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Web-crawler is a column that collects news items that may not warrant an article by themselves and combines them (like Voltron) for one super article. The latest installment includes quick updates on The Flash season 2, Arrow season 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. - MarkJulian
A fancast for the upcoming 2018 Flash standalone starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. - UltimateCookie
The "And We Run (The Flash “Live” Video Mix)" by Within Temptation feat. Xzibit TRAILER!! - 2013venjix
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about comic book tv series finales including The Flash and Arrow! Plus we get into confirmation of The Joker's tatoos, Shazam, Supergirl, Warcraft and more! Hit the jump to support the show. - MrSundayMovies
The Flash executive producer Andrew Kresiberg says the first season of The CW's Flash is an alternate timeline. With that in mind, will we ever see the original, pre-Wells manipulated timeline? - MarkJulian
Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, Constantine, Daredevil, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, The Walking Dead, and many more. All of these showed aired in the 2014/15 season, but which was the best? Here's your chance to let us know... - JoshWilding
Despite the similarities between Peter Parker and Barry Allen, many fans found the Amazing Spider-man series to be underwhelming. Whereas The Flash tv show is a hit. From a company to another, here are three things that Sony could learn from Cw. - AvatarTarSauce
Now that the first season of The Flash has come to a close, speculation and rumors are already swirling about what might happen in Season 2. Click the jump to read my thoughts on how the events in the finale may tie into other DC television shows! Beware of Spoilers. - pjspider
With Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently reaffirming that additional DC Comics Speedsters will show up in season 2 of The Flash, lets examine all of the possible candidates. Jay Garrick and Wally West are obvious, but what about Max Mercury? - MarkJulian
The Flash's first season is now over, but one highlight we'll all remember for quite some time was the episode which introduced Gorilla Grodd. Some concept art has now surfaced featuring him sitting on a throne and taking on the Scarlet Speedster in battle. Check it out! - JoshWilding
While it doesn't contain any footage from season two, a teaser has been released for The Flash featuring comments from producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg about what we should expect this Fall, as they drop some hints about how new villains will be created... - JoshWilding
Season one of The Flash is in the books! The Flash Museum, Killer Frost, Jay Garrick and Rip Hunter were all referenced in some form or fashion in tonight's stellar finale. Did Flash have the best season finale of all comic book TV shows? - MarkJulian
Tonight's amazing finale of The Flash featured a number of shocking moments and departures, but executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talks here about the fact that a certain someone will still be a regular in season two and that they're planning on introducing more Speedsters... - JoshWilding
What an epic finale for season one of The Flash, eh? An unexpected reveal in tonight's episode provided our first look at [Spoiler]. Continue on and discuss if you've already watched the episode. West Coast CBMers, hold off until after the episode airs. - MarkJulian
Tonight, Barry Allen will travel back in time to try and save his mother from the Reverse-Flash. However, it sounds like his trip will have greater ramifications than we first thought as Grant Gustin reveals here that we're going to see different timelines and dimensions in season two... - JoshWilding
In a new clip from tonight's season finale of The Flash ("Fast Enough"), Barry Allen ponders whether saving his mother is worth wiping himself and everything he knows out of existence as his imprisoned father offers some helpful advice. Hit the jump to check it out! - JoshWilding
Ahead of tonight’s highly-anticipated Season 1 finale of The Flash, the show’s executive producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg has promised fans it will be an "incredibly emotional" episode - with plenty of answers. Hit the jump to check out what he had to say! - Minty
With just one more day until The Flash wraps up its first season, actor Grant Gustin has hyped up the emotional nature of Episode 23, 'Fast Enough'. Will Barry Allen be able to stop the Reverse-Flash once and for all? Check out what Gustin had to say after the jump! - staypuffed
Last month we got confirmation that The LEGO Movie duo Chris Miller and Phil Lord would set about developing the story for Warner Bros.' big-screen take on the Fastest Man Alive. After the jump, find out what Lord has to say about the direction they're going in, and how it'll differ from the CW show... - RorMachine
What can comic book TV shows learn from this period piece TV show about Ad men? A lot apparently. - Hulksta
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