Bruce Boxleitner Confirms Return For TRON 3; Film To Hit Theaters In 2013?

Bruce Boxleitner Confirms Return For <I>TRON 3</i>; Film To Hit Theaters In 2013?

The original Tron himself has revealed in a D23 interview that he's 'done a deal' to return for the third TRON film, and also drops some interesting info about when we may see the film...

Recently at the D23 Expo, Bruce Boxleitner - who plays the original Tron in Disney's TRON series - says that he's signed a deal to reprise his role for the possible third installment. He confirms that the project's 'in the works', and when asked about when the film's coming out, he said 2013 since it 'takes a long time' to make the film. Check out the video below...

Many thanks to Following The Nerd for the heads up.

Would you be interested in seeing a third TRON installment in the near future? Be sure to sound off your thoughts below in the usual place.
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Nick56 - 8/29/2011, 2:29 PM
Great news. I loved "Tron" and "Tron:Legacy" and I'm looking forward to this.
RunDTC - 8/29/2011, 2:35 PM
didn't care for the original, Legacy was alright. would see a third. want a new villain though. Cillian Murphy anybody?
Christuffer - 8/29/2011, 2:38 PM
Tron: Legacy was amazing. Can't wait for the next one. I'm practically pissing myself already
PaulRom - 8/29/2011, 2:42 PM
I thought the first film was decent, kinda boring though. Loved Legacy (despite not having the strongest script), excited for the third installment.
DoomXfactor - 8/29/2011, 3:11 PM
xBlaze96x - 8/29/2011, 4:38 PM
I liked Tron, Tron:Legacy was pretty awesome....the game Tron: Evolution was pretty good......I will see 3 for sure.
croniccris - 8/29/2011, 4:54 PM
i pressed stop when they were talking on the light train... i probably won't see this one
KaneVonDoom - 8/29/2011, 5:12 PM
Tron Legacy is one of those rare movies for me. I thought it was kinda weak when I first saw it in 3D... but the more I see it, the more I like it. Now i like it quite a bit and really look forward to a 3rd or more.
MovieMaster - 8/30/2011, 3:03 AM
what would it be about? i wasnt clear on whether kevin died in Legacy or not. but i would welcome a 3rd installment aslong as it isnt 'sam goes looking for his dad' again
MovieMaster - 8/30/2011, 3:03 AM
and didnt tron die too?
wykin2 - 8/30/2011, 7:18 AM
Who wouldn't want to see a third Tron?! That shouldn't even be a question.
tr8cthis - 8/31/2011, 9:19 AM
Oh yeah!!
hack4u - 8/31/2011, 11:08 AM
When I talked with Bruce last he didn't want to give away the new bad guy but he hinted towards Dillinger's son being the new one. Bruce is also one of the greatest people you will ever meet. :)
laughterman26 - 1/8/2012, 8:27 PM
cant wait for this so geed loved the secondn one [legacy] want to see the first one cant wait till 2013,and doesnt reintergration mean that it reset everything so then everything would be deleted so there would be no point in making him good,but i dont care what disney does.i guess what theyll do is go through the systems history find the genetic/bio digital dna structure for tron and resurect tron or theyll get get alan to create a second tron,now i bet this is whats going to happen. now we saw that sam had his dads disc when he left the grid,and that when he unpluged he usb or technological device,that it was throbbing like a heart beat so what i think is that theyll use that to find out what happened to his dad and if kevin is dead then he will be able to re create his dad and may be make him younger and that way he gets his dad back and since hes younger they can fight together and kick ass and he can wear the armour in the concept art [how do you paste pictures cause i want you guys to see this pic and i dont know why my computer wont let me]

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