THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Teaser Poster

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Teaser Poster

The season 4 finale ended on a (relatively) positive note, as Rick made it very clear that he was going to make the Terminus folk rue the day they "screwed" with his people. Now AMC have released a teaser poster for their next season, featuring Rick and one simple word: "Survive".

Were you happy with the season 4 finale? How do you think season 5 will play out - and if you've read the comics what do you think will be adapted faithfully, and what will be altered? Sound off in the usual place.
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ItsATrap - 4/1/2014, 10:34 AM
looks fan made. i like it, but probably not official.
CommanderShepard - 4/1/2014, 10:36 AM
Looks cool! I hope season 5 is going to be EPIC!
CaptainObvious - 4/1/2014, 10:50 AM
It's official.
Gusto - 4/1/2014, 10:52 AM
They should have let Carl take
one for the team.
LEEE777 - 4/1/2014, 10:53 AM
Love this, simple but effective!

Cannot wait till next season, was expecting someone to die with all the hype an all, but it was a nice season finale.
Dev - 4/1/2014, 10:56 AM
This show has gotten progressively worse after every season. I hope Season 5 gets better but I'm not holing my breath.
LorenzoVonMatterhorn93 - 4/1/2014, 11:05 AM
im hoping rick becomes a total badass now. high hopes for season 5 and beyond.
xfan320 - 4/1/2014, 11:13 AM
I actually feel like both Rick AND Carl will be total badasses next season!!!

Like father, like son!
charlie2094 - 4/1/2014, 11:42 AM
Happy with how the season ended, think Season 5 will be great! Season 4 was great, had a bit of filler, but the character development was probably the best it's ever been, the Governor stuff was fantastic, made him into a complex, interesting person.

Hope Season 5 has a bit more to it though, Season 4 was pretty much just cleaning up after Season 3. Hopefully Terminus doesn't last too long and we get to see Alexandria.
Carl - 4/1/2014, 12:03 PM
They really need to stop with the shitty season finales.
Canon108 - 4/1/2014, 12:04 PM
The comic is x100 better than the show...that being said, they're starting to get the show back on track. But it's still an extremely watered down version of what made The Walking Dead special. Just wait till they introduce Negan, and the saviors...Negan makes the Governor look like an amateur.
novaprime - 4/1/2014, 12:15 PM
Fake as Hell!

Klone - 4/1/2014, 12:19 PM
Even though this show is pretty bad the posters are nice. I always like the consistency with showing Rick.
fettastic - 4/1/2014, 12:20 PM
Can I say right now, [frick] OFF WITH THE SPOILERS!

Started reading the finale thread and was immediately [frick]ing spoiled!
AsgardianHobo - 4/1/2014, 12:24 PM
"Started reading the finale thread and was immediately [frick]ing spoiled!

That's because that thread was for people to discuss and talk about the finale. Just like every episode that comes out.
Gusto - 4/1/2014, 12:35 PM
LOL...yeah, 'twas a badass episode.
Comedian03 - 4/1/2014, 12:48 PM
If you wanted to avoid spoilers, then why would you read a thread that was made specifically for people to discuss the finale and what happened in the episode? It's no one else's fault but your own lol

That's like eating a dozen donuts and then blaming the baker for your type 2 diabetes.
MisterHolmes - 4/1/2014, 12:49 PM
cant wait!
cocaegelo - 4/1/2014, 12:58 PM
That's a fan mande poster.
MrChuff - 4/1/2014, 1:01 PM
Source? Where's the link to AMC?
Check the date people....and if this IS an April Fools joke its really dull.
NightForce - 4/1/2014, 1:10 PM
Last nights episode was [frick]ING CRAZY. And to think I thought it was boring at first.
Natetrix79 - 4/1/2014, 1:11 PM
I think it's official, I saw it on Facebook on my timeline from The Walking Dead page on Sunday night.
Natetrix79 - 4/1/2014, 1:14 PM
Yeah I just checked The Walking Dead Facebook page & it's on there.
Bl00dwerK - 4/1/2014, 1:17 PM
What's interesting to me is that he has a gun. Those people half-ass searched him and the others but do you guys think they missed someting? A buddy and I at work were wondering if Rick might have smuggles something in. We joked about how he may have stuck a small blade or something in his butt...
LeeroyJenkins - 4/1/2014, 1:20 PM
If you haven't seen the finale you're just an idiot for clicking on this
Mourning - 4/1/2014, 2:05 PM
Remember, when they first entered Terminus, they checked Rick and game for guns? Rick had two on him. He only laid down one at the end of the finale. If I'm not wrong, he still has the .38 in his ankle holster.
Mourning - 4/1/2014, 2:06 PM
batmanvsuperman - 4/1/2014, 2:33 PM
I like Carl hope he live for a while but great show 2maro arrow tho
TheDarkKnightSlap - 4/1/2014, 2:46 PM
Rick chewed that neck up! Spoiler jackass.
dezdigi - 4/1/2014, 4:43 PM
Ha, ha, April fools.
MightyZeus - 4/1/2014, 5:07 PM
How is Rick and the group going to get out of this one.
To bad we have to wait till October to find out.
Wildaniel - 4/1/2014, 8:15 PM
October is too far away!
bobbo68 - 4/2/2014, 5:01 AM
I think season 5 is going to be badass like season 3. And I think with everything that has happened with the prison and the Govenor and Rick is finally in the richt mind set now that he knows what to do and to react when the situation occurs. He's right they are going to find out that they are screwing with the wrong people.

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