New Featurette For THE WALKING DEAD's Mid-Season 4 Return

New Featurette For THE WALKING DEAD's Mid-Season 4 Return

As AMC's zombie drama series gears up for its mid-season return, we have this new featurette which gives us not only new footage from the show, but interviews with the showrunners and several cast members too. Take a look after the jump.

The Walking Dead returns from its mid-season break on Sunday, February 9 at 9pm ET.
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LordMushu - 1/24/2014, 10:31 AM
Mid season??!!
Desrow - 1/24/2014, 10:37 AM
The best comic book show on TV right now, Arrow comes close second.
McNyagano - 1/24/2014, 10:37 AM
Can't wait!!!
HulkbusterNYC - 1/24/2014, 10:47 AM
Looks pretty damn good
Klone - 1/24/2014, 10:52 AM
Well, at least there's something I guess until GAME OF THRONES returns. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones... ah, I take comfort in knowing we're not even half way through Game of Thrones yet and there will probably be like 10 Seasons when it's finished. But TellTale... uh... HURRY UP!! ;)
SauronsBANE - 1/24/2014, 11:52 AM
Wow Feb 9? I didn't realize it was back so soon.

The show has its moments, but for me it's mostly just going to be a placeholder until Game of Thrones starts up again.

Besides epic amounts of gore, violence, and zombies...The Walking Dead doesn't offer much at all. I mean, I'm definitely watching the show because of all those things, but it'd just be nice to get some smart, likable characters to go along with it. Seeing Rick go crazy again isn't something I want to go through again.
MisterHolmes - 1/24/2014, 1:02 PM
Im excited
Duhdaduh - 1/24/2014, 4:46 PM
i'm sorry but why didnt they just make what happened mid season finale just happen at the end of season 3? the first half of season 4 sucked so bad and this would have been a much better way to start off season 4
batmanvsuperman - 1/24/2014, 6:11 PM
Great show faint wait if u don't like it don't watch and stop bitching
MightyZeus - 1/24/2014, 6:55 PM
Awesome. I'm looking forward to it.
Great featurette

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