THOR: The Dark World Alternative/Deleted Scenes

A few scenes that were cut from Thor: The Dark World have been revealed. Including a conversation between Frigga and Loki, Jane exploring Asgard, Odin and Jane Clashing, and more

In a nice reveal, MCU Films on Tumblr has shown some deleted scenes from Thor: The Dark World

Click the source link below to view them in their entirety.
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Knightrider - 11/9/2013, 9:08 PM
It seems they were going to build up a love triangle between Sif and Jane, and despit building it up...nothing came of it, so was wondering if there was a deleted scene between the two.
Nomis - 11/9/2013, 9:23 PM
@ Knightrider - A friend of mine, she said the same thing.

Thor 2 was better than the first one and much better than I expected.

Still, it was WAY too much HUMOR in it that almost ruined what could have been a much better movie.

How many times did we need to see the Eric Salveg news reel when he's nekkid or showing him not in pants?????


And Darcy and her intern...the less said the better.

Still, the production was AMAZING, Action was outstanding, and the cast was top notch but as ever Tom Hiddleston was AMAZING as Loki.

But it could've been a whole lot more.
Knightrider - 11/9/2013, 9:43 PM
@Nomis totally agree about the humour, and not only that, some of the humour was poor, and poorly placed....what's worse some humour fell apart with two seconds of thought.

I know not to over think humour to some degree, but when brain cell can fire and say why something doesn't work it doesn't, well, it probably doesn't work.

Some will say I am over reacting, but Thor catching the tube during the last fight scene was awful. What is worse if he is willing to be civilised and take it...then I am sorry, world is over he'd never make it in time.

Tom again stole the show, great performance.

Overall it seemed like a movie one person started another finished where there are Setups with no Payoffs or outcomes not at all setup. A solid 6/10 for me.
ezio619 - 11/9/2013, 9:46 PM
man i wish they would have cut back the darcy,ian and selvig humor from the film and put that focus on these scenes and flesh out malekith,still i thought the movie had a fair amount of drama,more then i expected atleast and i felt emotional in some scenes such as lokis "death",friggas death,her funeral scene etc. it was still a good movie,but with these elements put in and some stripped back,it could have been a great one
Nomis - 11/9/2013, 10:05 PM
K@ nightrider - The beat us over the head with the humor till the buildup drama and emotion was something that was just thrown away.

Frigga funeral was an absolutly beautiful, emotional striring scene and it was followed up with more Slevig humor in the old folks home, so her funeral didn;t have hte impact it should have.

They should've edited out most of the humor and added back the drama.
Ramiel - 11/9/2013, 10:08 PM
The only humor that I didn't like was Darcy and her intern kissing while Thor and Malekith were battling across the realms. Other than that, the humor was fine. The fish out of water moments were just as hilarious as they were in the first movie. Great, fun film.
bazinga85 - 11/9/2013, 10:11 PM
Just saw it. I agree with @ezio619, the Darcy, Ian, and Selvig humor was cringe-worthy and really took me out of the movie at some parts. I also thought Malekith was brutally underused, but other than that, I really enjoyed T:TDW. Everything with Loki was awesome, it had some very powerful moments, although I didn't like the fact that EVERY emotional scene was followed up by a comedic scene. Overall though, a very good movie. 7.5/10


The best parts were Loki and Thor's trick plan, and Loki taking the throne...fantastic
Ramiel - 11/9/2013, 10:13 PM
"Can I have my shoe back?" - Stan Lee

ezio619 - 11/9/2013, 10:45 PM
i will say this,i thought it was a good end to a good / really good year for superhero films imo

Iron Man 3(May 3,2013)=Solid imo,the forced humor and certain things could have been fleshed out more are my only negatives,i thought they had an interesting idea behind the mandarin twist which echoed back to the original concept behind his creation but i understand people complaints and can understand why they dont like it

Man of Steel(June 14,2013)= really good film,negatives were the tentacle scene could have been cut out and they should have added some scenes with dealing the aftermath of the destruction of metropolis and supes killing zod

The Wolverine (July 26,2013)= my favorite superhero film of the year, my negatives were viper could have been cut out completely and the whole silver samurai robot felt jarring and didnt belong for the tone the movie had ,otherwise logans arc is great,very immersive film,like the smaller and personal scale

Thor The Dark World( November 8,2013)= good film,i might need to watch it again to see if i really like it or something,darcy,ian and selvig humor was unnecessary and malekith could have been fleshed out more,the deleted scenes should have taken the place of the human scenes on earth,but the film still had a fair amount of drama and emotion that i really liked etc.
ezio619 - 11/9/2013, 11:06 PM
Next year

Captain America:Winter Soldier(April 4,2014)= this is probably gonna be marvels most serious film yet and probably most intense,cant Wait.

The Amazing Spiderman 2(May 2,2014)= this has me alittle worried due to the many characters in the film otherwise i think it will be good

X men Days of Future Past(May 23,2014)= my least anticipated superhero movie of next year, but ireally liked the trailer,it liked the dark,somber yet emotional tone looking forward to it.

Guardians of The Galaxy(August 1,2014)= this is the one that can go either way,it could be really good(i hope to god it is really good) or not,it is my most anticipated superhero film of next year because its something new and different
GizmoEl - 11/9/2013, 11:25 PM
I think they should have just shown Selvig's nakedness when Darcy was watching TV. It would've made it a mystery of why hes in a mental institute etc a little more interesting.

That being said, I really didn't find the humor to be overkill in this movie. Maybe I was expecting too much humor from Darcy and the Intern because of all the reviews and reactions, but I found them REALLY entertaining. Sure they weren't necessary, but their humor balanced out some of the more intense scenes.
Luminus - 11/10/2013, 1:30 AM
Why the frak weren't these scenes in the movie!!!!???? Anyway, I liked the scene with Thor on the tube and so did the audience I was with. Who cares if it wasn't accurate. Get this, MANY scenes in movies aren't accurate. The Empire State Building having a street leading right to its front door in Independence Day is a perfect example of this.

I could've done without naked Selvig, twice at that. Talk about overkill. And who in the world thought Loki was actually dead? It was so obvious it was an illusion.
TelaVizion - 11/10/2013, 3:22 AM
I'm guessing you ppl are calling the train "the tube"???

Am I right? Took me a while to figure out what the hell y'all are talkin bout.
MrReese - 11/10/2013, 4:03 AM

MrReese - 11/10/2013, 4:09 AM
"And who in the world thought Loki was actually dead? It was so obvious it was an illusion."

The illusions happen 2 disappear with the touch of someone.Thor was holding Loki when he died so I don't know how he pulled it off.God of Mischief indeed.

MrReese - 11/10/2013, 4:10 AM

miro - 11/10/2013, 4:22 AM
Is it me or was that humor ridiculously dry and just not funny.

Just seems they are trying to mimic Joss Whedon's Avengers tone throughout and losing sight on the greatness that the movies could be.

Marvel stop interfering your [frick]ing it up for yourselves.
Luminus - 11/10/2013, 4:35 AM
@TelaVizion: Yes. I think that's what Londoners call it.

@MrReese: Actually, not really. We saw Loki grab Thor's hand and cut it off, but that was an Illusion.
MrReese - 11/10/2013, 5:03 AM
@Luminus Idk looking at this deleted scene Loki gets his magic side from Frigga.When she appears 2 Loki in his cell as an illusion & he tries touching her hand it/she disappears.I personally don't think it was an illusion like I said I don't know how he pulled it off.I mean Thor is holding him & nothing happens.What I found weird was that Thor just left his body there.Dude just saved u & ur just gonna leave his body there?? All in all I knew he wasn't gonna get killed off or that he wasn't really dead.But yea I don't think it was an illusion.
KeefNCookies - 11/10/2013, 10:10 AM
I love Joss Whedon and all, but the humor in Avengers was too much... but IM3 and T:TDW humor was far worse. I know the idiots at Marvel think every single movie needs to be HALF comedy but it really does ruin these movies for me. There's so much to be liked about this movie but... ugh. At least there was something to enjoy about the movie unlike IM3 which was pretty awful in every sense.

But seriously Marvel, this massive effort to cash in off of Avengers and its Whedon-style is not only frustrating, I'm less of a fan of the company and characters everyday.
KeefNCookies - 11/10/2013, 10:11 AM
Didnt see your comment til after writing mine, so it probably doesnt need to be said I agree...

BritishMonkey - 11/10/2013, 11:20 AM
We need to get a director's cut on The Dark World.
miro - 11/10/2013, 12:19 PM

Word brother, it's honestly getting stupid. They were doing so well.
marvel72 - 11/10/2013, 12:38 PM
should of left the scenes that could of been good in & dropped some of the scenes that involved foster & darcy.
NightForce - 11/10/2013, 12:52 PM
Yeah man. Marvel is trying to force that Whedon-style humor into EVERY MOVIE now and its really getting on my nerves. I still enjoyed Thor TDW more than I thought I would, but I still felt a little let down, somewhat. I feel with more development and screen time, Malekith and the Dark Elves could have been way better villains, but were subjected to being one dimensional and kind of boring. But what really SAVED this movie for me was the overall pretty huge scope and time spend in Asgard and the other realms.
Yes we do. The movie felt way to fast paced at some parts. It was like you could feel how heavily the movie was edited.

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