THE WALKING DEAD Cast Talk Season 4

THE WALKING DEAD Cast Talk Season 4

"I think there may be a wee bit less of the run and gun. And [we'll] get a little more into some of our characters,” says Executive Producer Greg Nicotero on Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Seson 3.5

Attending 2013 Paley Fest in Beverly Hills, California, various members of The Walking Dead cast and crew talked about what's still to come in Season Three and looked ahead to Season Four.

On Season 4, newly made "Executive" producer Greg Nicotero shared the following.

I think there may be a wee bit less of the run and gun. And [we'll] get a little more into some of our characters. The challenge with a show like this, when you have a big ensemble, is you don’t want any of the characters to get lost; it’s important that we know what Carol’s story is and that we know what Beth’s story is. And when you’re trying to service a lot of characters, it becomes challenging. Watching the first season of Walking Dead and seeing how grounded it was, that’s really important to all of us. Andy Lincoln and I spent a lot of time going through the scripts and making sure we feel that they’re grounded. Because that’s what keeps our audience coming back. The walkers and the gore and the action and stuff, that’s fun, that’s the popcorn part of it. But if you don’t have characters that people are invested in, you lose your audience.”

Norman Reedus says Daryl isn't really much of a leader or a lady's man.

I don’t think he wants to be the leader in any way. Like with Randall, remember Randall? There’s a whole episode about ‘what do we do with Randall’ and Daryl just kind of quietly went in there and beat the s— out of him and came back with bloody knuckles and was like ‘yeah, what’s up?’ He wasn’t like ‘look at me, look what I did!” I think if he had to lead, it would be reluctantly. (And on Daryl and Carol)I like these two damaged people gravitating towards each other. It might happen…I don’t want to make the first move.I don’t think he has much game.

Carl takes on a role that readers of the comic book series will recognize in the last five episodes of Season Three said Andrew Lincoln.

"I see a boy turning into a soldier, which is a terrifying thing. And I think that that story between the group, the family, and this seemingly wayward boy turning into a child soldier is a terrifying and very interesting arc that we follow in the last five episodes.”

There's a bit more at the source so feel free to click the link below to read more. Be sure to catch all the action on AMC's The Walking Dead every Sunday on AMC.

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Running Time: 60 minutes (45 min actual air time)
Release Date: October 14 (Season 3-premiere)
TV Rating: TV-MA for sex & nudity, violence & gore, profanity, alchohol/drugs/smoking and frightening/intense scenes
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey,Chad Coleman,Laurie Holden, Sonequa Martin-Green, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus
Creators: Frank Darabont (show) Robert Kirkman (comic)
Written by: Frank Darabont, Charles H. Eglee, Jack LoGiudice, Robert Kirkman, Glen Mazzara, Adam Fierro, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, Evan T. Reilly

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ultimatemarvelfan - 3/2/2013, 11:25 AM
MisterNiceGuy - 3/2/2013, 11:31 AM
hell yea
MrReese - 3/2/2013, 11:35 AM
Carol wanting to [frick] Daryll is just creepy lol
MisterNiceGuy - 3/2/2013, 12:21 PM
Carol is a lot younger than some of you think. And she is definitely an under appreciated character on the show.
KryptonitePen - 3/2/2013, 12:32 PM
@deadpoolbeatsall Agreed, i don't mind rick keeping his hand but carl needs to lose the eye
supermarioworldE - 3/2/2013, 12:40 PM
They really need to get better writers. The end of last weeks episode was just horrible.
Carl - 3/2/2013, 12:43 PM
so many characters in the show are "in name only"
They went full on chris nolan.
Horsemanofwar - 3/2/2013, 1:06 PM
Daryl better put an arrow through the governor's other eye!:)
Carl - 3/2/2013, 1:38 PM
Most of you TV only fans should see Darryl dying coming sooner or later.
Kirkman always kills off the strongest members of the grou to make them vulnerable again, and he likes to kill off fan favorites.
Same with Michone in the comics, its coming.. just a matter of time for both of them.
mattattack - 3/2/2013, 1:41 PM
Way to spoil @Carl

LoudLon - 3/2/2013, 1:53 PM
^^^ Agreed. I've never read the comic before watching the show, and have avoided doing so because I like the show so much and don't want anything ruined for me, and what happens? Some jerk-off mouths off without any kind of spoiler warning whatsoever, spoiling a major character.

Thanks for nothing, dumb-ass.

TheIconicMan - 3/2/2013, 2:20 PM
Ok, good interview. But let's talk about David Morrissey's Governor.. It's time to get more evil!I know they have to make that the story makes sense mas it's time for the Governor start to get REALLY evil.. I want the comics' Governor. Is that too much to ask?
ralfinader - 3/2/2013, 2:36 PM
In Carl's (the poster) defense, that is not a spoiler, it is a guess. Darryl isn''t a charactor in the comics, TV only.
Martay - 3/2/2013, 4:04 PM
Carol is a terrible character that brings nothing to the show - get rid of her.

Less running and gunning means more sitting and talking, which is incredibly boring.

And for those who are calling for Carl to lose his eye - be patient, thats not for a while yet i presume, if at all, they've already decided that killing off the baby wasn't acceptable TV viewing so having a child lose half his head to a bullet probably wont be happening either.
Carl - 3/2/2013, 4:11 PM
yeah... I did not post any spoiler. It's kirkmans pattern of behavior and a guess only.
Michone is alive and well in the comics as of this post and Daryll is a tv only character.
The comic and the show follow story-lines and character arch's in the loosest sense.

Sorry for confusing a few of you fellow cbmer's.
Carl - 3/2/2013, 4:16 PM
I don't appreciate you being rude to me, especially since I stated what is well known about Kirkman, but simply a guess.
The comic is exponentially better than the show, and not really the same story.
Worth checking out, without a doubt.
Carl - 3/2/2013, 4:24 PM
Telling you ______ gets his head cut off with Michones sword, ________ gets sniped through the eye with an arrow on an escort mission, or ________ gets his head beat in by _____ with a Baseball-bat would be comic spoilers.
Be glad I don't tell some of you jerks who don't read over things well the names that fit in the blanks.
Slider13 - 3/2/2013, 4:50 PM
So according to that Carol and Beth both survive the battle against Woodbury. Please make Andrea;s death as grisly and as soon as possible, I hate that broad.
RAZE - 3/3/2013, 11:59 AM
Ur profile pic might be the spoiler that ppl are referring to.

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