Here's a few television updates for fans of zombie gore and medieval sex and swordplay. We have episode titles and air dates for the rest of Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead and George R.R. Martin shedding a bit more light on the episode he wrote for Season 3 of Game of Thrones.

The television landscape is becoming more and more geek oriented, catching up to filmosphere. There are a lot of projects in development but here's some updates on two shows already going strong.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th and below we have the air dates and titles for the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead.
S03E09 – The Suicide King – 10th Feb 2013
S03E10 – Home – 17th Feb 2013
S03E11 – I Ain't A Judas – 24th Feb 2013
S03E12 – Clear – 3rd Mar 2013
S03E13 – Pale Horse – 10th Mar 2013
S03E14 – Killer Within, Part I – 17th Mar 2013
S03E15 – This Sorrowful Life – 24th Mar 2013
S03E16 – Welcome to the Tombs – 31st Mar 2013

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Just a few days ago I posted the list of writer and directors for the third season of HBO's Game of Thrones. Now, author and show script writer George R.R. Martin has shared a few details about the episode he wrote (episode 307) over on his personal blog.
The episode I scripted for the third season of HBO's GAME OF THRONES has been retitled. It was formerly "Autumn Storms," which I never much liked… but the episode did have a lot of rain in it. The rain went away. So did the title. The episode is now "Chains." I like that better. And it works on both a literal and metaphorical level. It will still be the seventh show of the season, episode 307.
via George R.R. Martin

The Walking Dead returns February 10th to close out its third season. Oh and if you're curious about who will be replacing Glen Mazzara as the showrunner, CLICK HERE to find out. Season Three of Game of Thrones premieres March 31st but if you're like me, the backstabbing, dragons and Nathalie Emmanuel....I mean swordplay can't get here soon enough.

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Maximus101 - 1/14/2013, 1:38 PM
Hahaha nice grifs, I was surprised Rick did that but it needed to be done.
MrZoolittle - 1/14/2013, 2:02 PM
my to favorite shows
616 - 1/14/2013, 2:06 PM
GOT cannot get here soon enough. WINTER IS COMING.
TheSoulEater - 1/14/2013, 2:30 PM
MarkJulian - 1/14/2013, 3:01 PM
How is it old? He posted it Jan. 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!1
gaikinger - 1/14/2013, 4:34 PM
Well if Jean Valjean approves....
MisterMagurlypse - 1/14/2013, 5:54 PM
Can't wait for WD to come back! I really need to get HBO and rent the previous seasons of GOT, cause it seems like something I would really like.
lapress - 1/14/2013, 5:54 PM
For Walking Dead, it says "S03E14 – Killer Within, Part I". Wher's Part Deux?! Part Deux!!!???

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