THE WALKING DEAD Cast And Crew Tease The Second Half Of Season Three

THE WALKING DEAD Cast And Crew Tease The Second Half Of Season Three

Ahead of the return of The Walking Dead next February, AMC has released the following featurette teasing the second half of the third season. Including comments from Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey, Glenn Mazzara and more, hit the jump to check it out!

Unfortunately, the video above is currently only available to our US readers. Teasing the next half of season three (which returns to AMC on February 10th), Andrew Lincoln had this to say about Rick Grimes: "In the second half of the season, you realize that Rick is this brutal ruthless leader that is uncompromising, so when we hit the Governor, there is a match." As for that character, David Morrissey warns that the death of Penny has set the ruthless leader of Woodbury on course to becoming as villainous as he is in the comic book series. "We start to see the real birth of the governor that poeple will know. He literally doesn't care anymore. He had something to live for. Then, he had a sense of purpose, a sense of humanity. As soon as he loses that, that goes, and that makes him a much more dangerous man..." What are you guys most looking forward to seeing when The Walking Dead returns next year? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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Jolt17 - 12/11/2012, 1:33 AM
Sounds good. The confrontation between Rick and the Governor must be one hell of a moment, especially with those two great actors in the role and the evolution they both have undergone.

As a side note, Daryl better lives on.
SuperSomething616 - 12/11/2012, 1:56 AM
Cannot wait for the next 8 episodes...after the slower pace of season 2 the pace of season 3 is just right...defo no larking about here...

@ Jolt17 - I'm hazarding a guess that Daryl will live...he's too much of a fan fav to kill guessing the philosophy from the writers is:

"Noone dies unless they have died in the comic (circumstances can be different) and no fan favourites..."

At least that seems how its been so far...
solidsnakeeyes - 12/11/2012, 2:23 AM
Daryl should live and Sophia still lives in the comics and yeah I know - circumcision can be different. LOL
Namor - 12/11/2012, 3:16 AM
i seen a bunch of smoke in the arena in the clip for next episode or next half(can't remember which), and i'm guessing that is how they save Merle and Daryl.. I'd pretty much bet my money that both Daryl and Merle live, at least through this situation.. I think the smoke bomb plays a part in saving them..

They've killed people we didn't expect enough, where people are thinking its so up in the air with Daryl and Merle, that i think they can live and no one will completely be like "i knew they woulden't kill em off".. Becuase they've got us believing anyone can be killed.. So they did there job all ready, and don't need death to merle or daryl quite yet..
RedMosquito - 12/11/2012, 3:53 AM
Question for the American folks; what is the deal these days with American shows being broken into 2 halves? I seem to remember something about a writers strike a few years ago and this being very common then, but that is long over now, so why are shows like The Walking Dead still being split in 2? I find it extremely annoying, as it only serves to take me out of the story as so much times passes i start to forget what happened in the first half of the season.
A season should be just that. Not 2 mini seasons.
NeoBaggins - 12/11/2012, 4:41 AM
Didn't know they had accents, but once I realized Rick did, I was sure the Governor would too. Great actors.

mr2324jgf - 12/11/2012, 5:48 AM
@redmosquito, nothing is forcing you to watch it each week. Save and watch it all at once or stretch it however you want. It's the reason DVR was invented. The reason shows are broken up is multi-dimensional, but part of it is because of the finances involved in making an episode. It isn't exactly free to run a production on the scale of the walking dead. It is also partly a marketing ploy... for MOST people it builds suspense. We're clicking on all of these articles to catch news and see things in anticipation for February. MOST of us cannot wait until it's back on our regular schedule again and for that we will continuously tune in and give them the ratings to offset that financial strain. Believe it or not, it's necessary.
IronHood - 12/11/2012, 7:44 AM
You tell'em.

@DangerStranger. I think as well as Rick & Carl, Michonne, Andrea, Glenn, Maggie & Tyreese are also guaranteed at least until next season. Tyreese because they can't kill him off now like they did in the comic, he was just introduced, right? Maybe that could just be me not wanting him to go over fear of the idiotic stereotypes killing off African American characters...?

I agree with that side note about Daryl. As for people thinking 8 survivors is too much? Think of all the other characters that are possible loose ends or just plan need to go...
NorrinRaddical - 12/11/2012, 7:57 AM
mr2324jgf agreed.

We drive ourselves nuts for a month by going on "internet/media blackout" and collecting 4 episodes so we can enjoy them in marathon blasts (and skip commercials). It's a joy, a build up, and we're in control of how we enjoy any series we watch.

THAT BEING SAID... there's something lost in terms of week-long-suspense when a show like WD or Breaking Bad ends on a hair raising cliff hanger, and then we can just say "whatever, NEXT!".

It makes me wonder about how different mediums in/and media are enjoyed, processed, and consumed. For instance, the difference between a vinyl record or a bunch of mp3s. I have to wonder if I missing out on anything intended?
NorrinRaddical - 12/11/2012, 8:03 AM

a lot of shows that have done that (Sopranos, Shield, Lost, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead) have so many things going on behind the scenes that cause that. It is NEVER an artistsic, creative, or storytelling decision. It comes from budgets and schedules.

In the case of things like Breaking Bad or the Shield, I've heard often a show runner has to fight with the network executives to tell the story right, and it's up to number crunchers to make it work. It also amazes me to know how sometimes a season of television will start airing, and they will still be filming or writing later episodes for that season! So with productions as large as they would be for WD, I imagine everyone needs two months to catch up and regroup.

I guess I should be grateful when I can drag a season of a show out as long as possible in a year, and it makes it a little less disposable of a program. I SHOULD feel anticipation for all things good.

ChanceX74 - 12/11/2012, 8:37 AM
@NorrinRaddical: That reasoning works for the 22-24 episode seasons on network television. Not so much for the 12-13 episode spans. If you'll notice currently, this is about the time a regular season goes on break because it has to for aforementioned production time (airing one a week vs 8-9 days filming plus another 2 weeks for post production). Plus there's that pesky artificial issue of lining your finales up with sweeps week in May so they can value those advertising slots.

They could have pulled this off in one go but for some reason the independent networks (which run shorter seasons and don't generally deal with sweeps) have progressively been making these decisions to force a break outside of any normal constraints.
ChanceX74 - 12/11/2012, 8:58 AM
Sopranos only seemingly broke mid season once to my knowledge because HBO ordered an additional 8 episodes back in 2006 for season six, moving the order from 12 to 20, then held off airing those as a so-called bonus season for Jan 2007.

Shield never did a mid season break, but they did start each season at different times (either March or January for seasons 1-5, 6 in April, and 7 in September, but each one aired the entire run weekly).

Braking Bad has consistently run straight through until this last season where AMC decided to split it in half with a 4 month production break, and a year apart at that. That had nothing to do with production and everything to do with whatever financial gambit they were playing between that, Walking Dead, and Mad Men.

Lost, of course, falls prey to my previous post regarding the full network season and television politics.
vinisky - 12/11/2012, 9:04 AM
man of steel trailer!!!! Omg!
LoudLon - 12/11/2012, 11:13 AM
My biggest complaint about this season so far -- aside from the fact that I think it's yet to recover fully from the loss of Shane -- is that The Governor has been thus-far a kind of non-entity. Good guy one second, bad guy the next, but no real rhyme or reason behind his motivations. Having never read the comic I've no idea why he's so set on killing other survivors outside of his cozy little town. Hopefully they'll develope him more in the second half of the season.

My concern was that with the introduction of Michonne at the end of season 2, the series would become less about interpersonal conflicts and more about action and splatter, and so far that's exactly what has happened. I hope to see less of that and more of what made the series great to begin with. Still a very good show, but again, with the loss of Shane, and now Lori, there hasn't been as much gripping drama. I hope they fix that.

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