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The CW have released the first official description for "Flash vs. Arrow", the first half of the highly anticipated crossover between the two shows. In it, we learn that it's the debut of another DC Comics villain which is the cause of the heroes coming to blows...
Another new promotional poster from The Flash has been released featuring Grant Gustin's Barry Allen. Check it out!
After another great episode of The Flash, it looks like next week we'll see Barry attempt to go sonic boom in order to stop the Girder! Also, judging by the title, we'll finally see Barry officially adopt his famous alter-ego! Come check out the extended promo for the next episode now.
"What exactly did you hit?" "A big, bad man." Tonight's episode of the CW's The Flash just finished up, and after the jump you can see a promo for next week's instalment, which features the debut of Greg Finley as the powerful DC supervillian, Girder.
Though we already have both halves of the fiery DC superhero (Robbie Amell and Victor Garber) cast in the CW show, KSiteTV are reporting that the third incarnation of Firestorm, Jason Rusch, will also be appearing and will be played by Supernatural actor Luc Roderique.
Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg let it slip on twitter that leading Flash antagonist Gorilla Grodd will be appearing on tonight's all new episode of The CW's Flash.
Warner Bros. and DC Comics have released comic book style bio cards for the main cast of CW's The Flash. They were created by Brazilian comic book artist Ivan Reis, and feature the likes of Barry Allen, Iris West, Eddie Thawn and more. Check it out.
In this second sneak peek at tonight's episode of the CW's The Flash, General Eiling (fan-favourite actor Clancy Brown) shows up demanding everything Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) has on the explosive "Plastique" (Kelly Frye).
The CW Television Network YouTube channel has been updated with a new "Chosen" trailer for their latest comic book-based television series, The Flash. There's plenty of new footage including appearances from Clancy Brown, Robert Knepper and more.
Only a few more episodes remain before The Flash goes on winter hiatus, but with appearances from Plastique, Wade Eiling, & the Clock King as well as an Arrow crossover on the horizon, these next few episodes should be action packed! Come check out a brand new poster now!
Interstellar director Christopher Nolan fully backs Ben Affleck's Batman and director Zack Snyder. A big revelation is on the horizon for Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen during the Arrow and Flash crossover. Plus, what Frank Grillo doesn't know and Gotham spoilers.
The Flash has been a ratings hit for The CW, and after taking a break last week, it returns tomorrow with an episode called "Plastique". In this viral video, we get a glimpse of the Scarlet Speedster in action from the perspective of a Central City resident. Hit the jump to check it out!
The CW have released the first batch of images from "The Flash Is Born", and in them we see plenty of great shots of The Scarlet Speedster in action, not to mention the small screen debut of the villainous Girder (played by Greg Finley). Hit the jump to check them out...
We dare you to watch this clip from next week's episode of The Flash and not agree that it's the best superhero TV show currently on the air! In this preview from "Plastique", we see the Scarlet Speedster testing his powers by running up the side of a building. Check it out!
The latest addition to the cast of the CW's take on the Fastest Man Alive is Vampire Diaries/Mob City actor Micah Parker. Apparently he'll play a character named Clay Parker, and it sounds like he'll have a pretty powerful girlfriend! More past the jump.
When a run in with the electrically charged Farooq (a character from Flashpoint) leaves Barry Allen powerless, he'll find himself in serious trouble when Arrow villain The Clock King pays a visit to Central City! Hit the jump to read the official description...
There was unfortunately no new episode of The Flash this week, but we do have a Canadian promo for next week's instalment giving us a much better look at the titular villain (played by Kelly Frye) and Clancy Brown as General Eiling. Hit the jump to check it out...
No new episode of The Flash this week, but The CW have released a new featurette for the hit series which features the cast talking more about the villains who have so far been introduced and how this is all possibly leading to the formation of a certain team. Check it out!
The Flash is currently filming scenes in Vancouver that include 'Hartley Rathaway' (Andy Mientus), aka the 'Pied Piper.' Come see video of the villain using his powers to toss Barry Allen through glass!
After four episodes, we've seen The Fastest Man Alive tackle all manner of threats. However, in this preview of The Flash: Season Zero - Chapter Three (which bridges the gap between the first and second episodes of The CW series), we see him take on...Circus Freaks?! Check it out!
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