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*Disclaimer…this will be long…but informative and will touch on nearly every aspect of the show to prove its point…please read it…and enjoy - Arrowverse*

To begin, I would like you all to do me a favor and pretend like you know nothing of Harrison Wells, if you have a conflicting theory, it may skew your belief to what seems to be quite clearly placed in this analysis. Clearly the Arrow/Flash writers may have some huge twist in store for us fans and Harrison Wells may not be The Reverse Flash, but as a fan of the comics, as well as the series, I will be taking the time to explain my very logical conclusion as to who he is, while also addressing and disproving some theories that I see floating around the web.
The cover of next March's The Flash Season Zero #6 features a brand new shot of Grant Gustin suited up as The Fastest Man Alive! Why isn't this guy in a movie again? Hit the jump to check out the image and details about the print version of the digital series...
Here's a video of Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdez playing horns for your entertainment. Can you feel the Christmas spirit? I surely can :D
With the holidays swiftly approaching, most network TV shows have hit their winter break. So how have Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD, Constantine, The Flash & Gotham been doing so far? And what is the best comic-book show on TV at the moment? Hit the jump to find out…
Robbie Amell has taken to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo from The Flash, and in it we get a first look at the costume Firestorm will don in the series! Does he resemble his comic book counterpart? Let's just say you're definitely gonna recognise that logo...
Here's a few more drawings that I've done.
Last night's epic midseason finale of The Flash was packed full of twists and turns, but perhaps the biggest came at the very end of the episode. Do we finally know the identity of the villainous Reverse-Flash? It certainly seems so! [WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD]
It's possible that we finally learned a lot more about Harrison Wells in last night's midseason finale of The Flash, and in this new "Chasing Lightning" featurette, Tom Cavanagh talks about his role as the mysterious scientist and what might be to come for his character. Check it out!
THEORY: Reverse Flashes? or Not?... Spoilers for S01E09
Something that seemed to confuse a lot of people...explained...SPOILERS...
Following tonight's amazing midseason finale of The Flash, The CW have released a promo for 2015's first episode ("Revenge of the Rogues"). It once again teases the identity of the Reverse-Flash, and gives us another look at the team-up between Captain Cold and Heat Wave...
The latest clip from tonight's episode of The Flash is the best yet as we see The Reverse-Flash taunting Barry Allen and the two coming to face for the first time since the villain murdered the Scarlet Speedster's mother. "If you wanna know that, you're going to have to catch me!"
Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are in for a rude awakening when they come across Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) in this clip from tonight's episode of The Flash, and while we're all excited about meeting Reverse-Flash, you can see Firestorm right here!
A new clip has been released from tonight's episode of The Flash, and it features the first meeting between Barry Allen and Tina McGee. The twist? Amanda Pays played a different version of this character in the fan-favourite '90s series. Hit the jump to check it out...
Before the epic crossover between Arrow and The Flash aired on television, the cast and crew took part in a panel which saw them answering fan questions about the making of the episode and much more. Hit the jump to check out the highlights released by The CW!
With "The Man In The Yellow Suit" premiering tomorrow, who can we expect to be behind the yellow mask?
In anticipation of this weeks midseason finale for the Flash I decided to come up with my own theory on the identity of the Reverse-Flash.
"It is your destiny to lose to me Flash." We get to see even more of Reverse-Flash in this producer's preview for the midseason finale, and hear him speak for the first time. Does it offer up any clues about who's beneath the mask? Hit the jump to check it out...
If that sounds familiar, it's because the Star Wars: The Force Awakens legend previously played the role in the short-lived The Flash CBS series back in the '90s! Hitfix report that Hamill will once again play James Jesse, aka the Trickster, in the CW's take on the Scarlet Speedster.
For the sixth item on our Christmas list we're turning to The Fastest Man Alive and an awesome idea for The Flash fan on your list. CLICK HERE to see this wonderful superhero item that will keep your toes warm this holiday season.
The first part of the crossover between Arrow and The Flash featured an epic confrontation between the two heroes, and whether you want to relive it or see who won because you missed the episodes (seriously?), you can do so after the jump. Check it out!
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