POLL: What Do You Think Of Grant Gustin's New FLASH Costume?

POLL: What Do You Think Of Grant Gustin's New FLASH Costume?

Recently, we got our first full look at Grant Gustin's Flash costume from CW, and since then, we've gotten plenty of set pictures and videos, giving us a full look at the character in the new duds. What do you think about the suit? Hit the Jump and leave your thoughts!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Flash pilot is currently in production, with a potential slot on The CW's 2014-2015 tv lineup, and stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Candice Patton as Iris West, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells. Guest actors in the pilot who would have recurring roles if the show moves forward include Patrick Sabongui as David Singh, Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen and John Wesley Shipp, with more to possibly come.
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Pasto - 3/13/2014, 12:52 PM
Abary - 3/13/2014, 12:58 PM
Considering this is television, it's great. As a movie costume, it needs improvement in the material.
They nailed the helmet though.
dnno1 - 3/13/2014, 1:01 PM
Still not better than John Wesley Shipp's costume although it does resolve the cooling issues that prior costumes (including the film Batman) had.
HavocPrime - 3/13/2014, 1:02 PM
Looks great for a CW show but I want to see a clip where he is running, as I want to know what effects they have planned.
JillyMcBeam - 3/13/2014, 1:03 PM
Looks good. DC is at least showing confidence in it's TV universe.
OnePunchBaldy - 3/13/2014, 1:03 PM
It's great for a TV show, plus these are set pics so it's going to look a lot different on the screen
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:06 PM
Aside from the actor inside it, it's pretty [frick]ing good.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/13/2014, 1:07 PM
Works very well with the Arrow lore
TheAmericanPatriot - 3/13/2014, 1:07 PM
I hope Ben Affleck can get his Daredevil costume back when this shows ends.
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:07 PM
A few things here and there aren't great, but idea of it being Flash's Mark I is something I hope is true.
ProfessorX - 3/13/2014, 1:07 PM
I like it, but there are improvements I would make (white background for chest symbol, lighter red colour, more gold). Hopefully it will look good on screen.
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:07 PM
Is AmericanPatriot like Sage's brother?
Ceejay - 3/13/2014, 1:08 PM
He looks like an Urban Gimp, grow a physique for crissake!
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:08 PM
Also, I like how the boots aren't yellow. The gold details are perfectly fine.
TheAmericanPatriot - 3/13/2014, 1:08 PM
The red and yellow matches the Soviet Flag. DC Commie fanboys would like this.
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:10 PM
The only thing that sort of brings it down is how on the torso you get an awkward shift between cloth and leather. It works for GA but not the flash. In regards to the physique, I don't mind as Flash is a runner. It's only Grant being a Parker clone I HATE.
typicalfanboy - 3/13/2014, 1:10 PM
I bet ed will help him with a less busy suit by season ones end. We should remember that this is a pilot. Many things can change before the series is picked up.
SauronsBANE - 3/13/2014, 1:10 PM
The set photos make it look ridiculous, IMO. Like, the fastest being in the universe wouldn't wear something as baggy and leathery as that. It looks tailor made for CW television, which isn't a compliment. It'll probably look better with proper lighting and whatnot, but it still doesn't look all that great at all. They'll have to go through a few iterations of that suit before it's ready for the big screen.
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:10 PM
Still better than modern America.
jacobcherry1993 - 3/13/2014, 1:11 PM
Personally, I think it's too busy. There are all these textures and patterns, and separate pieces that don't exactly mesh, not only style wise,but conceptually as well. I would have been happier with something a little more simple, this coming from a HUGE Flash fan, who is currently working on his very own Flash cosplay suit as we speak.
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:11 PM
It's a sure as shit not perfect a film version I would expect to have materials like Superman's MoS suit, but for what it is... I like it.
KarolosPrime - 3/13/2014, 1:11 PM
I really like it!!
Pasto - 3/13/2014, 1:12 PM
Pasto - 3/13/2014, 1:13 PM
"The devil is a LIE!"
Omarvls - 3/13/2014, 1:13 PM
I give it a 9 out of 10

Really Impressive

Can't wait for this show

The only Perfect 10 Costumes in my opinion are

MOS & Thor in Dark World
ralfinader - 3/13/2014, 1:16 PM
Thought the suit from the 90's TV Flash was way better.
thewonderer - 3/13/2014, 1:17 PM
The people who said this was terrible need a slap in the face.

Go back to Smallville where the "Suit" is a red hoodie.

Ungrateful never satisfied fans.

Suit rocks.
TheBeard - 3/13/2014, 1:21 PM
the chin guard thing seems unnecessary but other than its good
Pedrito - 3/13/2014, 1:22 PM
Yes, they ripped it off a comic book.
That comic book is called Daredevil.
Still pretty cool to see.
Ignition - 3/13/2014, 1:23 PM
It's okay, but it needs to be seen in visual context before I can give it much more than that.
Klone - 3/13/2014, 1:24 PM
Oh look it's wonderer and his usual bullshit of attacking those who dare to doubt the Holy CW.
Nomis - 3/13/2014, 1:24 PM
Looks Good. Don't really need the belt.

But the cowl is PERFECT!!!
cipher - 3/13/2014, 1:24 PM
I like the suit for the most part. I mean, I think it's a bit baggy in some areas.. but I don't know, maybe it'll look different once on film. There's more to consider. But, yeah.. I think it's okay.

But what do I know.
cipher - 3/13/2014, 1:25 PM
*once it's on film

F*ck. One of those days.
JillyMcBeam - 3/13/2014, 1:26 PM

Most of people complaining here, not all, are the one's who complain about everything regardless of TV/Movie or Marvel/DC. Some people you just cannot satisfy.
KeithM - 3/13/2014, 1:32 PM
I still think it looks a bit daft in live-action, but considering I thought it couldn't be done without looking totally ridiculous, they've done a decent job.

I'll be interested to hear their rationale for him wearing it though. Just because that's what superheroes do has never been quite good enough for me (ok, but why THAT suit/colour/design?), so it'll be interesting to see how they answer that question.
McGee - 3/13/2014, 1:34 PM
Looks like my bondage gear....I love it!
GodzillaKart - 3/13/2014, 1:34 PM
@JillyMcBeam: I get what you are saying...but you could have done better with that comment.
Bucky - 3/13/2014, 1:36 PM
I like it the more I look at it. The cowl is perfect.
CapsShield - 3/13/2014, 1:37 PM
What do I think? I'll let Bill and Ted do the talking for me:

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