Name Of Mark Wahlberg's TRANSFORMERS 4 Character Revealed Via Casting Call

Name Of Mark Wahlberg's TRANSFORMERS 4 Character Revealed Via Casting Call

A Transformers 4 casting call for Austin, Texas has gone online, and it confirms the return of General Morshower as well as revealing the name of the lead character (played by Mark Wahlberg).

Via Examiner, a new casting call for the next Transformers movie has been released. The call is for Austin, TX, and the Michael Bay-directed fourquel will begin shooting there later this month. Most interestingly, it includes the following cast summary. Among previously known members Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Peter Cullen, Kelsey Grammar and Sophia Myles, we also have confirmation that Glenn Morshower's General Morshower will return (as he previously hinted a while back). Additionally, the name of Mark Wahlberg's lead character has been uncovered. You can read the summary below, and click the source link to check out the casting call in its entirety. Transformers 4 is set to hit theaters June 27th, 2014.

Starring in "Transformers 4" is Jack Reynor in the starring role of a race car driver. The talented and beautiful Nicola Peltz has been cast in the female lead role of Reynor's girlfriend. Mark Wahlberg has signed on to play Nicola's father Flynn Vincent. Sophia Myles will play a major role as a scientist. Peter Cullen returns as the voice of Optimus Prime, and Glenn Morshower reprises his role as General Morshower. Kelsey Grammer was recently cast as the lead villain named "Harold Attinger". Directors Guild of America DGA Award winner Michael Bay will return to direct his fourth installment of the film series from a screenplay written by Ehren Kruger.
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TheDARKestKNIGHT - 5/18/2013, 2:30 PM
Does anybody care? Didn't think so.
RexDartEskimoSpy - 5/18/2013, 2:34 PM

I was hoping Marky Mark would reprise his signature role of "slow-witted high school science teacher" from The Happening.
Tajin88 - 5/18/2013, 2:42 PM
The role of his life. An actor in a movie in which you don't need any acting skills. Perfect...for them!
AsianVersionOfET - 5/18/2013, 2:44 PM
That thumbnail image of Mr. Wahlberg is killing me.
Brainiac13 - 5/18/2013, 2:50 PM
This will be more of the same bullshit....this need a reboot with only Cybertron as it will be more epic and get Del Toro to Direct.
sinthegreat - 5/18/2013, 2:50 PM
The f**ks I give...
danetooeasy - 5/18/2013, 2:52 PM
Why a female interest? Just look at Pacific Rim... Come on, Bay. Show us what you can REALLY do. I am skeptical.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/18/2013, 2:53 PM
TheOneAboveAll - 5/18/2013, 2:54 PM
Wait... Nicola is 18 and Mark is how old?!?!
danetooeasy - 5/18/2013, 2:56 PM
Hopefully Kelsey Grammer can bring redemption.
RacerREX - 5/18/2013, 3:09 PM
I would nail that Peltz to the wall if you catch my drift. Nudge, nudge, grin, grin, wink, wink, say no more squire!!!

And how dare she string Norman along like that anyway! She's a tease!

ALegendaryPanda - 5/18/2013, 3:17 PM
CherryBomb - 5/18/2013, 3:32 PM

YES, love me some Sophia Myles

Although Mark Wahlberg is so annoying.
CaptainObvious - 5/18/2013, 3:37 PM
How far into the movie will I stop caring about any of these characters?
TheAbomination - 5/18/2013, 3:39 PM
You can call him the Lord Jesus Christ for all I care. Still gonna be a shit movie.
rocky - 5/18/2013, 3:53 PM
@ TheOneAboveAll

and your point is? :)

Besides Wahlber is playing Nicola's father
not the love interest
TheRationalOne - 5/18/2013, 3:56 PM
Brainiac - "This will be more of the same bullshit....this need a reboot with only Cybertron as it will be more epic and get Del Toro to Direct."

This is the perfect example of Fanboyism. A movie about Transformers that ONLY takes place on Cybertron would A) Flop because people who aren't still holding on to their childhood fantasies wouldn't want to see it. Thats why the other films are popular and people like them that ARENT still 12 years old in the head. B) It isn't any truer to the original cartoon, is it? The original cartoon all took place on Earth, except instead of EVER leaking over in to cities (which makes far more sense), the battles ALWAYS were contained to desert scenes. You know why? Cuz animation in the 80 sucked and it was easier to draw scenery like deserts (Transformers) and weak forest area's (Thundercats) and the black boringness of space (Silverhawks). Doesn't it make more sense that a movie about Transformers doing battle on Earth would actually happen in cities and military would get involved? THATS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! The whole "too many humans, not enough Transformer" argument is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. And as far as the plots and stories being thin and not very well written...well so were the storied in the 80's cartoon.

I'm not saying Michael Bay is a genius. But I am saying that not one of you schmucks that thinks you know what would make a better Transformers movie knows what the hell you're talking about. All of your idea's are stupid as shit and would tank at the boxoffice because you're only thinking about what YOU want, not what the general audience would want. A Cybertron war movie would be awesome. IF it was animated and straight to DVD. But a movie would tank. Just like the TMNT movie did. The fact that they're making a fourth movie despite the fact that all of you clearly don't care shows how much your opinion matters in the grand scheme of things.

I'll watch it. It will probably be a weak script with weak storyline and tons of plot holes and sub-par acting. But I bet the special effects will be amazing, the battles will be fun as shit, and I'll still leave the theater thinking it was entertaining.

And guess what. Most of you will go see it too. So shut up.
sephiroth211 - 5/18/2013, 4:00 PM
CaptainHulk3 - 5/18/2013, 4:10 PM
Pox - 5/18/2013, 4:38 PM
Can we get a damned roll call on the bots in this damned thing?
DarthVenom - 5/18/2013, 4:44 PM
After seeing him, in ted no -_-
sinthegreat - 5/18/2013, 4:44 PM
hey rational 1, go suck a railroad spike... bay sucks donkey ass.
staypuffed - 5/18/2013, 4:50 PM
I'm sick of main characters called Jack.
TheRationalNerd - 5/18/2013, 5:09 PM
About 95% of the individuals here saying that they won't see this film will actually be intrigued by its Epicness come 2014. And I'm screen shoting all of these comments so I can repost them here the day when the film releases and everyone is raving about how well it surprised fans everywhere!
Optimist18 - 5/18/2013, 5:19 PM
BboiBlack - 5/18/2013, 5:26 PM
NO ONE CARES, yet the last movie made more than a billion, more than any batman movie and probably more than any Ironman movie.

All this is says is that NO ONE SHOULD CARE WHAT FAN BOYS THINK. No one in hollywood anyways.
rocky - 5/18/2013, 5:51 PM
similar to a movie out now
you know, the one a lot of folk here are hating on
but general audiences are loving

Yes, fanboys are just a small percentage
despite how boisterous
RexDartEskimoSpy - 5/18/2013, 6:13 PM
I like the way you think, dudeguyman.
kirklazarus87 - 5/18/2013, 6:47 PM
I forgot Transformers 4 was being made
spartan6888 - 5/18/2013, 7:06 PM
Acerimmer1 - 5/18/2013, 7:49 PM
I just skimmed it but it reads to me like He's not in the starring role. Looks like He's the girlfreinds Dad.
mctrinket - 5/18/2013, 7:57 PM
So Markey Mark is now reduced playing the lead's Dad? WTF? Did Pain & Gain do that poorly at the box office?
MementoMori - 5/18/2013, 8:21 PM
I thought this was somehow supposed to be a reboot of the reboot of Transformers. Ha, that sentence I typed made me laugh. Seriously though, how is this gonna be a reboot? Does anyone know? If so, please post.
kemuael - 5/18/2013, 8:36 PM
looking forward to it!!!
GhostKILLERgx7 - 5/18/2013, 9:03 PM
so no where on that list did i see FRANK WELKER AS MEGATRON!
PenditaMarah - 5/18/2013, 10:54 PM

Well said,buddy.I will go to atch tf inspite it could be sucks just like the third.
RPD - 5/18/2013, 11:04 PM
@Rational You shut up. I still haven't seen the last one and won't see this one, either. Shows wtf you know...
kazumama - 5/18/2013, 11:42 PM
All haters please shut up,if you don't like Michael bay or Transformers just comment on the page u like,this page is not welcome haters,hate it or not this movie will cross 1 billion us worldwide easily and will become top grossing movie next just hate it,whatever..
AEStark - 5/18/2013, 11:52 PM
It's hilarious how people go out of their way to show the internet how little they care. It takes an awful lot of

While they aren't the greatest films, i like this series and i'll probably see this one too.
thejfather1 - 5/19/2013, 12:03 AM
Its basically a given to hate on these movies, but i watch them anyway lol
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