5 Questions TRON: Legacy Should Have Answered

5 Questions TRON: Legacy Should Have Answered

An author over at TheMoviePool wasn't incredibly filled with the many unanswered questions in TRON: Legacy, and in posing those questions, exposed some interesting plot holes.

Obviously this was pulled from another site, so I don't want to steal all of it. Instead I'll post of a list of the questions posed, and then you'll have to read on to see why they were so important to the movie.

1) Why is Clu 2.0 evil?
2) Why do the programs hate Users now?
3) How could the ISOs be completely wiped out?
4) Why was the portal built so far away?
5) How did Tron return to the "Light Side"?

Of all the questions posed, I must say the last two were ones constantly on my mind as well were the last two.

The explanation for the portal leading to the outside world just didn't make sense. In one scene they say Clu 2.0 needed Flynn's ID Disc to get through it, but in another scene, they explain it was built up high so no program would accidentally walk into it.

I simply think Tron's re-conversion was poorly handled. It made some sense, but required a lot of suspension of disbelief. Interesting questions though, and they definitely expose certain holes in the plot. Holes I wanted filled....
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FlashGordon2287 - 12/21/2010, 1:10 PM
I would assume the CLU 2 was evil because of his design being "find perfection" which led him to see the imperfection in Flynn, the ISO's, etc.

I would also say the hate of users stems from CLU's hatred of Flynn and the neglect he got from him which was passed on to other programs ala the obvious World War 2 analogizes.

the ISO's thing, I have no clue. I thought it was obvious from the scene showing CLU's "purge".

I thought the portal was built on the other side so that no stray programs could get in.

and as for the Tron thing...I just think its one of those "Remember who you are" things.
ckyallie69 - 12/21/2010, 2:13 PM
that sucks....in order to get the full story and have these questions answered you have to play the game?

They could have at least briefly mentioned the game or some of the points but hey what can you do?
hack4u - 12/21/2010, 2:20 PM
You can just read Tron Betrayl and it fills you in too.
Gweedo - 12/21/2010, 2:26 PM
1-4 was pretty clear in the movie and 5 was implied. They can't spoon feed you everything. 4 was explicitly explained in the movie. I'd say just go watch it again and most of this will probably get filled in.
BobGarlen - 12/21/2010, 3:04 PM
all except 4 is answered in the Film as i saw it, 4 was more left up to you.

1. Clu is sworn to make the perfect world, while Tron and Flynn had been protecting the Iso's he couldn't allow them to exist because of they're not programs or users.

2. Propaganda, brainwashing everyone to believe that Users will just control and not allow Programs to do as wished.

3. They're basically the Jews while Clu.2 is a Hitleran character. He wiped them out because they had no combat training, but flynn had from previous Tron and video games.

4. I can only guess that the tower for the Portal was the only or at least the strongest signal for coming to the real world.

5. Tron seeing Flynn after so long allowed him to fight the brainwashed program Clu.2 had inflicted on him.
DocManhattan - 12/21/2010, 5:04 PM
Number 4 is answered in the film. Sam gets told that the portal was put so far away, so random programs would not stumble onto it. Im pretty sure that it's Quorra who tells him, while they are riding the solar sailor.
PirateOpossum - 12/22/2010, 6:49 AM
1) Why is Clu 2.0 evil? he was programmed to make the place perfect. so to him power and order are perfect. (as it is to many evil tyrants)

2) Why do the programs hate Users now? CLU's lies about them

3) How could the ISOs be completely wiped out? they were not completely wiped out, this was the point of the friggin movie. plus they are isometric algorithms, they will keep reproducing. The Purge was CLU's ATTEMPT to make the place perfect because they were imperfect programs (the thought so anyways)

4) Why was the portal built so far away? it even says in the movie that he put it so far away as to not let programs get out

5) How did Tron return to the "Light Side"? he obviously wasn't completely corrupted .. then he rebooted. lol

who ever wrote these questions didn't pay attention to the movie.
klamas - 2/28/2012, 2:44 PM
I agree with all the answers for 1-4

1)Clue was searching for perfection and it caused him to see imperfection in everything

2)Clue told the too

3)There was a purge

4)The first movie was the same way... but essential to keep programs from getting out

5)When Tron grabbed the disk from the "bad" soldier it corrupted him... then he lost both disks and was confronted with Flynn and started realizing that something was wrong... the "water" he fell into is concidered pure energy (first movie) and helped to reboot his system...

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