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Administrator says script is not real! - Wadey09
Michael Bay reveals some plans for Transformers 3 and how he wants to approach it. - Batmanknight
Roger Ebert brings us a special sneak peek of what to expect from Transformers 3. - Batmanknight
Michael Bay is considering killing the ever beautiful Megan Fox in the first few minutes of Transformers 3. - jman1977
The pair of uber writers responsible for such great scripting on things like Star Trek and awful scripting on stuff like..well, Transformers 2 , have stated they definitely wont be returning for the threequel... - RorMachine
Michael Bay issues a statement about Megan Fox as well as Transformers 3... - Whispers68
Sounds like Paramount is pushing Michael Bay into getting the third installment of the Transformers franchise in front of audiences by the summer of 2011. - jman1977
Michael Bay talks "Transformers 3", "Bad Boys 3," and "Pain and Gain" - Watchtower31
Plans for Transformers 3 have been announced, but will they still include Michael Bay? - THEHAWK
Does Sam Witwicky need a permanent annoying sidekick? Or is Shia Labeouf not returning for Transformers 3? You make the call. - jman1977
LaBeouf says it'll be darker... - mounted88
Director Michael Bay has had enough of his trade mark explosions and seems set on finding critical acclaim. - ThunderCougarFalconBird
Entertainment Weekly recently had a sit down with Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen starlet Megan Fox. Megan talks about a possible Transformers 3 sequel, what its like to be a sex symbol, is she afraid of Angelina Jolie, and if she can act or not. - jman1977
This is a classic example of how money rules everything... - jman1977
Rumors are one thing but Official Announcements are another!! - jman1977
When asked if he would be interested in doing a third movie in the Transformers series or move on to a different franchise Michael Bay had this to say ,,,,,,,, - jman1977
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