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Here's a picture of Big Daddy Optimus from the upcoming Transformers ROTF movie video game!
The Luxor hotel in Vegas (my favorite) is becomming a Transformers ROTF attraction.
Hot off the press, see them here, see them now!!
Five new character posters via GB eye Ltd. have been released from TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.
To hear co-writer Alex Kurtzman describe the new "Transformers," it sounds like a heartwarming coming-of-age tale. Except for all the giant alien robots punching one another in the face.
If your begging for more Transformers ROTF info, CBM is the place to be.
The official version of the new Transformers trailer is online!
Even The Avatar isnt above the twitter treatment.
Since starring in the first Transformers blockbuster, Megan Fox has quickly become an A-List actress. In this interview with USA Weekend Megan lets us in on some Transformers ROTF news and talks a little bit about Jonah Hex.
UGO Movie Blog is reporting that legendary voice actor Frank Welker has been officially cast in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as Soundwave. The news is from an interview with Roberto Orci as he was promoting Star Trek. Soundwave is a character Welker originated for all three seasons of the 1980s cartoons (or G1 cartoon as sometimes referred to) that ran from about 1984-1987.
Maxim Magazine has released a new picture of fox from Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. HHOTT!!
Transformers director Michael Bay may be exploiting his cousin, wife of Leonard Nimoy, to get the Spock actor to voice a Transformer.
Find out here what movies the NEW ROTF trailer will be attached to.
We find out what ROTF plot point Bay uses for Shia's injured hand.
A still shot from the newly released footage
Director Michael Bay has released this brand new footage from ROTF. It's an odd little bit with Shia Bumblebee and Megan, but has an awesome Transformers montage afterwards.
Michael Bay shares with us Spielberg's reaction to his screening of ROTF plus confirmation that a NEW ROTF trailor will be shown with X-Men Origins Wolverine.
The Beef slowed down long enough for an Interview with EW.
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