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Following tonight's shocking instalment of The Walking Dead, AMC have released a preview of the sure to be epic 90 minute finale which was written by showrunner Scott M. Gimple and directed by Greg Nicotero. What's to come for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors? Hit the jump to find out... - JoshWilding
This weeks episode of the walking dead was pretty interesting. We had something major happen to one of the survivors and tension build within Alexandria.
Check out the link to see all about it - failwhale34
Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead was a big one for Glenn, but things look set to get very difficult for the survivors in next week's instalment. Is the Alexandria Safe Zone really better than life out in the wild? Hit the jump for a first look at "Try", but be warned of possible spoilers... - JoshWilding
AMC has today announced that their untitled companion series to The Walking Dead (rumoured to be called Fear The Walking Dead) has received a two season order. You can get details on that, the premise of the spinoff, how many episodes it will run for, and the first official image right here... - JoshWilding
Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) and his Tennessee top hat are featured in this new sneak peek from next week's Spend episode of The Walking Dead. Come listen as he has a thrilling conversation with the always lovely Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson). - nailbiter111
As Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors attempt to settle into their new home, things look set to take a sinister turn in next week's episode of AMC's hit adaptation of the Image Comics series. Is their newfound utopia everything it seems? Hit the jump to check out this first look... - JoshWilding
The Alexandria Safe Zone seems like a place Rick and co. can finally settle, but the group are still wary of their new neighbours. In these clips from next week's episode, "Forget", Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) checks out a gun to go hunting -- but something tells me it's not boar she's after. - RorMachine
Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead introduced us to some major characters from the comic books, albeit with a slightly different appearance. What's to come for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors? Hit the jump for a first look at next week's instalment, "Forget"... - JoshWilding
The Comic Book Guys talk Comic Book TV from Agent Carter to The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, Gotham, and The Walking Dead! Also, an X-Men Movie Chat! (WARNING: Contains Adult Language) - thecbguys
So Rick and co. are finally safe... or are they? Despite Aaron proving himself and Alexandria seeming like a place where they can settle for good, have the hardships endured by the group made them too far gone to trust again? Take a look at 2 sneak peeks from next week's episode, "Remember". - RorMachine
Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead featured more twists and turns as Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors may or may not have finally found salvation. However, is the "Ricktatorship" over? Hit the jump for a look at next week's instalment of the AMC series; "Remember". - JoshWilding
For some, the yearly calendar is divided between a new Walking Dead season and waiting for the new Walking Dead season to start. Those fanatics will be pleased to know that the Walking Dead spinoff has completed filming. - MarkJulian
Wow, how intense was tonight's episode of AMC's hit television series, The Walking Dead? I'm not sure if they'll be able to duplicate that level of intensity, but I'm sure they'll try their best. Take a look at a sneak peek from next Sunday's "The Distance" episode. - nailbiter111
After last week's devastating midseason première and an equally devastating midseason finale before that, what state will we find the group in? Take a look at a minute-long sneak peek from tonight's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead to find out. (US only). - RorMachine
Get your weekly fix on comic books with related movie, TV, and comic book news, seeing Team DC and Team Marvel duke it out to find out who won the week, and fan suggested brawls. This week we have Geekscape's Jonathan London and The Real Stan Lee's Jacqueline Lopez. - DangerRoom
Apparently Emily Kinney (who played Beth on The Walking Dead) has been cast as a female version of Atom villain Bertram Larvan, aka the Bug-Eyed Bandit, on the CW's The Flash. We don't have official confirmation of this yet, but Punkd Images claims to have broken the news... - RorMachine
The Walking Dead returned tonight, and there were once again plenty of massive twists and turns, not to mention the [SPOILER] of [SPOILER]! Anyway, things are now looking bleak for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors, so what's next? Hit the jump for this first look at "Them"... - JoshWilding
Do you agree that The Walking Dead's fifth season is the best ever? That's what the critics say anyway in this praise filled TV spot for the show's return on Sunday. It also contains some intriguing new footage which offers up an idea of what's to come. Check it out! - JoshWilding
AMC's insanely popular zombie survival series returns for its midseason première this Sunday, and ahead of that EW have released some more character posters, featuring Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and Maggie, with Daryl nabbing the cover spot. Click on to check 'em out... - RorMachine
In the first 2 minutes from The Walking Dead season 5B, "What Happened And What's Going On", the group mourn Beth while trying to decide what their next move is. We also have a batch of new images featuring Rick, Glenn, Sasha, Michonne, and Abraham. Take a look... - RorMachine
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