Nokia Challenge Unlocks Exclusive Tron: Legacy Trailer

Nokia Challenge Unlocks Exclusive <em>Tron: Legacy</em> Trailer

Get your first look at light jet combat in this Nokia exclusive trailer for Tron: Legacy

Nokia recently ran a viral game on their blog site for the N Series phone that unlocked an exclusive trailer for Tron: Legacy that is unlisted on YouTube after enough players entered the old Konami code "up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A." The trailer explores more of the backstory behind Kevin Flynn's (Jeff Bridges) place in the new Tron world, and also features the first footage of a light jet dog fight.

Official Synopsis of Tron: Legacy:

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the abandoned Flynn’s Arcade—that could have only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-or-death journey across a visually-stunning digital universe—created by Kevin himself—which has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, and landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape.

Tron: Legacy opens December 17th!

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Brent Sprecher
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MarvelousMarty - 11/27/2010, 3:16 AM
This could be film of the year!
kakinurmawth - 11/27/2010, 3:18 AM
Hey guys long time reader first time poster...pun intended

Feels good to be part of the community!!! You guys are so much fun to read and follow.

Btw Brent, Good job on all stories you've done in the past I've enjoyed them a lot!

I think this trailer was attached to the new Harry Potter film...I might be wrong. Still excited, though!!! Looks good.
kakinurmawth - 11/27/2010, 3:20 AM
Damn. thought I'd be first...
bsprecher - 11/27/2010, 3:33 AM
@kakinurmawth: Thanks and welcome aboard! No, this is a different trailer. It was released exclusively to Nokia and contains at least two bits of never-before-seen footage. BTW, what the heck is that avatar?
x24 - 11/27/2010, 3:44 AM
@Brent Sprecher: its Captain America, i think...
kakinurmawth - 11/27/2010, 3:48 AM
CORRECT! It is captain america!

@Brent Oh, sweet. That's why I didn't remember a few parts...I just figured i looked away at those parts in the theater.... Makes sense!!
Joe6Pack74 - 11/27/2010, 5:12 AM
StrangerX - 11/27/2010, 6:15 AM
Can't wait for this.
marvel72 - 11/27/2010, 6:35 AM
@ xenix

your right this is not a new trailer,i've seen it before as well.

film of the year ? it'll be cool if it is,but it'll take a lot to be better than what i think is film of the year "inception".
skidz - 11/27/2010, 10:58 AM
The jet sequences are new, but other than that, it's existing footage. But it never gets old. I can't usually say that about trailers!

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