Rejoicing over The Avengers VFX Oscar nomination, Marvel’s Executive Vice President of Visual Sffects dishes on Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World & more.

Speaking with Crave Online recently, Victoria Alonso, Marvel’s longtime Executive Vice President of visual effects, discussed The Avengers Best VFX Oscar nomination and teased forthcoming productions Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition, Alonso also commented on Thanos and the Mad Titan’s rumored return in The Avengers sequel.

When Crave Online asked about Thanos, Victoria Alonso said, “Well, Thanos was mainly practical. There was a bit of prosthetic fixing that we had to do so it was not a CG character.” Whether their work on the Mad Titan was laying groundwork for the sequel, Alonso played coy: “I couldn’t tell you because we’re not working on Thanos, but for any character that is an all CG character like the Hulk, it took us, would you say 19 months? 20 months? So it’s almost a two year process from the modeling. The modeling and the rigging took forever.”

About the James Gunn-directed space epic Guardians of the Galaxy and how Marvel will tackle Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Victoria Alonso continued, “We’re going to do it the best way possible. We are going to hopefully wow [you]. The beautiful thing about it is technology is always on our side, so we’re I would say very deeply into developing the look and hopefully some motion tests are happening so that we can figure out how they move, but I think that we will put all hands on deck to make sure the fans are proud of those two characters.”

The folks at Crave Online have seen footage from director Alan Taylor’s Thor: The Dark World, considering their next question asked if there are new effects for all the soldiers the God of Thunder was seen fighting. “There are a couple of CG characters there that I couldn’t reveal at the moment but very soon I will,” Alonso teased. “I’m sure we’re going to see you soon, but there’s a lot of work in Thor because don’t forget, Thor is not of earth. So every time we’re into his world we’re in a completely different environment. [Malekith] is a real actor. He’s not a CG creation.”

Speaking about Iron Man 3 and whether there were any difficulties having the Armored Avenger in a new snowy surrounding, Alonso suggested, “No. Snow, sand, we’ve done him everywhere. We’ve done him up in the [air], we’ve done him in the ocean, we’ve done him in the sand dunes, we’ve done him in the snow, we’ve done him in the house. He’s a jet setter.” After being asked sharply how they’re doing the Mandarin’s ten rings, Victoria quipped, “Well, May 3rd we will show you.”

Marvel will release a slate of films based on Marvel characters including “Iron Man 3” on May 3, 2013; “Thor: The Dark World ” on November 8, 2013; “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” on April 4, 2014; “Guardians of the Galaxy” on August 1, 2014; the sequel to “Marvel's The Avengers” on May 1, 2015; and “Ant-Man” on November 6, 2015!
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marvel72 - 2/7/2013, 12:20 PM
Victoria Alonso: "There are a couple of CG characters there that I couldn’t reveal at the moment but very soon I will."

superotherside - 2/7/2013, 12:31 PM
How are you doing the Mandarin’s rings?

Victoria Alonso: Well, May 3rd we will show you.

Sounds like they are doing something!
marvel72 - 2/7/2013, 12:36 PM
@ batz11

could be thor the dark world does sound like its based on some of the walter simonson run i.e introducing kurse.

maybe surtur & beta ray bill she did say a couple of cgi characters.
DarthMauve - 2/7/2013, 12:37 PM
"With Thor: The Dark World, in the teaser it looks like the whole throne room is effects..."

Sorry? 'teaser'? Have i missed something?
DioFoRio - 2/7/2013, 12:38 PM
DioFoRio - 2/7/2013, 12:38 PM
cant wait
JDUKE25 - 2/7/2013, 12:41 PM
Well if there's gonna be a Planet Hulk movie, they had better get started on that right now. That will take forever to do Hulk, plus everyone else in that story.
DrDoom - 2/7/2013, 12:50 PM
I want to ask a legitimate question: how do you become the executive.... of anything?
DrDoom - 2/7/2013, 12:53 PM

What is that supposed to mean?
Marqy - 2/7/2013, 12:53 PM
On IM3

“No. Snow, sand, we’ve done him everywhere. We’ve done him up in the [air], we’ve done him in the ocean, we’ve done him in the sand dunes, we’ve done him in the snow, we’ve done him in the house. He’s a jet setter.”

- Now that just sounds wroooooong
Giznad - 2/7/2013, 1:11 PM
@Yoss, MJ is still one of my first superheroes.
95 - 2/7/2013, 1:21 PM
I actually like this interview. Pretty interesting stuff.
Hetzer - 2/7/2013, 1:24 PM
MJ- Marvel of basketball ;)
NightForce - 2/7/2013, 1:51 PM
Yay she pretty much confirmed Mandarins rings are gonna have powers!
@jCameron is on a roll brah
rockerdude22 - 2/7/2013, 2:11 PM
Awesome that she hinted at Mandarin's rings having powers! Also, I gotta say that I didn't realize Thanos was practical. That's awesome!
GSpawn - 2/7/2013, 2:28 PM

Pimpin? Oh my Gold toothed,low riding,Crunk drinking friend, it goes beyond more than this footage of kamen on the local subway a couple nights ago proves....

and just for every bodies local hero...gusto, a look back into the beginning of both a long and very senile journey...:P

GSpawn - 2/7/2013, 2:46 PM

Hellz yeah let's high five kirk and spock style

but eh kamen I guess I can say Gusto is doing fairly good in the hero role even though he's long retired....see?

Durf - 2/7/2013, 2:53 PM
Nice interview. And did she hint at Mandarin's rings doing something? Suh-weet!

Durf - 2/7/2013, 3:02 PM
Now, you guys we need to make sure when Gusto dies this time he goes out with a smile

Kamen, are you still practicing those dance moves?

SageMode - 2/7/2013, 3:06 PM
Sounds like Mandarin's powers will have some kinda powers after all. The plot thickens
SageMode - 2/7/2013, 3:16 PM
*Mandarin's rings
ahhmynuts - 2/7/2013, 3:20 PM
i knew thanos wasnt CG all you ignorant fools! saying "i dont like thanos there too much CG."
whos the idiot now?!?
NovaCorpsFan - 2/7/2013, 3:42 PM
I'm betting Mandarin's rings will be like miniature repulsors. By the way, I'm new and this is my first comment.
rockerdude22 - 2/7/2013, 4:32 PM
Kamen, I hereby challenge you to a dance-off! I've often been told I've got moves, so let's see who's got the better ones! lol
NovaCorpsFan - 2/7/2013, 4:44 PM
Man,you guys crack me the fudge up. XD
GSpawn - 2/7/2013, 4:55 PM
@Rockerdude and Kamen

IDK, I think the dance off could be a boom given if the opponents are feeling it, I've seen Kamen's tutorials on the art of dance videos he's putting out you can't fool me!

and here we have the combatants, yoss and Gusto

NovaCorpsFan - 2/7/2013, 5:20 PM
@Cipher thanks for the warm welcome man, you wouldn't mind telling me how to get an avatar would'ja pal?
NovaCorpsFan - 2/7/2013, 5:24 PM
Thanks for the help Kamen. :)
NovaCorpsFan - 2/7/2013, 5:32 PM
The internet is full of useless crap, but no 60 x60 Nova images, BS!
Durf - 2/7/2013, 6:01 PM
Everybody dance now!

GSpawn - 2/7/2013, 6:08 PM

along with Kamen and Cipher's warm welcome, allow me to welcome you to CBM bro :P

but uh between you and me I'd stay away from kamen, he's one o the crazier ones, and I don't mean the dance kind...

I mean the nick cage kinda crazy....

Durf - 2/7/2013, 6:09 PM
@Nova: welcome to CBM bro. Don't start any flame wars or fan flames and you are ok with me. Welcome man
NovaCorpsFan - 2/7/2013, 6:16 PM
@Durf I'm not the kind for flame wars, thanks to the guys for helping me with the avatar, good ol' Cletus Cassaday whatta guy!
Durf - 2/7/2013, 6:17 PM
@Nova: good man. And that's a pretty badass avy dude. love me some Carnage. And like @Kamen said, you're welcome to come into chat and hang with us
DanteSparda - 2/7/2013, 8:24 PM
Good interview, good comments, good dance, good day to be posting on
AztecRainGod - 2/7/2013, 9:02 PM
Those rings better do SOMETHING instead of bling.
pepe - 2/8/2013, 1:13 AM
You said... rings...
NovaCorpsFan - 9/15/2013, 6:05 PM
I know the thread is old, I just felt like reliving some o' the old days.

Great article DCMF.

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