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Straight from, on the set of Transformers ROTF. - jman1977
The teaser trailer was just released for the upcoming Transformers: ROTF video game. Take a peak! - NateBest
Transformers is based on a toyline so whether you think you're too old or not, if you like Transformers, this should interest you. - BmacAttack
Prime looks like he has seen better days. - jman1977
Here's a picture of Big Daddy Optimus from the upcoming Transformers ROTF movie video game! - TheProgram
The Luxor hotel in Vegas (my favorite) is becomming a Transformers ROTF attraction. - jman1977
Hot off the press, see them here, see them now!! - jman1977
Five new character posters via GB eye Ltd. have been released from TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. - rockingrich1webb
To hear co-writer Alex Kurtzman describe the new "Transformers," it sounds like a heartwarming coming-of-age tale. Except for all the giant alien robots punching one another in the face. - rockingrich1webb
If your begging for more Transformers ROTF info, CBM is the place to be. - jman1977
The official version of the new Transformers trailer is online! - OriginalPhysco
Even The Avatar isnt above the twitter treatment. - jman1977
Since starring in the first Transformers blockbuster, Megan Fox has quickly become an A-List actress. In this interview with USA Weekend Megan lets us in on some Transformers ROTF news and talks a little bit about Jonah Hex. - jman1977
UGO Movie Blog is reporting that legendary voice actor Frank Welker has been officially cast in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as Soundwave. The news is from an interview with Roberto Orci as he was promoting Star Trek. Soundwave is a character Welker originated for all three seasons of the 1980s cartoons (or G1 cartoon as sometimes referred to) that ran from about 1984-1987. - rockingrich1webb
Maxim Magazine has released a new picture of fox from Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. HHOTT!! - THEHAWK
Transformers director Michael Bay may be exploiting his cousin, wife of Leonard Nimoy, to get the Spock actor to voice a Transformer. - THEHAWK
Find out here what movies the NEW ROTF trailer will be attached to. - jman1977
We find out what ROTF plot point Bay uses for Shia's injured hand. - jman1977
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