VIDEO GAMES: New Trailer For Telltale's THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON TWO Released

VIDEO GAMES: New Trailer For Telltale's THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON TWO Released

Telltale Games have released a new trailer for the upcoming second season of their episodic The Walking Dead video game, and it features plenty of great footage of what players should expect when they take control of Clementine in the follow-up to 2012's Game of the Year!

The Walking Dead: Season Two continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Left to fend for herself, she has been forced to learn how to survive in a world gone mad. Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety. But what can an ordinary child do to stay alive when the living can be just as bad -- and sometimes worse -- than the dead? As Clementine, you will be tested by situations and dilemmas that will test your morals and your instinct for survival. Your decisions and actions will change the story around you, in this sequel to 2012's Game of the Year.

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LMB10 - 12/12/2013, 12:56 PM
Can't wait for this.

Walking Dead was my favourite game released last year.
MrDonut - 12/12/2013, 1:05 PM
Seems like u play as Clem... Either way I'm down!
brickarts295 - 12/12/2013, 1:15 PM
There's only one son of a bitch that could have a mullet with baseball hat in The Walking Dead... Kenny's Alive
BlackIceJoe - 12/12/2013, 1:26 PM
I can't wait to buy this but I want to know when part two of A Wolf Among Us will be out. Last I heard Telltale games said the end of November or early December. But I don't know when in December it will be coming out. I hope it was not delayed until later next year.
TheGreenBastard - 12/12/2013, 1:37 PM
Awesome! Season one an emotional roller coaster
patriautism - 12/12/2013, 2:22 PM
With this, the Game of Thrones game, and Wolf Among Us episode 2 I think I'm going to have a Telltale fangasm. If anyone is interested their Back to the Future game is also quite awesome.
campblood - 12/12/2013, 2:56 PM
I hope they don't try and get some weirdo obsessing on Clem . I don't want that to happen I care to much for the character
Kyos - 12/12/2013, 4:07 PM
Well, they didn't exactly 'create' most of the Fables characters, but they definitely did a good job writing them for the game!

Seriously, as much as I loved TWD, where the [frick] is The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, or at least infos about it? >:O

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