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The award-winning international visual effects company, Method Studios, has released a new breakdown video detailing the digital effects that their crew created for Thor: The Dark World.
You knew it was coming... After a month of the film's release on DVD and Blu-Ray, CinemaSins finally got around to doing the latest "Everything Wrong With" in their franchise, in which they fire down upon Marvel's Thor: The Dark World.
Taking a look at characters not yet shown on the big screen, were can they be incorporated in films? Taking section by section, character by character I'll try and show just about every character that's at least worth screen time. Starting with the Thor universe.
While chatting to, the Marvel head honcho fielded some questions about the planned Thor threequel, as well as any possible future tie-ins with Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. He gives nothing away of course, but might drop a hint of two with his refusal to discuss certain things!
Have you seen the Thor sequel yet? Check out my non spoiler review of Thor: The Dark World.
As part of the new Disney Movies Anywhere, a new deleted scene has come up exclusively from Marvel's Thor: The Dark World, which features the God of Thunder taking on some Asgardian soldiers, as he lays his hammer down so no killing will be done. Check it out after the Jump!
With Marvel's Thor: The Dark World recently hitting stores around the world, We've seen some great storyboards, deleted scenes, and more. Film Sketchr has released some great new concept art, which features Asgard, a Dark Elf invasion, and character designs, featuring Heimdall, Fandral, and more!
In this editorial, I express my issues with Marvel's Thor: The Dark World
As Thor: The Dark World arrives on Blu-Ray/DVD today, Marvel Entertainment has released another deleted scene from the film featuring an extended look at the Battle of Vanaheim and the Warriors Three in battle. Come check it out!
Film Sketchr has posted some Thor: The Dark World storyboards that were created by storyboard artist, Trevor Goring. In Alan Taylor's film there is a very emotional funeral scene, and now you can see how it was initially visualized. Come check it out!
After composer Carter Burwell ("The Blind Side") had creative differences and left Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World, Marvel hired Iron Man 3 composer, Brian Tyler. Come see a new one-minute clip from the DVD in which Brian talks about scoring the film.
Marvel Studios' conceptual illustrator Andy Park ("The Avengers"), has updated his website with a large batch of concept art that he created for Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World. Check it out!
Here's a few reasons as to why I believe both Amora and Scourge were meant to be in the first 2 Thor movies, but will definetly be in THOR 3.
The incredibly talented conceptual illustrator, Jerad S. Marantz ("Green Lantern"), has updated his website with some fantastic Thor: The Dark World character designs of the Marauders.
Check out this Honest trailer for Marvel's Thor The Dark World from Screen Junkies. Spoiler Alert for those who haven't watched the film, but if you have be sure to watch as it' hilarious. Take a look after the jump.
Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton talks to CBM about doubling for Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World, Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending and breaks down the training regiment he follows to stay at the top of the stunt profession.
Featuring Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi, and Ray Stevenson, Collider has debuted a deleted/extended Thor: The Dark World scene with the Asgardians celebrating after a victory on the battlefield.
Introduced by goof-prone Kevin Feige & Tom Hiddleston, check out MTV's Thor: The Dark World gag reel preview, featuring just about every cast member... goofing off during and in-between takes!
Sources for Drew McWeeny of Hit Fix, have told him that the next Marvel Studios Thor solo-film will tell the incredibly popular Ragnarok storyline. Hit the jump to voice your opinion.
Marvel Studios announces that an executive producer & a co-writer on Thor: The Dark World have been hired to tackle the script for the God of Thunder's third solo outing. Check it out after the jump!
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