New 'Odin' And 'Loki' THOR: THE DARK WORLD Posters

New 'Odin' And 'Loki' THOR: THE DARK WORLD Posters

The God of Mischief has been freed! Coinciding with the live Q&A chat with Tom Hiddleston, Marvel/Disney has released two new Thor: The Dark World character posters with Anthony Hopkins!

Marvel Studios’ “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano and Jaimie Alexander with Rene Russo & Anthony Hopkins as Odin, “Thor: The Dark World” is directed by Alan Taylor, produced by Kevin Feige, from a story by Don Payne and screenplay by Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely and is based on Marvel’s classic Super Hero Thor, who first appeared in the comic book “Journey into Mystery” #83 in August, 1962. “Thor: The Dark World” is presented by Marvel Studios. The executive producers are Louis D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Stan Lee, Victoria Alonso, Craig Kyle and Nigel Gostelow. The film releases November 8, 2013, and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios.
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jlabatman - 9/12/2013, 9:13 AM
Damn, Odin looks like a badass!
Pheezmatic - 9/12/2013, 9:15 AM
Pheezmatic - 9/12/2013, 9:15 AM
Odinforce in full effect
NovaCorpsFan - 9/12/2013, 9:15 AM
Damn they got the ravens in!
NightWatcher - 9/12/2013, 9:16 AM
Great stuff!
PrinceOfCrime - 9/12/2013, 9:22 AM
so will thor help him escape cus it is broken?
BrotherStarkofMABMindz - 9/12/2013, 9:24 AM
Odin is a BOSS. Allan Taylor had to get the ravens in!
AvatarAang - 9/12/2013, 9:25 AM
Great Odin's raven!
PsychoManiacJacky - 9/12/2013, 9:25 AM
Why is Odin wearing Thor's costume!? Does Thor possibly die in the story with Odin taking the mantle as Thor? I wouldn't mind Anthony Hopkins joining The Avengers.
jlabatman - 9/12/2013, 9:25 AM
Odin is a Ravens fan? Odin is definitely all wise!
MrReese - 9/12/2013, 9:26 AM
Odin like a bawse!
StarkAnthony - 9/12/2013, 9:36 AM
Odin's look is pretty different than the first movie. Armor, eye patch and all.
Odin - 9/12/2013, 9:38 AM
Damn I look good :P

Loki poster looks cool too.
TelaVizion - 9/12/2013, 9:45 AM
so the knife was fake? or was that a different pic/poster I'm thinking of?
BritishMonkey - 9/12/2013, 9:47 AM
ComicBookGoth - 9/12/2013, 9:53 AM

Ragnaroknroll - 9/12/2013, 9:58 AM
Ravens!! Odin's look is sick. What an improvement over the first film. Taylor has absolutely brought the right look to the Thor franchise.
Seejay - 9/12/2013, 10:07 AM

Odin, the best poster yet. Imo.
Seejay - 9/12/2013, 10:12 AM
MartianAbominationClone - 9/12/2013, 9:59 AM
Hugin and Munin.

They are in another Avengers scene as well, the one when Thor is just about to interrogate Loki. They fly right by.

Odin is keeping a watchful eye on things on Midgard.
McNyagano - 9/12/2013, 10:15 AM
My body is ready xD

Amazing512 - 9/12/2013, 10:18 AM
ROMsnotdead - 9/12/2013, 10:19 AM
i suppose we'll see more of beautiful Asgard ! can't wait !
CoolantTech - 9/12/2013, 10:29 AM
A complete badass pic from Odin with the Ravens and all Loki's is cool too but did Thor break the glass for him or what
MsDarkPhoenix - 9/12/2013, 10:31 AM
Odin's is awesome but Loki's is badly photoshopped...
marvel72 - 9/12/2013, 10:46 AM
odin does look pretty f*ckin good,i hope we see more of him this time round.
siggisuperman - 9/12/2013, 10:52 AM
I loved seeing Odins ravens in The Avengers when Loki and Thor are first speaking
siggisuperman - 9/12/2013, 10:54 AM
Odin wearing silver, even on his eyepatch and Thor wearing gold ? Odin will retire and Thor become King
thunderforce - 9/12/2013, 11:05 AM
Can't wait .
superotherside - 9/12/2013, 11:16 AM
Odin looks great. Love the crows beside him. Nice touch.
Seejay - 9/12/2013, 11:42 AM
@siggisuperman - 9/12/2013, 10:54 AM

Good eye.
TheBeard - 9/12/2013, 11:48 AM
November can't get here soon enough.
breakUbatman - 9/12/2013, 1:24 PM

Yup apparently Thor is embracing his Kingliness (whatever the correct grammar is) in this one - according to the sneak peak on the IM3 blu ray
TheOneAboveAll - 9/12/2013, 1:50 PM
Very strappy
Demongod20 - 9/12/2013, 2:52 PM

@ ZanPhilo

Those aren’t ravens. Those are the majestic space ducks.
Ace101 - 9/12/2013, 3:25 PM
Very cool posters. I thought the barrier was magic energy not glass, or was it glass imbued with magic energy
AgentZero - 9/12/2013, 5:47 PM
Such sheer badassery it can't even be contained
TheBoss117 - 9/12/2013, 5:57 PM
All-Father ftw
MrYurMomm - 9/12/2013, 6:13 PM

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