THE WALKING DEAD Showrunner Talks Season 5

THE WALKING DEAD Showrunner Talks Season 5

The Walking Dead season 5 showrunner, Scott Gimple, discusses the new season, the "butterfly effect" of early deviations from the comic book storyline, The Walking Dead spinoff tv show and more at the 2014 Saturn Movie Awards.

Scott M. Gimple started out as a writer on AMC's The Walking Dead during season 2 and was made an "executive producer / showrunner" for season 4. Gimple followed Frank Darabont and Glenn Mazzara, who reportedly left the show over creative differences. For the time being, Gimple appears to be the right fit for the show and will probably put an end to the frequent turnover of the #1 tv show's top executive position. Recently, Gimple attended the Saturn Movie Awards, where he spoke with Collider about season 5 and how the show handles deviating from the Robert Kirkman comic book.  Said Gimple, "[Season 5's] not mirroring [the previous season] completely… The challenge of the show is every eight episodes, it’s a whole new show. I will say that there may be some slightly familiar structural turns. But for the most part, it is going to be brand new versions of the comic story."

Gimple also touched on the show's many deviations from Robert Kirkman's comic book, stating, "It’s funny – back in the day when I started season two, I was all ‘We must hem to the comic’ and Kirkman was like ‘Well – let’s have some fun. I’ve done this all before.’ I certainly won’t abandon iconic things from the comic. I definitely want to stick to the comic as much as possible but that’s also impossible with Daryl Dixon and characters that are alive but dead in the comic. There’s a butterfly effect. But that’s actually an incredibly fun part of the [show]. I would say that even the inventions we have on the show are inspired by the comic." Personally, I don't think The Walking Dead would be as popular or as interesting, if the show was a word-for-word adaptation of the comic book. Even HBO's Game of Thrones is beginning to make some major deviations from the George R.R. Martin fantasy novels. While a few of the storyline changes on The Walking Dead may have ultimately, not have been as interesting as they initially seemed when first put down on pen and paper, the air that even the faithful book readers are unsure of what will happen next, makes the show more intriguing.

Lastly, Gimple also touched on The Walking Dead spinoff currently in development at AMC. Details on the project are sparse, but previous reports indicate that the spinoff will have nothing to do with the current show. However, Gimple added, [SPOILER WARNING]"I have little to do with the spinoff… This I do know. It’s set in the world of The Walking Dead but from what I understand, it’s not like Daryl’s cousin or anything… I would never say never [to a crossover between the shows] because if I was a viewer I would say that sounds awesome. But we’re doing our own show. I also think a crossover might be tough because it would take a lot of [license] within the comic story. We’ll see. When we get to all-out war, who knows? We’ll add another faction. It’ll be the Saviors and the Hilltop and the ‘Spin-offers’."

The Walking Dead season 5 will likely return to AMC this October.
The Walking Dead season 5
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thejfather1 - 6/30/2014, 5:36 AM
i honestly dont know why i keep watching, i guess just because i watched all the way through season 3 on netflix i felt like i had to keep going. Season 4 wasnt that good to me and im not excited at all for season 5. Ill probably watch anyway, maybe itll get better again
AlphaMasterFlex - 6/30/2014, 6:05 AM
12 seasons just sounds absurd to me the show has already dipped in quality I'm already sick of the comic. I'm interested in the military spin-off if that's what it is and I'm ok with waiting for Negan til Season 6 but I don't see how they could possibly do him Justice.
batmanvsuperman - 6/30/2014, 6:09 AM
Hell yea great show cant wait I'm in on the spinoff
Ghostpointzero - 6/30/2014, 7:35 AM
If I hear good things I'll come back otherwise I'm done with this show but I still love the comics.
Fun1gUy - 6/30/2014, 8:00 AM
it needs to turn it up a notch, i love it, it has it's downsides but it can lose me if some crazy sh!t doesn't happen, love the comics, show has had hits and misses, so we'll see if they get gooderer <---LMAO, yep that's my word
SkrullKillKrew - 6/30/2014, 8:07 AM
@TheAmbassador has never read the comics but is quitting the show until a comic character that he has never read shows up. Makes sense to someone like Kim Kardashian.
TelaVizion - 6/30/2014, 8:26 AM
lmao @ SkrullKillKrew
TheDarkKnightSlap - 6/30/2014, 9:59 AM
It's this kind of stuff that keeps us all watching.

TheDarkKnightSlap - 6/30/2014, 10:02 AM
Do me a favor bro, tighten up the writing and excitement. And make this death happen.

GreenLanternLad - 6/30/2014, 10:22 AM
Damn, wish they would announce the spin off... Walking dead needs to take lessons off shows like game of thrones, admittedly it's harder since they have a completely different genre, but GOT manages to incorporate real life problems into a fantasy setting. Walking dead needs to shock and surprise us whilst still maintaining the fact that it's set in a zombie infested universe. Season 2 and 3 attempted this, yet didn't really deliver. Season 5 needs to go full throttle and not be afraid to take risks! But hey I still love it, just hope season 5 is good enough to get renewed for a few more years.
SkrullKillKrew - 6/30/2014, 10:45 AM
Why read the comic when we have wikipedia!!!

Why watch the show when we can just read the comments on this site afterwards!!!

Look at all the time we can save now
bobbo68 - 6/30/2014, 12:51 PM
I don't care what anyone says its an awesome show. Looking forward to season 5 what else are you gonna watch on Sunday nights during that time ? And the thing about it when TWD ends its season Game of Thrones starts theirs. Rick turning badass again it what the show needs. I think season 5 is going to be epic.
StarGateCommand - 6/30/2014, 2:06 PM
If they go down that road, don't kill off Glenn until the last episode of season 5. Maggie will be emotionally crushed what with all her loved ones having been killed. Perhaps Beth will be around to provide some comfort.
MightyZeus - 6/30/2014, 5:56 PM
Looking forward to The Walking Dead Season 5.
MisterHolmes - 6/30/2014, 10:16 PM
@greenlanternlad GOT is not shocking, its very pradictable acctually, has way to many plot lines and a lot of boring characters, plus a lot of plot points that lead to nothing, Walking dead might b=get boring at times, but then someone dies and it adds excitment, I dont get why ppl bitch about this show when it gets slow, its showing how they are surviving. You cant have a Govenor or Negan pp up every 5 minutes, it takes build up. unlike GOT were winter has been coming since the first episode but at this point i dont even give a lying [frick] about it.
Pinocchio - 7/2/2014, 10:09 AM
I didn't give up on this show, neither did I for Games of Thrones or Supernatural (all my other favorite shows are finished forever (at least logically) like Fringe, Breaking Bad, Dead Like Me, Carnivale and some more) and I can't wait to see season 2 of True Detective. But I have to admit that season 4 was.. special, kind of like a rollercoaster.

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