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Michael Bay reveals some plans for Transformers 3 and how he wants to approach it.
Roger Ebert brings us a special sneak peek of what to expect from Transformers 3.
Michael Bay is considering killing the ever beautiful Megan Fox in the first few minutes of Transformers 3.
The pair of uber writers responsible for such great scripting on things like Star Trek and awful scripting on stuff like..well, Transformers 2 , have stated they definitely wont be returning for the threequel...
Michael Bay issues a statement about Megan Fox as well as Transformers 3...
Sounds like Paramount is pushing Michael Bay into getting the third installment of the Transformers franchise in front of audiences by the summer of 2011.
Michael Bay talks "Transformers 3", "Bad Boys 3," and "Pain and Gain"
Plans for Transformers 3 have been announced, but will they still include Michael Bay?
Does Sam Witwicky need a permanent annoying sidekick? Or is Shia Labeouf not returning for Transformers 3? You make the call.
LaBeouf says it'll be darker...
Director Michael Bay has had enough of his trade mark explosions and seems set on finding critical acclaim.
Entertainment Weekly recently had a sit down with Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen starlet Megan Fox. Megan talks about a possible Transformers 3 sequel, what its like to be a sex symbol, is she afraid of Angelina Jolie, and if she can act or not.
This is a classic example of how money rules everything...
Rumors are one thing but Official Announcements are another!!
When asked if he would be interested in doing a third movie in the Transformers series or move on to a different franchise Michael Bay had this to say ,,,,,,,,
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