New Poster For THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

New Poster For THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

Yesterday we got some new stills from the upcoming season of AMC's The Walking Dead, now today we have been granted a new official poster for the show featuring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) taking aim, and new season 3 location, The Prison.

Season three of AMC's smash hit show The Walking Dead is right around the corner. Yesterday, to get us ready for the new season, they showed off six new images, and now today they have released a new poster. The poster, like the ones from the first two seasons, feature main character Rick Grimes. However, unlike the other two it doesn't feature Rick in the distance, moving towards something. The poster also features the new tag line for the season FIGHT THE DEAD. FEAR THE LIVING. Check the poster out below courtesy of Shock Till You Drop.

The Walking Dead is set to return on October 14 and stars Andrew Lincon, Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Lori Holden, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Iron E Singleton, Danai Gurira, and David Morrissey.

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ChivesMcKay - 9/5/2012, 9:55 AM
First I cannot wait for this show to return
justified1 - 9/5/2012, 9:56 AM
too bad i have to wait for this show to come on DVD before i can watch it.
LoudNoises - 9/5/2012, 9:56 AM
I like it
Maximus101 - 9/5/2012, 10:04 AM
@justified1 why do you have to wait? If you have a laptop or computer you can just download them after every new episode is released. Lol

This seasowins the best one as long as they follow the comics.
AsianVersionOfET - 9/5/2012, 10:15 AM
I like the tagline. Can't wait!
mrteaspoon - 9/5/2012, 10:20 AM
Looks great, unfortunately at some point they'll be opening their mouths and spouting dialogue.
RedeyeJedi - 9/5/2012, 10:23 AM
Meh, I think it would look cooler with some zombies around the bus trying to get at Rick.
CrowPirate1 - 9/5/2012, 10:32 AM
okay.. one of my friends and I were fighting about this.. lol.. HE insists.. if a zombie outbreak happened.. he would do best with a spear. I said he was crazy, for he'd not be able to hold off people on his sides, saying a sword or machete would be best. He insisted a spear would keep them farther away and he'd go for their eyes.

I still think a wider swiping motion would defend you better, and get more in the end, thus being a better weapon.

LOL.. I know.. too much time on my hands.

but what you all think?

oh.. by the way.. On Amazon, for about 2.50 each:

anyways.. about a month more till season 3 starts.. can't wait!
TheSoulEater - 9/5/2012, 10:43 AM

Canon108 - 9/5/2012, 11:33 AM
And here's the DVD cover for Season 3
musashi - 9/5/2012, 12:35 PM
@crowpirate1. I'd vote for a gun. Lol
daveB - 9/5/2012, 1:52 PM
Rifle for long range mass attacks, crossbow for silent kills, a speak for on the run and sword for mass close attacks and pistol for myself when all hope is gone
superbatspiderman - 9/5/2012, 2:40 PM
@crowpirate1. I would probably say a sword because spears are to long and awkward to carry around. A sword is much better in close quarters.

@musashi - I would agree with you but what about when you run out of ammo. There is no infinite ammo in real life. lol

@daveB - I agree with you with the pistol for yourself I would keep one bullet with me the whole time just in case I have to blow me head off.

I guess the moral of this thread is I am glad we don't have to worry about zombies.
megabatfan - 9/5/2012, 3:15 PM
Or do we??? Once the zombies are not the Dawn od the Dead (remake) type of zombies. else we'd be in shit street!
Greggmcg - 9/5/2012, 3:51 PM
@CrowPirate1- You could try a naginata. It's the best of both worlds. Has a big fat blade on a spear shaft. Of course it would be pretty much worthless if anyone got in close and you ran out of room to swing it around.
macfint - 9/5/2012, 4:31 PM
only the best show on tv ever.
TurdFergunson - 9/5/2012, 4:54 PM
38 more days until the premiere. that means minus football, i would have no use for my TV for the next 38 days
Vital - 9/5/2012, 8:53 PM
I hate how he is photoshopped onto the bus lol. Kinda amateurish for professional marketing poster people lol.
CrowPirate1 - 9/6/2012, 5:06 AM
@musashi yeah.. that is better except for carrying around the ammo, and when you out.. you are hitting people with it. doh

@SUPERBATSPIDERMAN I like swords too... but worried about keeping them sharp... with a machete, if you swipe hard, you can still do damage because it's heavy and metal, but I hear ya.

and @Greggmcg hellooo? I never saw one of those.. that would be perfect!!! LOL I will tell him about it.. he may like that better.. but I would still like my machete. I'm worried about the close biters.

I'm a fast runner. On this show, as long as you keep moving and don't get penned down by large groups, it seems you have a shot. For me, I would need something for close combat IF I missed something and "oops" there it was.

I wish AMC had a regular season and it had 24 episodes... but then, my friend said it would be watered down." I countered, "Oh, the long hunt for the girl wasn't watered?" so he shut up. lol

anyways.. can't wait
superbatspiderman - 9/8/2012, 12:45 PM
@megabatfan - Yeah I can probably handle the slow zombie that is survivable but if there were fast zombies like on Snyder's Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later then humanity is screwed. I would probably just blow my head off at that point/

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