The CW's THE FLASH Set To Begin Filming In Vancouver In March

The CW's THE FLASH Set To Begin Filming In Vancouver In March

We've learned that the pilot for the potential Flash TV show is set to be shot in Vancouver in March. Plus, more potential cross overs with Arrow are likely! Read on for the details.

As we all know here at, Grant Gustin has been given his own series as Barry Allen by The CW, following the character's awesome live action appearances in Arrow's 8th and 9th episode this season. The show is set to begin filming its Pilot in March of this year in Vancouver, the same city where Arrow is filmed. It is likely that the studios and production teams will shared between the two DC Comics based shows. So it was not surprising when Stephen Amell hinted that a future crossover between Arrow and its upcoming spinoff The Flash is still possible as both shows will be filmed in the same neighbourhoods.

Arrow star Amell recently had this to say to Access Hollywood about his character Oliver Queen and Barry Allen crossing paths again:

"It's always possible," he explained. "I mean, originally he was supposed to be involved in our 20th episode, and that's not happening." The actor continued, "I know that it's less likely that he comes back this season because I think [they] rightly want to save his story for his show, but if his show is successful and is on the air, I can't imagine that we wouldn't use the opportunity to do crossover events so to speak."

Amell also said that he really enjoys working with Gustin.

"Grant was great and he gets a lot of credit too," he said. "He was the star of episode eight." He went on to say, "It was [Grant's] story and he nailed it and that's an incredibly difficult thing to do to come in as a guest and really take ownership of an episode and he did it. He killed it. It's why they took it from episode 20 and made it a pilot because they're banking on him and they should be."

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Kurne - 2/3/2014, 10:28 PM
Amell's probably gonna guest star in like, the 6th episode :P Crossovers always happen early.
Kurne - 2/3/2014, 10:41 PM
Crazy year and years ahead for speedsters, eh?

May 2012: - Kevin Feige reveals Quicksilver can be used between Marvel and Fox


April 2013: - Joss Whedon reveals brother/sister act in Avengers 2
- Variety confirms Whedon was referring to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

May 2013: - Evan Peters cast as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past; battle ensues

July 2013: - Arrow executives reveal The Flash is set to appear in Arrow

September 2013: - Grant Gustin cast as The Flash

November 2013: - ATJ cast as Quicksilver

December 2013: - Flash episodes of Arrow air

January 2014: - Quicksilver's design in X-Men DOFP released

February 2014: - Spoilers for Cap TWS reveal Quicksilver is set to cameo in post-credits scene (April 2014)
- Flash pilot is revealed to begin filming in March 2014

You're move, Singer.
TheGambitFreak - 2/3/2014, 11:37 PM
Singer is giving Quicksilver one scene that will last 3 minutes tops. There is no competition here.

I like Gustin. Can't wait to see the suit!
YesOffence - 2/4/2014, 12:02 AM
Speaking as somebody who loved Man of Steel, and is excited as all hell about Batman/Superman and all of its casting and character choices, they really need to sort their crap out. Arrow has developed so much faster in much less time, The Flash has been announced and will air before we see anything more in the DC cinematic universe. We'll more than likely see a photo of the new Flash suit before we see Afflecks Batman. DC should stick with TV, its where its working for them
SuperCat - 2/4/2014, 1:16 AM
Is he wearing the iconic costume for this show? Worried they're just gonna have him in a red t-shirt or some [email protected]
JediPhilosopher - 2/4/2014, 1:37 AM
If there's no Flash suit, I swear off CW forevermore. Same if they make it a soap opera with little real action of any sort.
JediPhilosopher - 2/4/2014, 1:42 AM
Superheroes can't really be done right on TV. It just shouldn't be done imo.
JediPhilosopher - 2/4/2014, 1:46 AM
Okay, actually, remembering the 1990 live action series, that ALMOST could have worked. Because there was an element of humor usually present. If they make this show focused on missions for the Flash to go on, bad guys to defeat, mysteries to solve, and have the action and humor always there, and, unlike the 1990 show, good writing, it could be good. I'll watch for at least the first few probably, because it is the Flash.
SuperCat - 2/4/2014, 3:59 AM
Thanks MrBlackJack!
IronRuhail - 2/4/2014, 5:16 AM
He better have the classic costume (bright red not dull like Arrow's costume) and this better be different to Arrow's format and tone.
batmanvsuperman - 2/4/2014, 6:22 AM
Okay he blond he's hair and yes he will have a suit no t shirts and it will be red and yellow so calm down ppl
JasonBlue - 2/4/2014, 7:02 AM
CW needs to make Amber Stevens Iris West:
GliderMan - 2/4/2014, 7:25 AM
[frick] yes, DCCU ALL THE WAY!
Juelix - 2/4/2014, 9:27 AM
I don't know if somebody posted this here already, but…

This is from Grant's Instagram… two weeks ago. :)

ManDeth - 2/4/2014, 10:15 AM
@JediPhilosopher Some heroes are far better suited for TV than film.
An example would be Daredevil. Daredevil is not visually dynamic enough to be a big budget film. And if you did low budget Daredevil films then in 10 years you would have 3 movies and maybe 6 hours of film. Whereas in TV you can tell his story at a slower pace, have more depth to story and character and have 22 episodes of film a year.
What would be really great is to see unrated cable series of Daredevil or Punisher. Because the characters could be explored even better.

The great thing about movies is the budget. The bad thing is everything has to happen fast. Studios don't allow subtlety in action films. Just action with humor.

Arrow, like DD is a character that isn't spectacular enough for film. But on TV he gets so much more detail and exploration. And fans get 22 episodes a year instead of 1 every 3 years.

Another franchise that shouldn't be in film is Star Trek. Notice that Next Generation had plenty of great episodes then sucked when converted to films because it was sped up and dumbed down.

heitish - 2/4/2014, 11:34 AM
I think they Will explain why his hair has gotten brighter in the pilot!

Grant did a hell off a good Job
TheFox - 2/4/2014, 1:26 PM
YES! I cannot wait to see this freakin' series!

I do hope they release a photo of the suit at some point in the next couple of months-- I am DYING to see what the Flash is going to look like! (Something close to traditional would be nice-- but if it's weird, I want to see it with enough advance notice so that I can get used to it by the time the pilot airs...)

This show is going to ROCK!!!

GodzillaKart - 2/4/2014, 2:29 PM
Really looking forward to this. Strangely more excited about DC's television universe than there cinematic one.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 2/4/2014, 3:17 PM

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