Josh Duhamel Says Michael Bay Wants Him To Cameo In TRANSFORMERS 4

Josh Duhamel Says Michael Bay Wants Him To Cameo In TRANSFORMERS 4

Will he be the lone link from the first three Transformers films? Duhamel who portrayed William Lennox in Michael Bay's giant robot franchise is at least being considered for a cameo.

It's funny, I read an article earlier this month where Josh Duhamel said that he wouldn't be in Transformers 4 and that his time with the franchise was over. However, at SXSW, the actor has revealed that he might be making a cameo in the next Autobot outing.

"[Michael] said he wants to put me in it someplace. I don’t know if he was just saying that because he had me on the phone and he felt obligated or what, but, you know what? I got to do three of those. It changed my career, it changed my life getting to be a part of something that big, so I’m grateful for even doing the first three of them."

A cameo from Duhamel wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. His portrayal of tough, no nonsense military leader William Lennox was actually a bright spot in the first three films. If I had to pick only one of the human characters for a cameo, it would probably be him.

Transformers 4 Lennox Josh Duhamel

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thorhulk77 - 3/8/2013, 4:32 PM
Agreed^. Good actor right there.
Deadpool101 - 3/8/2013, 4:32 PM
guy was my first pic to play Cap back in the day. I want him to play Black Bolt now
TheOneAboveAll - 3/8/2013, 4:33 PM
Decent actor
Reasonnnn - 3/8/2013, 4:34 PM
It's not like he has any other films lined up. He's like the homeless man's Timothy Olyphant.
Niklander - 3/8/2013, 4:35 PM
Bring it on he is my second choice to do Nathan Drake first choice is Tyler Hoechlin. Dude along with Tyrese Gibson should have had the main role in 2 and 3. [frick] Labeouf the guy was annoying as [frick]
Optimus83 - 3/8/2013, 4:37 PM
a cameo???. ...really???
DioFoRio - 3/8/2013, 4:37 PM
he better be in it or the continuity will be off and people will rage. I say they keep the character and recast him with Mark Ruffalo.
bazinga85 - 3/8/2013, 4:39 PM
He basically just said 'no' in the nicest way he could.
bonesmcgee - 3/8/2013, 4:41 PM
Yes, we need a cameo from Duhamel's memorable, iconic character of "Military Guy" from the Transformers trilogy.
BANE5000 - 3/8/2013, 4:42 PM
I wouldnt mind this at all
NorrinRaddical - 3/8/2013, 4:48 PM
@ Reasonnnn : lol

i saw all three of these movies and couldn't remember who he was
KingEmperor - 3/8/2013, 4:49 PM
Actually, I mind. But only because I wanted Lennox and Epps as the main characters this time around. To me, they were pretty much the only likable humans in the trilogy. And they had better chemistry with each other than Shia had with his love interests.
MercSoul - 3/8/2013, 4:49 PM
that would be a great idea, i mean he was awesome in the film, he was better protagonist that Shia LaBeouf
Fornication - 3/8/2013, 4:55 PM
He was one of the only things in those movies that didn't suck.
DioFoRio - 3/8/2013, 5:12 PM
Just Give me robots blowing shit up with a Saturday morning cartoon plot and I'm golden, it is transformers for Christ's sake.
HellsHammer - 3/8/2013, 5:23 PM
I'm cool with that
TheSuperguy - 3/8/2013, 5:24 PM
Sounds cool.
InfiniteMonkey - 3/8/2013, 5:58 PM
[frick] that. They want to erase the travesty that was whatever that was Transformers pretender movie past, leave all that behind.

Quit being a little bitch and move forward with the story. No more hitches that was a shameful first three or four. Whatever.
Fornication - 3/8/2013, 6:07 PM

You are everything that is wrong with this world.
KelvTwelve - 3/8/2013, 6:29 PM
I always questioned why Shia was around for the whole trilogy as the main character while him and his team were pushed to the back. They were more useful and aspiring heroes than Sam, in TF the underdog story made sense. In TF2, Sam's a joke. In TF3, he's a fullblown jerk.

But yet we followed him. What about the other characters in Transformers 1? That was my main flaw about the series.
Vaportrail - 3/8/2013, 7:43 PM
Yes, please.
His character was great. Probably the most real human in the whole thing.
NostalgicYouth - 3/8/2013, 8:06 PM
What happend to his wife, and child from the first one!?
Jhuntdaprodigy - 3/8/2013, 8:07 PM
I honestly don't even remember much about his role in the films at all, I think I vaguely remember an emotional subplot about his family which was enjoyable. A cameo from him isn't unwelcome, but I highly doubt it would make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. With Bay still at the helm, T4 is likely to suck, but I'll remain optimistic that Wahlberg and whoever else they cast can do a much better job portraying the humans
GhostKILLERgx7 - 3/8/2013, 8:18 PM
and he couldn't be the main actor for the new series why?
we could have seen more of what the autobots do with the government, which would have been more action packed then hanging out with even/stevens.
GSpawn - 3/8/2013, 8:43 PM
Wait why can't they just replace shia with marky mark and leenox and epps cameo as his passers of the mantle towards the bots? we could easily have had that as a better lead in that way
Ramiel - 3/8/2013, 8:55 PM
I guess I would be fine w/ this.
zachman2013 - 3/8/2013, 9:02 PM
Now that I think about it, if he bulked up a li, he would be a good Batman for the reboot thats down the road. Anyone else agree?
WhiteSAMURAI - 3/8/2013, 11:47 PM
Hes the only person from the movies I remember that wasn't somewhat annoying.
DioFoRio - 3/9/2013, 1:08 AM
@FreakingIntell lol right?

@Chloe, if that is the worst thing in your world ,then you need to get out of the basement more often.
xMichaelxScottx - 3/9/2013, 7:19 AM
Why does everyone hate on Shia? I think he did great in the TF movies.
WarnerBrother - 3/9/2013, 7:23 AM
I could see Lennox being the General giving out a mission.

He started as a Captain in the first film.Was a Major in the second and a Lt.Colonel in the third. With a 4 or 5 year gap and the fact he led a suicide mission into Chicago in the last film,likely would have got him a General's star.
Canon38 - 3/9/2013, 10:26 AM
Makes sense, i guess.
MightyZeus - 3/9/2013, 4:35 PM
Kinda sad that the only action movie he's doing is Transformers.

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