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Andrew Kreisberg - Executive Producer and Writer of Arrow - talks about how he, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti cast Glee star Grant Gustin as Barry Allen on the show and how they'll fine-tune the pilot script for him...
In this editorial I will give you three reasons why Nicolas Cage star of the critically and commercially acclaimed Ghost rider films should have played the Flash instead of Grant Gustin on the CW show.
Grant Gustin ("Glee") chatted with ETonline about the auditioning process that he went through for the part of The Flash, and reveals that he will be adding weight to his frame. Come check it out.
The problem with the Barry Allen Flash franchise in its current carnation is that it is incredibly cheesy. It is still comes with a lot of Silver Age baggage and so it retains much of the campy comic book qualities of that era. If we want this premise to work for both small and big screen, it is going to require an overhaul.
Grant Gustin - who will be introduced as Barry Allen in the second season of Arrow - shares his thoughts on this younger take on the character and reiterates past statements of The Flash having his classic costume, while also revealing that he would like to experiment with time travel in his series.
As they did with Arrow, the CW surprised a lot of fans by choosing a young and unfamiliar face to bring Barry Allen/The Flash to life on the small screen. So, how do you feel about the former Glee star and self-confessed lifelong fan of DC comics taking on the role? Here's you chance to tell us!
Three actors were in the running to play The Flash in the upcoming second season of Arrow, but it's Grant Gustin (Glee, 90210) who has won the coveted role. Hit the jump for comments from the actor as well as details on how the character will be introduced in the grounded world of the CW series.
"Hey, Kid. Name's The Flash, nice to meet ya." - Barry Allen
Late last night, it was revealed that the CW had their eye on Matt Barr and James Mackay for the role of Barry Allen/The Flash in Arrow (and later his own spin-off series), but now the third candidate has been revealed. Who is it? Hit the jump to find out!
According to El Mayimbe of Latino-Review, three actors will be screentesting for the role of 'Dr. Barry Allen'/The Flash for The CW's Arrow today, but we only know two of the three contenders for the role, which one will become the Scarlet Speedster?
Here is a list of my major concerns and expectations, as a Flash fan, regarding the possibility of a Flash solo TV series.
Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim talks more about bringing The Flash to the small screen, comparing the introduction of the Scarlet Speedster in Arrow to how characters like Iron Man and The Hulk interact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check it out!
I would love to see a Flash movie. He is one of my favorite superheroes, probably number 5, but I can bet my life it ain´t happening and it's just a smoke screen to appease numerous DC fans upset that once again DC/WB is falling back on Batman and Superman.
We know a surprising amount about the CW's upcoming adaptation of The Flash - including the fact that he WILL have his suit - but not what it is that brings him to Starling City in the first place. Until now! Hit the jump for details on Barry Allen's debut in Arrow!
The CW network president shares his thoughts on how DC's small screen properties can interact with their big screen ones, the current status of Amazon, whether there are any plans to bring Batman or Superman back to the small screen and much more.
Barry Allen will feature in three episodes of Arrow, with the final one serving as a backdoor pilot for his own series. Read on for details on that, as well as confirmation that he will go by "The Flash" moniker and a tease of how the Scarlet Speedster's powers will be portrayed on the small screen.
Talking at the Television Critics Association press tour today, both Mark Pedowitz and Greg Berlanti have offered up new details on The Flash, revealing which episode Barry Allen will first appear in, when exactly casting begins, and what type of actor they're looking for. Read on for details!
Wow, unexpected news today. We learned that not only will Barry Allen be a supporting character in season two of Arrow, but he will also be getting his own TV series and maybe still a movie. What does this mean for Booster Gold, Amazon and the rest of the DC Universe? Click on to read my thoughts.
It has been confirmed by Mark Pedowitz that The Flash is indeed in development and that Barry Allen will first be introduced as a recurring character on Arrow in season two. However, other sources are reporting that Greg Berlanti will helm a big screen version for a 2016 release!
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