Rick To Spiral Out Of Control & The Governor To Be On A Warpath When THE WALKING DEAD Returns

Rick To Spiral Out Of Control & The Governor To Be On A Warpath When THE WALKING DEAD Returns

The Walking Dead returns next month, and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman has teased some information that doesn't look to good for Rick and the gang at the prison.

The Mid-season finale of The Walking Dead did not disappoint fans. The mini showdown between Rick and his survivors and The Governor and his at Woodburry seems to only give us a small taste of what's in store for the second half of the season. Executive Producer Robert Kirkman told TVLine that what happened to Penny in the mid-season finale will change him. "He's going to be much more engaged and a little bit more aware of the threat that the prison represents. He's going to be on the warpath," explained Kirkman. He went on to elaborate saying we haven't seem him fully "activated" yet, and that in the latter half of the season he would be.

While The Governor will be on the warpath, Rick will be look just to hold it together. "He’s a person who’s bearing the weight of everyone’s survival on his shoulders, and I think that’s become a little bit unbearable," says Kirkman. He went on to say expect Rick to see/talk to more dead people. Whether or not this mean Lori or Shane, only time will tell. For the latest on The Walking Dead, check here at CBM.

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SmellofDuty - 1/3/2013, 2:08 PM
February 10th come soon!!
SmellofDuty - 1/3/2013, 2:11 PM
Btw I saw a funny picture the other day that had Andrea and Lori and the caption said " 2 Girls 1 'Cop'"
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 1/3/2013, 2:18 PM
Can't wait to see this all play out! It was awesome in the comics! Just wish Lori lived long enough on the show to see her go the same way she did in the comics.
Dev - 1/3/2013, 2:19 PM
Isn't Rick already spiraling out of control? ...
2gold - 1/3/2013, 2:33 PM
T-Dog returns as Rick's Harvey the Rabbit. A constant ghost that now never shuts up.
bazinga85 - 1/3/2013, 2:38 PM
That's what I was thinking too, lol.
LP4 - 1/3/2013, 2:52 PM
Lori's death was the most depressing thing on the show so far for me. So I hope Rick will have more "communication" with Lori, like that sweet little phone call they had...
TheBeard - 1/3/2013, 3:09 PM
CyberBishop - 1/3/2013, 3:50 PM
I can't wait for Feb....
LuBeTHiGhWalK3R - 1/3/2013, 4:13 PM
@TheBeard -- Damn straight!
AUSSYACE - 1/3/2013, 4:18 PM


ravennpilot - 1/3/2013, 7:10 PM
Kill off Andrea, who ever writes her hates that actress. They did right when Lori died, stupid waste of space.
DrHorrible - 1/3/2013, 7:52 PM
@TheBeard Then prepare for the riots coming...
LP4 - 1/4/2013, 1:23 AM
Daryl is my favorite character.

So far, Lori's death hit me the hardest. -_-

Fishandchips - 1/4/2013, 2:55 AM
Well last episode of season 2 shows Rick starting to lose it, 'this ain't a democracy no more' you can already see the pressure getting to him.

@DrHorrible - I don't think they'll kill Daryl off when they have a game coming out with him as the main character, all though I do think something will happen to Merle and he'll have to deal with that all over again.

Carl surprised me in the beginning of season 3 too, I know he becomes like a child soldier in the comic but to see it happen on screen was just like woah, he's becoming a bit of a bad ass.
Fishandchips - 1/4/2013, 2:56 AM
@LP4 - mine too bud, could you tell? Lol.

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