No Mudflap and Skids in Transformers 3!

No Mudflap and Skids in <i>Transformers 3</i>!

They were among the worst parts of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and now they will not return in the sequel...

Transformers director Michael Bay has confirmed that the twins will NOT return for an encore in the next film. THANK GOD!!! I don't know about you guys, but the movie was bad enough and the inclusion of these two racial stereotypes made the film that much more unbearable.

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According to Wikipedia:

"There has been a strong negative reaction to Mudflap and Skids in Revenge of the Fallen by critics who are alleged to embody racist stereotypes. The characters speak in street-slang dialogue, confess to not doing much reading, and have been perceived by some critics to have been designed with the body proportions of monkeys. Skids also sports a gold tooth."

Even Harry Knowles of AintitCool asked people to ban the movie because seeing it would support the racism.

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fadawn - 5/11/2010, 10:50 AM
Mudflap and Skids sucked not because they were stereotipical characters, they were just wrong for that type of movie. Any black person who has a problem with there race being portrayed like that turn on BET. Nothing but pant sagging gold teeth wearing yo yo yo talking all day. It is what it is, move on.
LuvInMiLyfe - 5/11/2010, 10:59 AM
Haha. I thought they where funny. point less. but funny at times. No going to cry that they wont be in the 3rd movie. I just love how so many people say they are stereotypes of blacks. I don’t find it a stereotypes of blacks. To me its more like stereotypes guys how hang out on the streets.

The critics who say it embody racist stereotypes just show to me that how they think a black person is. Plus when you add some think they look like monkeys, now your just going showing that this our your own stereotype of black.
supercajun - 5/11/2010, 11:19 AM

This says different.
EpicMan - 5/11/2010, 11:37 AM
I thought they were hillaarriious!Hey what about Jazz??? he was way more black. His name is even Jazz!!! he break danced!!! I thought they were funny as shit when they were making fun of the Mexicantact.
1chris2 - 5/11/2010, 11:39 AM
well if they had a country accent would that too be considered a stereotipical character? anyways they were very annoying and sucked. i just hope bay directs a story driven film and explains why devastator was a tank in the first film and construction bots in the second,because i hate continuity holes.
jazzman - 5/11/2010, 12:00 PM

i liked Jazz :p
EpicMan - 5/11/2010, 12:33 PM
I like all the "black stereotype" robots! i just never heard any bad press about Jazz...
InTylerWeTrust - 5/11/2010, 1:05 PM
Well golly, I wonder why?
YogiDonnie - 5/11/2010, 2:16 PM
If they whould onlg get rid of Jetfire too.
BryEL - 5/11/2010, 3:38 PM
@Keven - Jaime in Scream was wonderful... but the thought of him in a Michael Bay movie scares the crap outta me.
flames809 - 5/11/2010, 4:13 PM
dammt ehy were funny robots

keven- jazz had more screen time than that
Ryden - 5/11/2010, 4:19 PM
They were like a robotic Jar Jar Binks...annoying, unessary and racist. But as some have already pointed out, it will be shit anyway. Bay is only one step higher than Uwe Boll on director terms.
scoopz - 5/11/2010, 4:23 PM
@fadawn- what do you mean they weren't stereotypical? they obviously were, and just because BET is the black entertainment network, doesn't mean that that's what all black ppl enjoy to watch. whose ever idea it was to depict these characters in this fashion is an effing retard.

Transformers 2 just SOOO many issues! (that's the same thing I thought about the matrix:reloaded) this is just a sign that the 3rd may be better. btw I HATE MEGAN FOX! KILL HER OUT OF THE FILM PLZ! there are so many hotter AND BETTER actresses ( she's going to ruin jonah hex)
comicb00kguy - 5/11/2010, 4:26 PM
I like Rickly's idea: include the twins and kill them off, which should give us faith that they won't be back. I'd add the blue-haired lawyer from the Simpsons coming out and holding an affidavit that says they'll never return- kind of like what he did with Poochie.

I didn't find their schtick to be racist anywhere near as much as I found it to just be obnoxious and stupid. Now if we can only be sure that we're rid of the annoying roommate also! He might have actually been worse than the "twins".
jazzman - 5/11/2010, 4:43 PM

people complained about how Jazz was treated the only black robot named "Jazz" was the only one got killed off. its like a horror film the only black guy dies first all the time.


you lost your fricking mind BET is owned by Viacom. yes its called Black Entertainment Television but its owned by guess who Viacom who are mostly white owners.

alot of black people have complained about how BET portrayed black people on TV. alot of famous black people also protested about BET.
Phinehas - 5/11/2010, 5:04 PM
The problem (dare I say) isn't mudflap and skids. Its Bay, or for that matter, Spielberg for picking Bay! I had dreams of AWESOMENESS for the G1 transformers. Now that plan is screwed for years to come.
topgooner187 - 5/11/2010, 5:36 PM
hybrid@ that is the smartest answer iv heard on this site, my thoughts exactly.
topgooner187 - 5/11/2010, 5:38 PM
epicman@ i didnt even realise that about jazz, spot on mate. i thought the twins were funny too, i saw it as comic relief and nothing else. just a shame to many people try to read into things a little too much.
Pockets713 - 5/11/2010, 5:47 PM
@ everyone complaining about stereotypes.... shut the [frick] up... I believe it was scoopz who said that " just because BET is the black entertainment network, doesn't mean that that's what all black ppl enjoy to watch" That's the dumbest [frick]ing statement i've ever read.. Should they make a movie that just appeases ALL black people so they don't get offended? because that's impossible... no matter what color you are nobody is the same... get off your godddamn high horse... the movie Fargo portrays Minnesotans as dimwitted hicks with goofy accents... think that offended me? NO... because it IS the stereotype... If you can't laugh at a stereotype you take yourself far too seriously..

@ everyone complaining that the twins ruined transformers 2... shut the [frick] up... You know what makes BOTH transformers movies suck? the almost embarrassing to watch dialogue... It's literally almost painful... Know what makes them awesome?? kick ass robot fighting scenes!
topgooner187 - 5/11/2010, 5:51 PM
dude the twins are back!! OH YES!
Phinehas - 5/11/2010, 5:53 PM
There seems to be a campaign of disinformation afoot. Pics in the new article lend credence to it, while this one doesn't have pics.
jazzman - 5/11/2010, 6:00 PM

how scoopz comment dumb not all black people watch and support BET. some dont support to have Black Panther cartoon on BET at all.
secretasianboy - 5/11/2010, 6:02 PM
great no more racist robots
HelaGood - 5/12/2010, 9:33 AM
in regard to the contradiction...

AintitCool says:

"1) We're into some sort of freaky semantic thing here - and Bay simply meant the Twins we saw in REVENGE OF THE FALLEN wouldn't be the same in T3...

2) There has been some (alleged) pre-viz being done for the film. Perhaps these Chevy Sparks were on set as part of that process as placeholders/test vehicles of some sort, but aren't necessarily meant to appear in the picture itself? Not really buying into that scenario...but I suppose it's at least feasible.

3) Bay told us Skids and Mudflap wouldn't be in the third movie to silence early and inevitable doubts and criticisms about their presence (possibly because the characters are being re-worked and he wanted a "fresh" intro)? "
vakama15 - 5/12/2010, 9:39 AM
~Skids & Mudflap were funny I want them back~
fafafaf - 8/18/2010, 3:33 AM
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fafafaf - 9/16/2010, 12:27 AM
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