New Thor Teaser Poster

New <i>Thor</i> Teaser Poster

Ahead of the new trailer debuting tomorrow, Yahoo Movies have an exclusive poster for Marvel's Thor. Check it out..

Its not a new image unfortunately(it was featured in Empire magazine a while back), but I like the design. What do you think? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the new trailer.

Allow Marvel to reiterate that!..

Fans anticipating the release of “Thor” on May 6, 2011–and really, who isn’t?–have reason to rejoice with the debut of this one-sheet for the film featuring the Thunderer himself in all his glory!

But that’s not all we have planned for you, Marvelite! Come back to this page tomorrow at 7:00 pm ET for the premiere of Thor’s first trailer! The trailer will play in select theaters this weekend, you might even catch it in 3D!

Now feast your eyes on the amazing “Thor” one-sheet, and check back tomorrow to see Chris Hemsworth show his stuff as the mighty hero we all know and love.

In addition to “Thor,” Marvel Studios will release a slate of films based on the Marvel characters including “Captain America: The First Avenger” on July 22, 2011; “Marvel Studios’ The Avengers” on May 4, 2012; and “Iron Man 3″ on May 3, 2013.

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Hawksblueyes - 12/9/2010, 4:29 PM
Very cool.
Ironbat95 - 12/9/2010, 4:30 PM

BarneyStinson - 12/9/2010, 4:30 PM
LEEE777 - 12/9/2010, 4:32 PM
It don't look much different but COOL!


Ironbat95 @ Why would ppl be bitching about the HELMET when everyone knows he has one in the movie LOL?!?

: /
LucasMend - 12/9/2010, 4:32 PM
cool, I still expect a more cool poster like that first one of IM2 which had the main cast, damn that one was epic.
Nice find man!
Ibz - 12/9/2010, 4:35 PM
its simple yet effective
Xandera - 12/9/2010, 4:37 PM
Looks awesome... Can`t wait to more stuff for this movie...
HarryKolmer - 12/9/2010, 4:37 PM
Not disappointed in the slightest.
Although some of the fanmades have been better, this poster still beats the shit they spewed out for Iron Man 2.
Ironbat95 - 12/9/2010, 4:40 PM
@Leee because when the action figures were released after we already knew he had a helmet, ppl still complained about it. Us Fanboys can b like that xD
80sFace - 12/9/2010, 4:41 PM
Is the cape made out of terrycloth? He is the god of thunder and terrycloth is like shamwow absorbent.
2010warmachine - 12/9/2010, 4:42 PM
ecksmanfan - 12/9/2010, 4:42 PM
Looks cool!
Joe6Pack74 - 12/9/2010, 4:43 PM
Where is the helmet?
ViperXX79 - 12/9/2010, 4:44 PM
A little common sense would explain why they don't have him wearing the helmet in promotional pics. He's the star of the movie and they aren't going to cover his face with a helmet in the ads they pay millions of dollars for.
Ibz - 12/9/2010, 4:44 PM
the helmets up his ass. @Viper sadly some people lack common sense
BruceWayneNewton - 12/9/2010, 4:45 PM
Looks amazing. It's going to be better than Green Lantern for sure even though the Green Lantern story is a better one. This does look epic.
Dynamo - 12/9/2010, 4:48 PM
Yep that's why Batman always had his mask off in all the posters. And spidey too right? :P

All joking aside, I don't mind that he doesn't have the helmet. Would I have liked to see him wearing it in action? Yes. Will it ruin the movie if he doesn't? No.
Hawksblueyes - 12/9/2010, 4:49 PM
Pure BADASSERY! This movie has me more excited than any of the other CBM's that have come before it.

LEEE777 - 12/9/2010, 4:50 PM
Hawksblueyes @ Its deff gonna be up there with WATCHMEN and TDK! ; )
LEEE777 - 12/9/2010, 4:51 PM

Vidocolor @ lol!

IRONBAT @ Yeah heh heh! ; D
Ibz - 12/9/2010, 4:53 PM
@LEEE green lantern should be different experience dont know much about him,so hopefully its entertaining but for me Thor is the movie i've been waiting for all these years
@Dynamo he DOES have the helmet in the movie and he is wearing it, Spiderman and batman are recognisable instantly around the world where as thor is a bit different not many people would recognise him
WaylonJones - 12/9/2010, 4:54 PM
its no Green Lantern Trailer but still cool none the less :P
marvel72 - 12/9/2010, 4:54 PM
now thats a poster,simple but epic.

looking forward to the captain america poster even more now.
tricklove187 - 12/9/2010, 4:55 PM
Dynamo - 12/9/2010, 4:57 PM
I know he does. I just meant I hope we see him with it in more than just that one scene. Seems to me like they only have it during his introduction then never wearing it throughout the rest of the film. That's all I expect really, but there might be more. It's a non-issue anyway.
ViperXX79 - 12/9/2010, 4:59 PM
@Dynamo Most of the movie population already knew who Bale and Maguire were. Hemsworth is new to the public and they have to sell him and the movie at the same time.

Plus those two characters are known for the mask they wear and the attitude behind it and that's why you don't have to find actors that look exactly like their alter egos. Thor is an actual face with a fairly new actor and that's why they aren't going to cover his face with a helmet he won't be wearing 24/7 anyway. But that's just a taste of logic in a world full of fanboys.
Ibz - 12/9/2010, 5:07 PM
@Dynamo yeah dude i get what you mean, i wasnt attacking you or anything, personally i would like him to wear the helmet all the time but like you said its not a issue really

@Viper i thinks thats a bit harsh not all fanboys are like that, hey i am a proud fanboy i dont bitch and moan over little things
SageMode - 12/9/2010, 5:21 PM
It would be alot cooler if he had his trademark helmet, but its still epic nonetheless. really lookin forward to this movie
Dynamo - 12/9/2010, 5:33 PM
@ckal, Viper- It was just a joke anyway. I understand the heistation to have the helmet on the character. Although the 300 poster still had them with helmets. And this was time when people didn't know Gerald Butler beyond Lara Croft 2.
SFCamerica - 12/9/2010, 5:35 PM
BADASS!! Best one sheet since TDK's "Why So Serious" featuring the Joker behind clouded glass!!! BRING ON THE FIRST AVENGER posters and trailers!!! Never have I been this excited about the upcoming movies in the next year, this is going to be the movie season of all movie seasons!!!!

For the record "Watchmen" sucked ass! I'd rather light my hair on fire and put it out with an axe than be subjected to that garbage again!! X-Men 3 and Spiderman 3 are Oscar material compared to that trash!
Bandrews1 - 12/9/2010, 5:36 PM
TheMyth - 12/9/2010, 5:41 PM
This is a great 1-sheet, I'd hang this on a wall. I think the lack of helm is meant to signify the status that will be stripped from him by Odin. I am sure we will see the helm at some point, but in terms of representing the story, they are witholding. Plus, you all know how psyched you'll be in the theater when it does appear! Thor has never really been one of my more favored characters, but I have respect for him and this movie has greatness all over it.
spiderneil - 12/9/2010, 5:50 PM
where's his helmet?!!!
Rhys - 12/9/2010, 5:52 PM
Awesome!!!! :D
DCMarvelFreshman - 12/9/2010, 5:55 PM
You're on a role ROR, aha Great find bro! My wireless connection connected long enough for me to see it debut, but too slow to post anything here. lol
odinson11 - 12/9/2010, 5:59 PM
Now that is the picture i've been waiting on! He looks like a warrior in that poster. Now if they could only change those biker pants into chainmail like the comics we,d be good to go!
croniccris - 12/9/2010, 6:04 PM
HarryKolmer - 12/9/2010, 6:04 PM

You obviously don't know much about film-making, or Watchmen.
HammerGod - 12/9/2010, 6:08 PM
Looks great! I am pumped for the trailer tomorrow.
BrotherStarkofMABMindz - 12/9/2010, 6:12 PM
I can't wait until tomorrow
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