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Exploring a perfect crossover that we will, unfortunately, never get to see involving DC Comics' Arrowverse and The Legend of Korra.
Actor Victor Garber of Alias fame says he's excited for Arrow/Flash Spin-off
The Divergent Series: Insurgent star Jai Courtney talks here about the very unique costume he will done in Suicide Squad as Captain Boomerang and reveals whether or not there have been any talks of him making appearance in The Flash planned 2018 solo movie. Read on for details!
**SPOILERS** for Season Three of Arrow and Season One of The Flash. Arrow creators should look to adapt Under the Red Hood for Sara Lance's inevitable return.
Last night's episode of The Flash finally revealed the secrets of Harrison Wells as his true name was unveiled. Here, you will find a clip of that entire sequence and the [SPOILER] of a major character. How many nods to the comic books can you guys spot?
Next week, on The Flash, Barry and Cisco have their hands full when the Rogues return with new member Lisa Snart! To announce their return, the CW has released new key art featuring Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold & Dominic Purcell's Heat Wave. Come check it out!
With 'The Flash' delivering its most shocking episode yet, producer Andrew Kreisberg talks what's next for the show. SPOILERS AHEAD for last night's episode!
What. An. Episode. - After some major reveals, last night's The Flash concluded on a time-bending cliffhanger, but before Barry can figure out his new predicament, he's going to have to take on the Rogues again. Come check out the extended promo now!
Fans finally got the answers they wanted in tonight's episode of The Flash as the true identity of Dr. Harrison Wells was finally revealed. Who is he and what's next for The CW series? You can find out the answers to all of that and more after the jump. Needless to say, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!
Following tonight's shocking and mind-blowing episode of The Flash, The CW has released a promo for next week's instalment which promises to be a game changer in more ways than one. Hit the jump for a first look at what's to come when The Rogues return to town and Barry takes a big trip...
In another new clip from tonight's episode of The Flash, we see an interesting exchange between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Rumour has it that "Out of Time" will feature some big reveals, so hit the jump to see if you can spot any clues...
It sounds like Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold will have some back up in the untitled Arrow/The Flash spinoff as it has been announced today that the Prison Break reunion will continue in the spinoff with Dominic Purcell set to reprise the role of Heat Wave. Read on for details!
As many have suspected, it seems there's a twist concerning Harrison Wells and the Reverse-Flash. There's a TON of theories on the internet but none are correct according to Barry Allen actor Grant Gustin.
With Arrow and The Flash both making their much-anticipated returns this week, more talk has begun about the confirmed DC Comics spin-off. In a recent interview, head writer Greg Berlanti expressed his excitement, and teased which heroes and villains may be coming our way...
In this first clip from tomorrow night's episode of The Flash ("Out of Time"), we get to see the arrival of The Weather Wizard (Liam McIntyre, Spartacus) in Central City as he unleashes his deadly powers. Hit the jump to find out what exactly the villain is after...
After learning the truth behind his brother's death, the Weather Wizard is not too happy with Joe West. A new Canadian promo for this week's episode of The Flash has surfaced featuring new shots of Joe & Iris coming under attack. Come check it out!
Is the Arrow/Flash spinoff currently in development at The CW a midseason hiatus miniseries a la Agent Carter? Plus, a tease for Arrow season 4 and a huge shift in the dynamic of Team Arrow.
{WARNING: SPOILERS} Click the link for an awesome new Flash promo with The Reverse Flash, Joe Vs. Grodd, The Rouges, Black Canary & The Atom, Mark Hamill as the Trickster, and.....Evil Eddie ?!
Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talks here about the surprises and answers which are on the way in the planned spinoff set in the DC CW Universe, and sheds some light on the cast and characters in what he calls this new "mega-series"...
Yesterday at PaleyFest the audience were shown 2 new promo's for both ARROW and The Flash. Both clip's are in low quality but still show's a lot of interesting thing's on the upcoming episode's of Arrow and The Flash.
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