The main villain in Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction is the evil Decepticon known as Lockdown. Come see more of him in the latest television spot.

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - The film begins after an epic battle that left a great city torn, but with the world saved. As humanity picks up the pieces, a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history… while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its crosshairs. With help from a new cast of humans, Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. In an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world.

TRANSFORMERS 4 will be directed by Michael Bay, from a script written by Ehren Kruger. The cast includes: Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammar, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci and Jack Reynor. Set for release on June 27th, 2014!
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KarolosPrime - 6/14/2014, 5:52 PM
Looks badass!!! Can't wait!!
HavocPrime - 6/14/2014, 5:53 PM
Love that Lockdown voice
MrPrime - 6/14/2014, 5:59 PM
Unicron probably sent him.
nowtheresaBATman - 6/14/2014, 6:01 PM
Mark Ryan sounds great as Lockdown.

Can't wait for John Goodman's Hound!

Optimus: Autobots! Roll out!

Hound: I told that kraut a f**king thousand times that I don't roll on Shabbos!
BlackestNight - 6/14/2014, 6:01 PM
[frick]ing awesome.
NeoBaggins - 6/14/2014, 6:12 PM


BlackestNight - 6/14/2014, 6:13 PM
Listen, as a fan of the first film, the second two were complete crap.

WinterSoldier33 - 6/14/2014, 6:13 PM
This looks epic
ALegendaryPanda - 6/14/2014, 6:16 PM
Lockdown looks and sounds [frick]ing awesome!
nowtheresaBATman - 6/14/2014, 6:20 PM
Prime: What ever happened to Ratchet?
Hound: He lives in North Hollywood on Radford, near the In-and-Out Burger...
Prime: The In-and-Out Burger is on Camrose.
Hound: Near the In-and-Out Burger...
Bumblebee: Those are good burgers, Hound.
Hound: Shut the f**k up, Bumblebee.
KBZ - 6/14/2014, 6:22 PM
can't wait for this
Enphlieuwince - 6/14/2014, 6:27 PM
I'm gonna check it out. So help me God if Bumblebee still can't talk I'm gonna swear off this franchise for good.
PredatorRIsing - 6/14/2014, 6:29 PM
Lockdown has his own army of Decepticons and is able to move underwater like a gator and a shark. Only thing I don't get is why Michael Bay casted Mark Ryan for Lockdown when he voiced Bumblebee and Jetfire in the past 3 film sure he sounds good but stillguys like Frank Grillo would have sounded cool too
AgentZero - 6/14/2014, 6:43 PM
@nowtheresaBATman That was lame as [frick] bro
Inhuman - 6/14/2014, 6:52 PM
I hope Unicron is the bad guy who sent Lockdown
Ryguy88 - 6/14/2014, 7:06 PM
I could deal with the Bay-antics much better if he treated the Transformers like actual movie characters, they all seem so interchangeable because besides the different paint jobs, they are all basically the same.
TheBrownHornet - 6/14/2014, 7:17 PM
This looks better than the movies before it. Can't wait!
TheDarkKnightSlap - 6/14/2014, 7:21 PM
God dammit dumb asses, blow something up. Now! _The Bay

SuperCat - 6/14/2014, 8:10 PM
F*ck you Bay. I'm seeing one of your movies again.
IIIAdamantiumIII - 6/14/2014, 9:09 PM
looks like the best one yet. I hope the Galvatron rumors are not true...
Kinda wish they Just did a fresh new take instead of continuing this "universe" wish they were more boxy G1 style..
repulse93 - 6/14/2014, 9:44 PM
@earzmundo Woah, woah, woah... what?!? Galvatron made by humans?!? Where the hell did they say that?
Chekkarma - 6/14/2014, 10:15 PM
loki668 - 6/14/2014, 10:51 PM
I wonder what the reboot would be like?

giannis - 6/14/2014, 11:03 PM
It looks like the best Transformers film yet. Can't wait to watch it in 3D.
MeanDeanMachine - 6/14/2014, 11:55 PM

Frank Grillo? Really?? Fanboying it a little hard on that one, eh?
Scorpion8125 - 6/14/2014, 11:57 PM
Transformers villain was gonna be an article about Michael Bay.

Transformers: Pile of crap part 4!

Starfox - 6/15/2014, 12:11 AM
NostalgicYouth - 6/15/2014, 12:23 AM
Goddamnit!! You did it again Mr. bay sir. I'm yet again going to give you my money.
MrSuperheromoviefan - 6/15/2014, 12:31 AM
Suck my ass
The movie will be a piece of shit
soforizo - 6/15/2014, 12:51 AM
The movie is coming along.

Nomis1800 - 6/15/2014, 4:34 AM
Still looks pretty awesome. Shame it'll highly likely be a meh film…. digi-IMAX though
MightyZeus - 6/15/2014, 6:38 AM
I'm still waiting for the Unicron to appear.
Starscream22 - 6/15/2014, 7:19 AM
MightyZeus - 6/15/2014, 6:38 AM
"I'm still waiting for the Unicron to appear."

This is Bay we're talking about so be careful what you wish for.

It would only be "Unicron" by name only.
DeadHubris - 6/15/2014, 5:19 PM
I Must Say. Mark Ryan is Smashing as Lockdown.

Dont Pay Attention to Him. He's a Sorry Excuse for a Fanboy this site has ever got. Plus his Ideas are Horrible.
Devastation - 6/15/2014, 7:32 PM
@earzmundo: We don't know WHO sent him yet. It could range from Quintessons to Unicron.

@repulse93: It's been confirmed numerous times. The organization (KSI) that Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer's characters work for did.

@YoungThanos: Nah, pretty sure it'd still be Unicron through and through. Albeit a DIFFERENT take on the character, but still Unicron nonetheless.
TheBrownHornet - 6/16/2014, 3:26 AM
I wonder if those ships in space are Quintesson ships.

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