Another new TV spot from Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction has been released featuring brief snippets of new footage including a bit of Stanley Tucci questioning Mark Wahlberg's leadership style. Come check it out now! The films releases June 27th.

Four years after the invasion of Chicago, a mechanic and his daughter discover Optimus Prime, which brings the Autobots, Decepticons, and a paranoid government agency down on them interrupting their quiet life.

Transformers: Age of Extinction features:
Director: Michael Bay
Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
Nicola Peltz as Tessa Yeager
Jack Reynor as Shane Dyson
Stanley Tucci as Joshua
Sophia Myles as Darcy
Kelsey Grammer as Harold Attinger
T.J. Miller as Lucas
Titus Welliver as Savoy
Li Bingbing as Su Yueming

Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters June 27, 2014.

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Wildaniel - 6/10/2014, 8:22 PM
I cant wait for this movie, its gonna be awesome! Even with Bay's stupid comedy, lol.
animeex - 6/10/2014, 8:22 PM
Please let Bumblebee speak correctly.
CapFan79 - 6/10/2014, 8:30 PM
I really like Kelsey Grammer and Stanley Tucci. With Marky Mark maybe the ludicrous plot we all know it'll have can at least be fun. Shia and Tutturo really wore out their welcome.
BlackBolt72 - 6/10/2014, 8:35 PM
This movie is going to make a lot of money. will get my money even though don't Know about Marky.
Liderc - 6/10/2014, 9:24 PM
Don't care what people say, this looks good lol.
RobtimusPrime - 6/10/2014, 11:47 PM
Man do I hope this movies is good.

Give them dome damn personality for f*cks sake. Balance the humor with insight on who these titans really are. I'm not interested in seeing them from the eyes of humanity. But actual relations amongst their own kind would be welcome.

An internal conflict among one or both factions (like the original cartoon & comics) would be interesting. Imagining an ACTUAL CHARACTER question, Optimus' tactics would be a refreshing change.

And as much as I love, Prime & Bumblebee (I mean look @ my handle) enough!
They've become the Xavier & Wolverine of this particular movie-verse.
Thanks a lot, Bay for making me actually want less of one of my all time favorites.
RobtimusPrime - 6/10/2014, 11:48 PM
"Give them some damn personality"
Superheromoviefan - 6/11/2014, 12:17 AM
It looks like garbage to me like the previusly movies
Bay is shitting on your face and you keep eating them
Do you like shit so much?
RobtimusPrime - 6/11/2014, 2:38 AM
@ MrSuperheomoviefan

sigh. Transformers, like, X-Men, Batman, & 90% of comic books properties has yet to receive a true adaptation. The 80's comic book (if you even read comics) would be a great building block.

I could troll, Batman fans how Nolan's Batman is a quitter whose never been in a cool hand to hand brawl. I could troll X-Men fans about being a two hero two villain pony with cosplay quality outfits. I can troll MCU, fans about Cap's sequel being the only good thing about their grand phase 2. I can troll pretty much anything I can think of.

Dude saying, Transformer movies suck is like saying America has buyers remorse after re-electing O'bama. Like saying that funny guy on Game of Thrones is really short. Like saying New 52 Superman is like unimaginative fan-fic.
Like saying you come across as an 11 year old hateful, remedial, not particularly funny, bitter, TROLl.

siggisuperman - 6/11/2014, 2:40 AM
I think the Transformer movies will be much better minus Shia, and I love me some Wahlberg
Superheromoviefan - 6/11/2014, 3:01 AM
@RobtimusPrime - I guess you liked the previusly transformers?
Also, X-Men and Batman have faithfull adaptions, so you fail
"Dude saying, Transformer movies suck is like saying America has buyers remorse after re-electing O'bama" Wow, you really don't make sense. I can't believe you make an example like that. Also, I'm not American so I don't give a shit
RobtimusPrime - 6/11/2014, 3:15 AM
I see READING COMPREHENSION isn't your strong suit. But your not, American so at least you got an excuse. Maybe you should troll articles in written your native tongue.

"X-Men and Batman have faithful adaptations, so you fail"

Comic books. You should give em' a try.... even (Gasp) Transformers comics.
You may be shocked at what You Find.
RobtimusPrime - 6/11/2014, 3:21 AM
"Maybe you should troll articles written in your native tongue"
It's late. sigh.
Superheromoviefan - 6/11/2014, 3:26 AM
@RobtimusPrime - You are more like a LIFELONG dumass
I'm new in the comics, BUT Im as old as I can be in the Transformers. Toys and Tv series I got all of it just like a real fan. I haven't read the comics, but that doesn't matter because toys and tv series is what matter to the Transformers. So, don't call me "troll" because people like me made ALL of this possible. When it comes to transformers I kick-ass. If you like shit like that go ahead and eat it, but don't call troll every fan who has a taste, but I guess this is what I have to except from someone who dislike movies like The Dark Knight and X-Men days of the future past
RobtimusPrime - 6/11/2014, 3:43 AM
"I haven't read the comics" Exactly.

A Transformers fan whose never experienced the best product outside the toys? And you really want to talk about fail?!?

"Autobots, Troll out!"
Superheromoviefan - 6/11/2014, 3:51 AM
@RobtimusPrime - I'm pretty sure hasbro prefers those who bought the toys than the dumasses who just read the comics
Also the comics is the worst product of the Transformers. So, double fail
RobtimusPrime - 6/11/2014, 4:06 AM
@ MrSuperhermoviefan

Dude the more you post, the more foolish you sound.
"I'm pretty sure Hasbro prefers those who bought the toys than the dumasses who just read the comics"

Yeah, but I KNOW they prefer someone who buys both, genius.

Just stop. Get a friend (if you have one) to post for you. I feel dumber after reading your garbage, troll rantings.
RobtimusPrime - 6/11/2014, 4:22 AM
"I haven't read the comics"

Next post:
"Also the comics is the worst product of the Transformers so double fail"

Double fail indeed.
RetroFit - 6/11/2014, 6:54 AM
Looks better than the last 2, that's for sure. I'm still worried that we haven't seen the Army in any of the trailers. They were in practically every scene in the first 3. Shooting useless bullets at giant metal robots. Over and over again. While yelling. So pathetic.
RetroFit - 6/11/2014, 6:55 AM
I'm just happy Bay didn't call this Rise of the Dinobots. Yeah 'Age' is also a bit overused, but not like 'Rise' has been in recent years.
IIIAdamantiumIII - 6/11/2014, 3:16 PM
marky mark , stanley tucci, Kelsey, John Goodman as HOUND! Ken Watanabe as DRIFT! ...SOLD!!

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