes straight for the Scarlet Speedster's jugular. Take a look... - RorMachine
"You can't stop me Flash... and you never will." As we race towards the 2-part season 1 finale of the CW's The Flash and the Scarlet Speedster's inevitable face-off with Eobard Thawne/the Reverse-Flash, this new promo provides glimpses of some great shots from the final 4 episodes. Take a look... - RorMachine
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