UPDATE: Two New THOR: THE DARK WORLD Posters And Featurette with New Footage

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> Two New THOR: THE DARK WORLD Posters And Featurette with New Footage

Featuring Idris Elba as the gatekeeper of Asgard, Heimdall, and Christopher Eccleston as Malekith leading his Dark Elf army, check out two new Thor: The Dark World posters & new footage snippets!

Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. It opens in theaters November 8, 2013.
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FantasyBoy - 9/26/2013, 9:11 AM
Can't wait!
TheAbomination - 9/26/2013, 9:12 AM
Meh. Token black is token.
SageMode - 9/26/2013, 9:18 AM
That Malekith poster is straight badass.
TheWolverine08 - 9/26/2013, 9:19 AM
Heimdall looks badass!
TheWolverine08 - 9/26/2013, 9:20 AM
Malekith will be an awesome villain.
BlueHawaiiSurfer - 9/26/2013, 9:21 AM
Very nice
KraftB0X - 9/26/2013, 9:22 AM
"HEIMDALL OPEN THE BIFROST!! It's all you're good for in my movie...."
TopCat89 - 9/26/2013, 9:22 AM
Looking forward to seeing Heimdall having more screen time and fight scenes. Him cutting down the frost giants on the rainbow bridge was sweet!
knocturnalzen10 - 9/26/2013, 9:23 AM
i'm done trolling on thor for now , the first pic is looking epic
i thought they could've use a better villian just i hate his weakness to iron. i would've liked surter .................... legendary.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 9/26/2013, 9:31 AM
This is gonna shit on Avengers. It looks like it actually takes itself seriously
TheEqualist - 9/26/2013, 9:36 AM
My favorite franchise from marvel. This will be good.
HULK2099 - 9/26/2013, 9:37 AM
They should give Kurse a poster
TheWolverine08 - 9/26/2013, 9:38 AM
Avengers is still awesome.
TopCat89 - 9/26/2013, 9:50 AM

Nice spot!
TopCat89 - 9/26/2013, 9:54 AM
Kayo - 9/26/2013, 9:55 AM
Phase 2 baby!!!
BritishMonkey - 9/26/2013, 10:02 AM
I wonder what would happen when this does better than Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.
TheWolverine08 - 9/26/2013, 10:13 AM
Why does Stone Cold like to always come into Marvel articles fanboying Christopher Nolan?
TelaVizion - 9/26/2013, 10:16 AM
@Omega, we've seen him already in footage (transformed)
SoundWave - 9/26/2013, 10:20 AM
@JasonBourneCBM finaly in helmet! Hell, yeah!!!
KarolosPrime - 9/26/2013, 10:28 AM
Wait are the dark elves white or black? Cause makelith is white but in a poster algrim looks dark skinned
knocturnalzen10 - 9/26/2013, 10:29 AM
thor better not loose his hand in this
AmazingFantasy - 9/26/2013, 10:39 AM
Jesus crist yes
Omarvls - 9/26/2013, 10:42 AM

They really haven't shown anything
I mean were supposed to see Thor have a major battle with Kurse right? and we haven't even sniffed this guy I don't get it, Kurse would we a major selling point for the general audience
ManofwooD - 9/26/2013, 10:48 AM
I'm guessing that was Heimdall lunging at that transparent wall/structure thing!?!
Ramiel - 9/26/2013, 11:13 AM
Can't wait! Woohoo!
Dedpool - 9/26/2013, 11:18 AM
Phase 2 picks up some momentum with this one!
HulkbusterNYC - 9/26/2013, 11:26 AM
Have at thee!
NovaCorpsFan - 9/26/2013, 11:30 AM
It's looking like when the Elves attack Asgard, Heimdall decides to take 'em on singlehandedly.
MsDarkPhoenix - 9/26/2013, 11:37 AM
Awesome! Hemsworth is a great Thor and Tom is a legendary Loki. Can't wait to see Eccleston as Malekith!
JoJo1982 - 9/26/2013, 11:43 AM
I like how alot of action in Thor 2 is being held back from te previews ..... That's good Marvel, let ppl be surpised when the movie comes
Baconman21 - 9/26/2013, 11:55 AM
@JoJo1982 I was about to say the same thing. I hope im surprised because they haven't shown much for the villian
CharlesLord - 9/26/2013, 11:58 AM
see i kinda think jane should bite it, but something tells me Frigga will in that fight with Malekith. Or it could be heimdall since hes gettin in some heavy action
MrReese - 9/26/2013, 12:14 PM
Fock yea!!!
NextHero08 - 9/26/2013, 12:18 PM
The only people I give two flips about in the entire Thor universe is Heimdall, Odin and Loki, everyone sucks ass.
BlackFlash - 9/26/2013, 12:19 PM
@NovaCorpsFan, What makes you think he decides to take them on singlehandedly all we see is him jumping at a cloaked ship which would probably mean he's the only one who could see it (which makes sense) but that doesn't mean he takes them on singlehandedly.
Maestro - 9/26/2013, 12:22 PM
Will end up being the greatest cbm EVER! Mark my words.

It will have TDKs level of story, with Avengers action.
McNyagano - 9/26/2013, 12:30 PM

I love your avatar man :') where did you get it??
Gmoney84 - 9/26/2013, 12:32 PM
That isn't Thor with his helmet on. It's just his hair pulled back. You focks are blind.
AztecRainGod - 9/26/2013, 12:36 PM
Yea, gonna go watch Thor2, but shit, I got REALLY pumped just now watching that Comicon A2 teaser !!!! [frick] !!! =D

Thanks Topcat !!!
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